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If you are looking at gaining muscle mass for your next holiday then you most likely know that you need to workout, and to workout hard.
Hopefully the following rules for gaining muscle mass will help you to separate what works from what doesn’t. Of course to gain muscle mass you need to be eating more than you would regularly, but this does not necessarily mean that you should eat everything in sight. Simply put, too many calories consumed will cause you to gain fat, which is not something you want to achieve. To make sure you are not consuming too many daily calories you will need to work out how many calories you are using, you can then add another 300-500 calories to this number. Also, remember these added calories will be divided among all of your daily meals, so wont be many extra per meal. One of the most important nutrients for building muscle is protein, as it help to repair the damaged muscle tissue you have torn while working out. You should aim to consume between 1.5 to 2 grams of protein for every pound you weigh daily.
It is best that you consume your protein at regular intervals throughout the day, preferably every 3-4 hours. Eating immediately after you workout is the perfect time to get those nutrients your body needs. Try to consume a meal rich in both protein and carbs so that your body can start repairing that muscle tissue, plus helping to deliver the amino acids to aid recovery. If you are not drinking enough and you have become dehydrated your workout performance will suffer. An easy way to see if you are drinking enough is to look at the colour of your urine, if it is darker in colour then you are not consuming enough water. The weighing scale is not an accurate measure of muscle growth as it simply measures weight, not what makes up your weight. You should measure your chest, biceps, quads as well as your waist and hips to make sure you are not gaining fat.
Looking at how your body is changing in the mirror or in photos can also be a good way to check your progress, plus can serve to motivate you too. If you are unfortunately a hardgainer it maybe tougher than most but if you are willing to remain dedicated then you will eventually see the results you crave. Rest-Pause Method for Muscle GainsWhat is interesting about the Rest-Pause method is that .. 10 Simple Tricks to Boost your DeadliftDeadlifts are the ultimate gym exercise, they work more ..
One of the most dramatic modifications of the body that can affect your fresh tattoo is the gain or loss of weight that including muscle gain from strength training more precisely bodybuilding. Depending on how much weight you lose, it may or may not affect your ink from the tattoo.With these body changes if they`re even big there will be just a slight shrinking of the tattoo and usually it won’t change the appearance much at all, unless the tattoo was too detailed from the beginning. The single possible exception to the above rule for tattoos would be drastic weight loss over a short period of time, such as from bariatric surgery or illness that can also reduce your muscles, which results in areas of sagging skin like obese people that get suddenly skinny. Weight gain is like weight loss as body changes for the tattoo so don`t worry so much but the problem with weight gain, though, is the possibility of stretch marks.
99% accurate way to find out your real body fat percentage with a in depth video presentation! Recent Commentsadmin on What Are the Effects of Smoking Cigarettes on Muscle Gain?alyce tyler on Stretch marks in bodybuildingElizabeth on Rumble Roller Vs. In the search for suitable food for my eating plan for muscle building I came from 2 years to the sweet potato.

Cassava in Paraguay belongs to the staple food and is served with every meal except breakfast. I busied myself also two years ago with the glycemic index of foods and if I wanted to take care of muscle building, the supplement should be matched to the muscle building diet.
The sweet potato is more and more customers in Germany, in the supermarket around the corner, the sweet potato has now brought closer for weeks at a sales stand consumers. First research revealed that the sweet potato only have a small effect on blood sugar levels. Unfortunately while these are simple steps the reality is that following them is a lot more complicated. If you have tattoos, or are thinking of getting one, these changes of the body with the weight and muscle loss or gain need to be taken into consideration as how they may affect your ink from the tattoo and the disproportions that can appear.
Lines that run too closely together could theoretically blend and cause a distorted image, but this is a very rare occurrence in the cases of tattoos.
If a tattoo resides in an area where the skin is sagging from the body changes, obviously it will also affect the appearance of the tattoo itself. If you get stretch marks in an area where you have a tattoo, it will ruin your ink and these are the worst body changes. But if you’re doing heavy weightlifting for significant muscle mass gain, this could cause a problem for a tattoo in that area. Foam Roller for relieving muscular pain in bodybuildersAlex on The end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days and bodybuilder life is here! Professionally, I worked in South America and a strange root was I served as a side dish in a restaurant.
In order to keep the glycemic index low, you should cook the sweet potato with peel or eat raw.
For me, the sweet potato is definitely a tasty alternative to whole grain products and domestic potato. The deeper the stretch marks are, the worse the damage will be for the tattoo and it is irreversible also affecting your self esteem thus having problems when working out..
The better the placement of the tattoo in relation to the muscle, the less chance of distorting the image as a result of muscle bulge or other body changes.
He underwent a serious surgery at the hospitalDNN on Where does Rich Piana’s money come? Both are coming out of the question for me… Peeled and cooked the sweet potato has an index 63-66 at.
If you’re already a weight lifter and have achieved your optimum muscle mass, getting a tattoo shouldn’t cause any issues but don`t stop weightlifting cause the tattoo will shrink a little.
In this article I am going to elaborate on the things most people fail at and give you an insight why.
The only thing you’ll want to be careful about is working out while you’re healing a new tattoo. Kids are lame spotters!admin on Old bodybuilder – Then and now pictureCarry on The end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days and bodybuilder life is here! Also, I will break down what is necessary in order to put on a few pounds of muscle mass ONLY with food without spending money on expensive supplements.The Truth about building muscle!Lately, everybody is promoting products which guarantee the increase of muscle mass for a short period of time. He underwent a serious surgery at the hospitalJonathan Hilliard on The end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days and bodybuilder life is here! If you fall into the category of people who have been training for more than 6 months, but cannot see any results, it means you are not eating properly.At this point, most gym goers look for a quick solution and tend to buy the newest supplements on the market, needless to say without any success. I have seen plenty of guys who give up just because they don’t see any progress and blame their genetics.

There is no magic pill that can radically change your physique, but there is also no substitute for healthy diet and hard training.Diet – The Importance of Food in Gaining Muscle MassNo matter what you do, if you don’t eat quality food there is no way you can build muscle. If you don’t supply your body with the needed nutrients within that period it is impossible to add size or strength. Basically, you tear down your muscles in the gym and afterwards supply them with enough macro and micro nutrients so they can successfully grow bigger.Firstly, you MUST be on a daily caloric surplus, meaning that you must eat more calories than what you have burnt during the day.
For example, if I want to maintain my body weight I need to eat 2000 calories, but if I want to gain muscle I must eat 2200-2300 calories a day. Depending on your metabolism, height and age, your caloric intake would be different than mine, but it is the first step to ensure that you actually gain weight.
There are various sites that you can use to see how much calories you need daily so you can build muscle.
It will also display how much fats, protein and carbohydrate should consist in your daily caloric intake.Furthermore, it is highly necessary to make sure that you consume enough protein. Again, it is a slow process that takes time so you must always look forward and keep your eyes on the prize.
Don’t limit yourself by numbers, but try to increase your protein intake as much as you can.This table is an example of how you can consume enough protein disseminated in 6 meals.
However, most people think they eat enough, but in fact they eat far less than needed in order to have any success. You can get your daily protein intake from meat, milk, eggs, fish and so on, but gaining muscle mass also includes eating tons of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Moreover, you don’t need to spend too much money on those foods, because most of them are relatively cheap. If you are already doing this, but cannot see any visible results it means that you are not in a caloric surplus. If you can’t eat 2000 kcal a day, but this is the number you must hit in order to build muscle then you need to gradually learn how to eat more. Your stomach actually starts to enlarge and you are physically capable of eating more food.Cheap Meal TipsThese are some things I personally cook, because they are easy to make and quite cheap so it could be beneficial for everyone.
Get a blender and throw in 2 bananas, 2 spoons of honey, 300-400 ml milk and 200 grams of cottage cheese. Wait 2-3 minutes until the cheese starts to melt and enjoy the meal.Casein shake before bed.
Mix up 100-200 grams of cottage cheese, 250 grams of yogurt and a fruit by choice (I use mango or pineapple). Because cottage cheese is slowly digested protein (Casein) you can go to bed knowing that it will maximize your results.ConclusionDon’t take food for granted, wisely choose what you eat. Protein is nothing but food on powder and could be easily substituted by real, high quality meals.
People who train properly and have a good diet can gain only so much – around 4-8 kg’s of lean muscle a year. I like how you stress food being the important part and really being disciplined about sticking to it.
I wrote an article about bulking and how for most people it isn’t needed and they do it entirely wrong.

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