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Most information on building muscle for men will show how to gain muscle and lose fat using the essentials like weight training, cardio and nutrition.
In this article, I want to tell you why it’s important to pay attention to the ratio of your waist to shoulders if you want to build your perfect, most attractive body. Here’s what a fashion company that sells stylish handbags wrote about the Golden Ratio. Unlike many professionals who work in the fitness industry, John Barban is a popular fitness expert who is deeply focused on the golden ratio.
He also let guys know that they can get into this form by following the right fitness guidelines no matter the type of body or genetics they have. According to John, getting your body into the parameters of the Adonis Golden Ratio can also help you lose fat and build muscle easier. This is my review of Bar Brothers The System to look through what this calisthenics program is all about, and help you figure out if this program is right for you. Bar Brothers The System is a complete calisthenics program that aims to help men and women transform their mind and body. Many people believe it’s not possible to get ripped with bodyweight training alone, but that is not true. Bar Brothers System is a complete calisthenics program that aims to help men and women transform their mind and body. There are only a few good calisthenic programs in the fitness market, the Bar Brothers System is simply the best I’ve seen. Bar Brothers The System really is a nicely designed and organized calisthenics program that is easy for anyone to follow.
Bar Brothers The System is available in the form of a membership website with over 100 videos, nutrition and workout plans, motivational quotes, community support and customer support.
The System is a step-by-step 12 week online course that is designed to transform your mind and body if you follow it. This would lead to users having a strong base so that you can achieve many advanced exercises like the muscle up, front lever, back lever, handstand pushups, and pistol squat weeks later. Through the years calisthenics or natural body weight training has been getting more and more popular. Many men and women around the world who followed the methods given to them by the Bar Brothers got amazing results. I must admit that Bar Brothers The System uses a very good method that could work well for anyone to get lean and muscular. The E-Factor Diet is a new nutrition weight loss program for anyone who wants to lose weight while eating their favorite foods.
The E-Factor Diet’s meal plan is specifically designed to feed your body in a certain way, so that it leverages the power of “E- Factor Foods” to boost health and burn fat.
Purchase of the product gives you access to the E-Factor Membership site, where you will be able to download the pdf eBooks and materials for the program. The E-Factor Weight Loss Handbook – The blueprint that provides you with step-by-step instructions to follow the E-Factor principles in a simple, no-fluff, easy-to-read. The E-Factor Grocery Guide – This is your exact list of foods you need to eat for maximum weight loss.
The E-Factor Meal-Planning Blueprint – This removes all the guesswork on what to eat and when to eat it so you are always triggering The E-Factor Effect. The bonuses – The free bonuses include the Fast Food Guide, the Fat-Burning Smoothie Shop, the All-Day Energy Secrets and Joint Recovery Workshop. The E-Factor Diet works by naturally increase your fat-burning hormones to turn your body into a literal fat-burning machine by using the specific meal schedule and guidelines it shows you. Since this system is simple to understand and easy to follow, you can start including it into your lifestyle right away. All the methods used by this program are natural, so there is no need to worry of any side effects. You can be sure that the E-Factor Diet is safe to buy because there are no reports of any E-Factor Diet scam or John Rowley scam in the marketplace. For many weightlifters, bulking and cutting are done separately – a few months of putting on the pounds and a few months stripping off the fat.
When it comes to fitness and bodybuilding, one of the things almost everyone wants to do is build muscle and lose fat, at the same time. So, the big question is whether it is possible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time, and if so, how do you do it? As just about everyone knows, when attempting to lose fat it is necessary to run your body on a caloric deficit. When attempting to lose fat, you need a caloric deficit, but when attempting to build muscle you need a caloric surplus. The fact is, there are four groups of people who can typically lose fat and build muscle at the same time, and at good ratios. Overweight Beginners – If you are currently significantly overweight (at least 15 – 20 pounds) and have never really followed a good fitness program, your body is in a unique position to respond to a good diet and exercise program perfectly. Regaining Lost Muscle – If you were once in great shape, but for whatever reason lost your muscle mass and gained unwanted fat, you can also lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.
Genetic Abnormalities – Some people are just born with what seem to be perfect genes, where their body just works differently than the rest of us. It is important to note that even for those that are in one of the above mentioned categories, it is still necessary to work hard and follow a healthy diet in order to get the results you desire. Without getting into specifics, your fat loss program should be designed to help you lose fat rapidly, while allowing you to maintain your muscle mass. Alternating these two programs until you have reached your goals is a healthy and effective way to sculpt the body of your dreams. Barry is a former skinny-guy who has dedicated years of his life to the study of muscle growth. The era of superhuman action stars in the 1980s and '90s was an incredible time for movie fans. Arnold had a lasting effect on me as a kida€”he still affects me as an adulta€”because of his illustrious movie career playing characters I wanted to be.
More to the point, I admired Arnold for being jacked and unmatched in the sport of bodybuilding. Golden age bodybuilders are famous for their unparalleled aesthetics and bodybuilding prowess, but these guys didn't just look the part, they were insanely strong!
Arnold won several strongman and powerlifting competitions before ever stepping on a bodybuilding stage.
Yes, Arnold possessed remarkable aesthetics, but The Oak and all the Golden Age bodybuilders moved heavy weight. The point is that golden age bodybuilders placed a premium on strength and understood that it was, in fact, the key to reach their aesthetic goals. A fair portion of my clientele consists of athletes who are generally more concerned with performance in their respective sport than with the size of their biceps.
Strength is paramount even if you're not an athlete and could care less how hard you can throw a baseball or how high your vertical jump is.
As history indicates, champion bodybuilders built impressive and admirable physiques by focusing on strength. One of the best analogies to explain the parallel between strength gains and aesthetics is to think of strength as a glassa€”any glass. Taking time to focus on loading the squat, bench press, deadlift, chin-up, and other major lifts can produce valuable dividendsa€”even if it's only for 1-2 training cycles per year. Lifting loads 85-95 percent of your one-rep max (1RM) and performing more strength-based work will have profound effects on your training and physique when you return back to the typical hypertrophy 8-15-rep zone. For the next three months, you decide to get stronger and increase your 1RM to 405 pounds, which isn't out of the question for people who have never committed to strength training. By performing multiple repetitions of your previous 1RM, you'll have hamstrings and an upper back larger than Arkansas! The biggest guys in the gym are often the strongest, so it's no coincidence that many of the most well-known bodybuildersa€”past and presenta€”have a history of competing in strength-based events.
While consensus clearly supports heavy lifting at regular intervals to support muscle gains, anyone over 50 needs to understand the increased injury risk this introduces.
An alternating workout approach provides the additional benefit of keeping the workouts more interesting, reducing the boredom factor.
For more information on getting into the very best shape of your life after age 50, be sure to check out BestFit 50. Third, depending on genetic makeup, many people respond better to heavy lifting to stimulate new muscle growth.  To be sure, some may respond better to lighter weights and higher reps, another good reason to continually rotate heavy and lighter routines. Heavy lifting isn’t for everyone, and it can increase the risk of injury, including joints, tendons and the muscles themselves.  For  someone new to resistance training, heavy lifting is out of the question for at least the first six months. During this initial time, a new lifter must develop muscle and tendon strength, and also new blood supply and nerve connections.  Additionally, high core strength will be required for heavy lifting. Perhaps most importantly, a good personal trainer can help a new lifter gauge progression, helping to make decision on when the client is ready to progress to heavier weights and at what increments the increases in weight should be added. For these reasons, a new lifter should always seek council with a qualified personal trainer who understands their goals and their present ability levels. When I wake up, I down 2 large glasses of water, then I eat my oatmeal, with a banana, tablespoon of ground Flax Seed, tablespoon of Chia seeds, some walnuts or almonds, topped with organic cinnamon and Pure Maple Syrup. Very sensible progression plan Keith, keep introducing more free weight work into your sessions and really focus on your diet, you’ll be amazed by what can happen, over 50 rocks!
One of the most dramatic modifications of the body that can affect your fresh tattoo is the gain or loss of weight that including muscle gain from strength training more precisely bodybuilding.
Depending on how much weight you lose, it may or may not affect your ink from the tattoo.With these body changes if they`re even big there will be just a slight shrinking of the tattoo and usually it won’t change the appearance much at all, unless the tattoo was too detailed from the beginning. The single possible exception to the above rule for tattoos would be drastic weight loss over a short period of time, such as from bariatric surgery or illness that can also reduce your muscles, which results in areas of sagging skin like obese people that get suddenly skinny. Weight gain is like weight loss as body changes for the tattoo so don`t worry so much but the problem with weight gain, though, is the possibility of stretch marks.
99% accurate way to find out your real body fat percentage with a in depth video presentation!
Recent Commentsadmin on What Are the Effects of Smoking Cigarettes on Muscle Gain?alyce tyler on Stretch marks in bodybuildingElizabeth on Rumble Roller Vs. Yeah, you, the one struggling to hit a new personal bench press record by lifting heavy week after week. Here's a thought: How about you stop focusing solely on moving heavy weights as a way to get stronger. The idea of not lifting heavy may sound blasphemous, but research has shown that lifting lighter may be just as effective as going heavy and hard for building strength. Speed work refers to a type of strength training which uses a much lower percentage of your maximal weight.

Also known as explosive strength, speed work typically involves lifting weights at 45-65 percent of your 1-rep max for 2-6 reps per set as explosively as possible. Plyometrics and Olympic lifts can also help in the same way as speed work, but it should be important to build upon your explosiveness in more relevant areas.
In this context, work capacity refers to the degree in which you can or cannot maintain repeated bouts of high intensity (e.g.
Sprinting is the anabolica€”or musclebuildinga€”form of cardio which develops your cardiovascular health, while keeping strength and muscular growth. Sprinting should complement your training program, but not make you so fatigued that the rest of your training suffers. Avoid doing cardio on the same day as a heavy lifting session (or at least not on the same day as a lift you care about), and make sure you get enough sleep and calories to maximize recovery. You can see great benefits from one or two sessions of sprint intervals or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) each week.
You'll still want to do a lot of work with your main lifts, but you'll also need to do isolation-style exercises to ensure maximum hypertrophy as well. This is relevant because common sense says thata€”with all things being equala€”a person with more muscle tends to be stronger than someone with less. To this end, training in bodybuilding-style 8-12 rep schemes and reeling in a tighter line on your diet (count your macros every now and then!) could help you cut out the excess fat and maximize your strength potential per pound.
In order to harness your full strength potential, you will need to incorporate speed work and sprints, and improve your amount of muscle per pound of body weight to help build strength. Other strength programs might rotate between heavy, speed, and bodybuilding days, while also including assistance work and cardiovascular training on off days. Find the right balance here and you'll soon find that the only problem you have with strength training is that too many of your friends will start asking you to help move couches around. Not only are genetics not in our favor, but often the rest of our lives are demanding our time and attention. There are tons of skinny guys out there who are spinning their wheels doing insane crash-and-burn routines and still failing to even fill out their medium-sized shirts.
When we fail to see results, it’s way too common that we tell ourselves “I just need to try harder”.
As much as our heads want to convince us otherwise, trying harder will only take us so far. While some guys were doing ridiculously hard workouts and hardly seeing any gains, others were making huge progress with seemingly minimal effort.
Like a buddy who’s always got your back when the grind gets though, a simple system can be the support that pushes us to gain those 10 pounds back quickly instead of letting us fall off the wagon 10 times before finally making it. Not only is it something to fall back on, but a system can save us a shit ton of time and energy in the end. The difference between a “try harder” approach and a systems approach can make all the difference in how much gain we get from our time spent in the gym. The film is based on the true story of steroid-abusing muscle men Daniel Lugo and Adrian Doorbal. Studio bosses will be hoping the off-beat topic proves to be a hit with the movie-going public.However it already has a head start, as it has a paltry budget compared to the Transformer directors usual blockbusters. At $35 million, the film stands as Bay's lowest budgeted film since his feature film debut, the 1995 action-comedy Bad Boys.
Earlier this week Mark was seen filming stunts for the action film, which included dangling upside down on a wire.
Wire work: Mark filmed action-packed scenes on location for Pain And Gain in Miami last weekThe action comedy is holding a casting call next Saturday in Doral for locals over 25 to play extras.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. He believes this is the science behind having the perfect male body proportions that allows a man to have his most attractive physique. The further you are from your Adonis Golden Ratio the more painstakingly difficult losing fat and building lean muscle becomes because you’re not in the form your evolutionary genetics intended for you to be in”.
But you need to use the right program that is structured correctly to help you get a lean muscular body with the AGR. If you want to see the full details of the program click here to visit the official website. I decided to do a review on this program because calisthenics is a fun, efficient and cheap way to get in shape. You can build a great amount of strength and muscle by using nothing but bodyweight workouts. The program is structured as a 12 week step-by-step system created for empowering and guiding you to get in great physical and mental shape. After reviewing the program, I was very impressed with the planning and thought that went into putting the system together. There will be no items to ship, therefore you don’t have to wait for anything before you can start using the program. Mastering these advanced moves would make you feel amazing like the many people who have used the Bar Brothers System and made good progress. There are many ways by which one can benefit from calisthenics and body weight training both mentally and physically. Many people who were out of shape and unmotivated, completely transformed their mindset and their body into into lean, ripped physiques.
And knowing what the guys behind the program already achieved for themselves and other people, I strongly recommended trying out the system. This diet plan was created by John Rowley, a well known fitness expert, lifestyle coach and best selling author.
It is a unique nutrition plan that walks you through a step-by-step plan that allows you to eat the same foods you’re used to eating, just at specified times of the day, and would create efficient and consistent weight loss. These E-Factor Foods are regular foods, that are available, and that most people eat everyday. These foods are cheap, available everywhere and these are foods that trigger The E-Factor Effect. You’ll learn that the time of day that you eat your food has a big impact on your body weight. John believes that common weight loss diets are too strict, and they actually cause you to continue storing fat. Still, the entire E-Factor Diet system can be downloaded to your computers, Iphones, Ipads or a smart tv. John Rowley is a best selling author, fitness expert and lifestyle coach who has a high level of respect in the fitness community. The thought of doing these two things simultaneously is thought to be an impossible challenge since building muscle and losing fat seem to attract contradictory result.
Your body will always use the nutrition you put in to first maintain all your primary functions, and then any extra will be stored as fat, discarded as waste, or used to build muscle. At first glance, it seems that it would be impossible to do both at the same time, but that is not always the case. If you fall into one of these four categories, consider yourself lucky and take advantage of it while it lasts!
For the first several months, if done properly, you can indeed lose fat and build muscle at the same time.
While these things obviously have unwanted side effects, there is no doubt that they change the way the body works.
Despite all the claims on the covers of fitness magazines, losing fat and gaining muscle is never easy. It is still possible to get the body of your dreams, it just won’t be quite as easy as you might like. Once you’ve lose a desired amount of fat, you switch to a muscle building program that is designed to help you bulk up, while avoiding or minimizing any gain in fat. It was an emergence flooded with hardcore heroes like Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Steven Seagal. For instance, instead of shaking hands to greet people like a normal person might, I'd blurt out, "Dillon! It was a generation of true athletes who didn't see gaining strength and building muscle as two distinct training goals.
He won a prestigious stone lifting contest by hoisting a 560-pound rock in Munich, West Germany, while he was Mr. For instance, Sergio Oliva competed on the Cuban National Weightlifting Team prior to his bodybuilding career.
Hell, the only thing strength doesn't improve is your atrocious pickup lines and bad hair. Sure, it's possible to build an Adonis-like look without strength assuming you have good genetics, but the road is far more difficult. The larger you make the glass, the more liquid you can place inside it and, as a result, your performance (and arm girth) will improve. Slow tempo, high rep, and traditional hypertrophy training won't accomplish this as effectively.
Strength training also improves your inter- and intra-muscular coordination, which synchronizes activity between synergistic muscle groups and allows you to produce more force.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. If you can provide that’s helpful, sound like it may be more of a diet issue, let us know! If you have tattoos, or are thinking of getting one, these changes of the body with the weight and muscle loss or gain need to be taken into consideration as how they may affect your ink from the tattoo and the disproportions that can appear.
Lines that run too closely together could theoretically blend and cause a distorted image, but this is a very rare occurrence in the cases of tattoos.
If a tattoo resides in an area where the skin is sagging from the body changes, obviously it will also affect the appearance of the tattoo itself. If you get stretch marks in an area where you have a tattoo, it will ruin your ink and these are the worst body changes. But if you’re doing heavy weightlifting for significant muscle mass gain, this could cause a problem for a tattoo in that area.
Foam Roller for relieving muscular pain in bodybuildersAlex on The end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days and bodybuilder life is here!
Try supplementing your strength training program with the following modes of non-heavy weight training. This is not to say that youa€”especially if you're an advanced and experienced liftera€”should use only baby weights from now on.
Lifting weights with greater bar speed trains your stretch reflex and your ability to build momentum more quickly, as well as recruit more muscle fibers.

To get the most out of this speed work, you need to treat each rep as if you're pushing max effort; pick up or push the weight really, really fast or in an explosive manner on the upward motiona€”of a squat, for example. Descend quickly into the hole, pause briefly, and then shoot back up as powerfully and quickly as you can while maintaining proper squat form. A clean and jerk, for example, probably won't do much to build your bench press, whereas plyometric push-ups will. It reduces impact by reducing running time (as compared to traditional long-distance running), but it should be extremely intense.
While you can sprint on a track, cycling can also be an option if your goal is to gain muscle mass, since it doesn't burn as many calories as running. Ideally, you'd aim to pack the most possible muscle on your frame and get stronger for your relative size. For best results, lifts should be tested in a variety of stylesa€”variations on form, loading patterns, and lifts which identify muscular weaknessesa€”to help break through any personal weak points. Unless you spend all day in the gym, you probably have work, friends, and family pulling for your time as well.
Like expecting to fall off the treadmill after turning the incline and speed on max, we can expect ourselves to burn out when we “just try harder”.  Willpower and attention, like your muscular endurance, are are finite resources. Sure, you can probably gain some size through the routine-hopping game that many guys play, but what if you could get there much more easily? There’s no one right way, but there are lots of ways that have worked for naturally skinny guys like me. Working efficiently has helped me get ahead at work and strengthen my relationship with my wife. There’s lots of information out there to take action on, but knowing how to work smarter, not harder, will help you to kick ass and achieve a body that you’re damn proud of for years to come. He’s overcome his own challenges with building and maintaining muscle despite having a busy lifestyle, especially while serving in the military and then building his career in the fast-paced tech industry.
For over 2000 years artists used the Golden Ratio in their artwork, and believe it is the number that governs beauty. This male form was subconsciously acknowledged by great artists in history like Michelangelo’s sculpture of David to Greek Mythology’s Chiseled Gods like Adonis and all the way up to modern day Hollywood”.
What this means is your shoulders should be about 1.618 times bigger than your waist in inches to have the perfect proportion.
On top of that calisthenics is great for burning fat, increasing flexibility and improving cardiovascular health.
It looks good for helping users benefit from creative bodyweight training and become motivated for working out and being better at life.
The numerous benefits of calisthenics include fat loss, muscle building, health improvement, enjoyment, motivation, increase energy, and improvement in flexibility. The E-Factor Diet is based on a breakthrough method that John Rowley developed after years of working with different weight loss clients, along with, extensive study and research into weight loss nutrition. The program will reveal what they are and the right time to eat them to create the desired effects for your weight loss success.
The program, therefore, will guide you to eat your favorite foods that you are accustomed to, but at the specified schedule to create positive impact on your body that would lead to successful weight loss. The reason you are not getting the results that you want could be because you are using a generic plan that is not right for you. He already has a best selling fitness program online called Old School New Body which continues to get lots of positive customer reviews. In order to get the body you want, virtually everyone needs to shed some unwanted fat, and build up their muscle, and it is natural to want to do this as quickly as possible. Before we get to the specifics of who can do it, and how, it is necessary to understand why it is so difficult in the first place. When you do this, your body will use the calories stored as fat (and sometimes muscle) to make up the difference. When you combine surplus calories with a good weight training fitness program, you will build muscle.
Of course, you’ll need to follow a healthy diet and exercise program to achieve optimal results. If you go down this road, you’ll be able to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Whether a gift from God, or blind luck, you’ll be able to enjoy incredible results that others only dream of. For most people, the best way to get great results is to alternate between a fat loss program and a muscle building program, each of which are designed with the other in mind.
But one man owned the Hollywood hierarchy and stood atop the throne: Arnold Schwarzenegger. You'll find similar strongman, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting backgrounds for guys like Dave Draper, Larry Scott, Frank Zane, Serge Nubret, and Tom Platz, who probably could have squatted Godzilla. You can't have other attributes like power, agility, and explosiveness without a foundation of strength to work from.
When you return back to a hypertrophy-based program, 70-80 percent of your 1RM is now 285-325 pounds. We provide the technology, tools, and products you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self.
At 68, I bench 145, 3 sets of 12, and the same for incline and decline benches, along with flys, same sets and #, with 35 dumb bells. The deeper the stretch marks are, the worse the damage will be for the tattoo and it is irreversible also affecting your self esteem thus having problems when working out.. The better the placement of the tattoo in relation to the muscle, the less chance of distorting the image as a result of muscle bulge or other body changes. He underwent a serious surgery at the hospitalDNN on Where does Rich Piana’s money come? Multiple plates make anyone look like a badass, but despite trying to lift heavier and heavier, the results just don't seem to add up. This type of training benefits athletes whose sports involve generating a huge amount of force in as short a time as possible.
You can get a lot of quality anaerobic work on a prowler or sled, if you have access to that special equipment.
Add a high-volume training routine on top of that busy lifestyle, and you’ve just put a nice helping of whipped cream on a pile of shit.
I did the toughest, soul-crushing workouts I could find and followed the most rigid diet protocols and only ended up injured and hating food (and still skinny). If being tired and sore wasn’t bad enough, too many guys rub salt in the wound by saying “I’m just lazy” or “I’m just not meant to be big anyway”. While the forever skinny guys were playing a losing game by relying on effort and a fickle sense of motivation, the ones reaping the rewards were tapping into something beyond all the noise. What would that make possible for your career, your social life, and your relationship game? While building muscle and losing fat are the main two things for improving body composition, getting your body into the right proportion can have tremendous impact on the shape and look of your lean muscular body. Today, the golden ratio is used in many different industries including architecture, fashion and geometry. John even created a, now very popular muscle building program, that is geared towards men who want to get this precise shape and the benefits that follow it. Luckily, John Barban’s muscle building program is still available on the market, and it is the only program that is specifically designed to help guys lose fat and build muscle to get their perfect AGR body.
These guys are world renowned calisthenics experts who have used their real life experiences as one of the driving forces for creating this system to help other people. You are helped step by step to understand the fundamentals and advanced exercise techniques. But in order to get all these benefits from calisthenics we have to learn the right way to do it and do it properly.
Apart from giving you the freedom to eat your preferred foods, the E-Factor Diet works to burn fat around the clock, even while sleeping, and without counting calories. The 4 categories of E.F foods are are Energetic Factor Foods, Endothermic Factor Foods, Enzymatic Factor Foods and Enjoyable Foods. One of the reasons you can be confident in this program is due to the expertise and track record of the creator, John Rowley. But John Rowley’s E-Factor Diet is created to work with your own body and eating preferences. I believe John’s new E-Factor Diet is going to help a lot of users see positive results in their weight loss efforts. Of course, there are other factors that go into losing weight, but the bottom line is you need fewer calories going in than the number of calories your body burns each day. Sadly, your body will only be in this state for a few months at the most, so take advantage of it while you can!
If you’re already a weight lifter and have achieved your optimum muscle mass, getting a tattoo shouldn’t cause any issues but don`t stop weightlifting cause the tattoo will shrink a little. Experienced trainees in particular will find it more and more challenging to hit loftier numbers. I then switched to a gym and worked the Techno-Gym and Cybex machines, along with 20 minutes of HIIT cardio on the bike and rowing machine.
The only thing you’ll want to be careful about is working out while you’re healing a new tattoo.
Kids are lame spotters!admin on Old bodybuilder – Then and now pictureCarry on The end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days and bodybuilder life is here!
Since speed work hits both lower-than-max weight and reps, you'll benefit from more total sets than a typical heavyweight rep scheme, equating to a higher volume of work (typically 12 sets).
I can see new members using this system to reach great levels in both physical fitness and mental motivation. January 1, 2013, I introduced more heavy lifting with bench press and the larger Cybex machines with plates..
He underwent a serious surgery at the hospitalJonathan Hilliard on The end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days and bodybuilder life is here! It’s been awesome to see the changes already taken place as I step it up and progress!

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