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This one exercise that you can do at home with just a stability ball or even off a stool has multiple benefits for your golf fitness but also your core strength and balance.
We have hundreds of really good exercises and golf fitness tips throughout Athletic Golf Training and on our Youtube channel but we also have complete golf fitness programs and resources to help your follow workouts step by step.
We want to hear from you though… We want to help youImprove your golf game, swing and performance with our expert coaches, golf tips and golf lessons to improve you and your game physically, technically. We help you increase swing speed, have a consistent golf swing and provide you great golf tips and practice drills to help you play better and effortless golf as well as hopefully enjoy this wonderful game that is golf. And the benefit of these 12 moves is feeling great but also seeing and increase in distances you hit your drives.
Golf fitness golf training and off the cuff mental strategies for golf performance and athletic training so you can be the best golfer you can be. A principal of the style of exercise we often use here at Athletic Golf Training is to encourage the explosive capabilities of every golfers golf swing. This is one of our favorite power for golf exercises to increase strength, balance, rotation and explosive ballistic power production. And also this type of training and golf exercises for power are meant to make you work hard in the gym. Why dont you get your own great golf fitness program that will help you build up more strength, agility and power? Discover The Fitness Secrets Of The Tour Pros For Power And Consistency, And Slash Your Handicap… Guaranteed All Of This From The Comfort Of Your Own Home. Golf Swing Takeaway Simplified Golf Training – Are You Determined Enough? In the fitness world there is so much rubbish that one piece of equipment or method can deliver all the results you want, like a Kettlebell, or a Bosu for example. The TRX is just a tool and placing it among your workouts for additional exercises or as variations is a very viable and great idea.
Have you got, or have access at your gym to a TRX or a similar suspension training piece of equipment? Here below is just one good golf exercise with the TRX that you can try at home or in your gym.

This move can really improve your hip mobility for golf, it’s just one exercise of course, there a dozens and dozens that can help and if you go to the youtube channel you can see many more golf fitness moves, stretches and exercises to increase the very important hip mobility needed for your desired consistent, injury free golf swing. Well it’s science and the truth, so get off your backside and start investing in your body.
If you want to really take a step into investing and learning, then the revolutionary custom golf fitness program service could be right for you. Anyway, enough of this, lets show you this simple golf exercise that you can do at home or at your gym.
You want more consistency, you want lower scores, you want to sink those putts and you want your iron play to be as precise as a laser beam, but most of all, if you are like 95% of golfers you want all of the above with little or no sacrifice to the distances achieved with all the clubs in the bag. Increasing swing speed and distance is however useless if achieved simply through swinging harder and faster as this equates to a lack of control and consistency. Using cables or resistance bands will provide golf exercises that that can give more power for golf by improving lag in your golf swing and rotational hip speed in the right bio-mechanical sequence.
Hope you enjoy the golf exercises video and understand the explanations within it on some of the key sources for more power, consistency in the golf swing. A really simple yet effective golf program that includes distance training for golf Power system or consistent golf 21 yards in 21 days. It Didn’t Happen Overnight For Justin Rose Does Golf Make You Feel Alive?
Earlier in the week I discussed the Ryder Cup and the demands that puts on players physically and mentally plus the importance of having a good level of fitness, good nutrition habits to get you through 36 holes of golf and triumph at the end. Golf relies on distance control for one thing, so on the 18th fairway at the end of the long day, you need to still be able to hit your 7 iron the same distance as you would at the start. Your attitude towards golf fitness need to change if you want to excel and take your game to the next level and most importantly get the edge on the competition.
As mentioned earlier, you most likely need to step it up a notch if you want to compete in this modern game, so here are some golf fitness exercises that you can try to improve your power, consistency and for endurance training.
If you follow Athletic Golf Training, you will know that we clearly state a golf exercise will not on it’s own give you the results you want.
Fitness is the most important thing if you wish to excel in any sport and increasing your endurance is equally important too.

Both are extremely important for consistent golf and increasing power as well as preventing injury caused by incorrect movement patterns that you develop over time and from a sedentary lifestyle.
Hit The Beach – If you live near the coast, there are lots of ways to stay fit at the beach.
I hope you do because this little piece of kit is very handy and offers several options for strength, stability, mobility and flexibility for golf and to improve your golf swing and body.
I should say though, if you are new to the TRX, try and get a gym instructor at your facility to show you how it works a little more and if you are going to purchase a TRX, make sure you read the instructions thoroughly.
If you are making distance training for golf a focus of your golf fitness program or goals, then you must do it right through correct nutrition, flexibility, practice and of course golf exercise selection for your own anatomical requirements and abilities. All I’m stating is to play like an athlete, to stay sharp physically and mentally during those long 36 hole college golf, junior golf tournaments or professional events, you need to develop a strong, agile body that can deliver smooth, powerful consistent golf swings. Including golf exercises into a well built strength and conditioning golf fitness program suited to your abilities and goals, with the right coaching will. Go for a jog(the sand will make it an exciting challenge), go for a swim, walk or bike the boardwalk, or even sea kayak! Similar to a carpenter, they cannot build a wonderful piece of furniture with just a drill or a screwdriver.. Then you’ll be able to use the track, the field, and even those steep bleacher seats for an endless variety of exercises.
It’s a great way to meet new people and have a good time while you get a good workout! It’s science, and only the blindness and marketing within the golf industry is holding this back.

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