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My 60 Day 100% Money Back GuaranteeI Guarantee Your Results If You Follow The Exact Workouts & Diet Plan In LIVE LEAN MASS Or I’ll Give You All Your Money Back.
Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I invented a new magical muscle-building method. Add crazy lean mass…WITHOUT adding unnecessary ugly “bulk fat” or oversized disproportionate “useless muscle”.
You’re still going to be living lean…but just with bigger, well-proportioned, aesthetically pleasing muscle.
This muscle building program is designed to hit specific groups of motor units (muscle fibers) and stimulate them with a higher than “normal” volume of work to induce MAXIMUM muscle growth and fat loss.
In other words, these workouts will cause extensive stress to your muscle fibers, thus giving your body no other option but to adapt and GROW FAST (major muscle hypertrophy)!
Each individual exercise has been strategically selected based on how it targets a major group of motor units.
This easy to follow and understand training manual will quickly bring you up to speed on the theory and training protocols behind the LIVE LEAN MASS program.
I’ve got you covered with these printable workout log sheets that your can bring to the gym with you and record all your lifts. Follow along with the LIVE LEAN MASS workout calendar so you know what days you’re training specific muscles and what days you have for recovery.
Alright so the key to the LIVE LEAN MASS 10 sets method is how it targets a specific group of motor units with an EXTENSIVE volume of repeated work.
These exercises, the rep counts, set counts, and tempos, all create a lot of positive stress on the muscle fibers. Ladies, the key to burning fat, keeping it off for life, and staying younger longer is….MUSCLE! The goal of the 10 sets method is to complete 10 sets of 10 reps, using the same weight for each primary exercise. This is a high volume workout, so I want you to begin with a weight that you can lift for 20 reps, with good form and following the recommended tempos. If you like percentages, this is about 60% of the weight you could lift for just 1 rep. So in other words, if you can bench press 100 lbs just 1 time.
The key is to find the most weight you can lift to complete all 100 reps with proper form and tempo.
The diet is so important and the reason WHY you’ll be adding muscle WITHOUT the typical bulky fat that comes along with most muscle building workouts. Expert Nurse - Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals  Complementary approaches to health stress the importance of diet and exercise. But, the second thing he would tell you is that there is no f*cking way he gained 12 kg of lean tissue in 10 weeks and that too while losing 6 kg of fat.
But, in case someone still believes it, allow me to disprove what Charles said by providing some facts and counter arguments, staring with the obvious ones and then moving on to more concrete ones. Firstly, in beginners, the reason being that they have not done weight training before so the stimulus that weight training provides is unlike anything they have experienced before. Secondly, in intermediate or advanced lifters who have resumed training after being away from the gym for a while.
To most of you these may be obvious but there is another way to lose fat and build muscle at the same time which some of you may not be aware about.
So you may think that this point proves the validity of Charles Poliquin claim but, not so fast.
This means that 46200 calories need to be subtracted from his diet to lose 6 kg of body fat.
This means that the athlete needs to eat 66,000 calories extra, on top of his normal diet, to gain 12 kg of lean muscle. This means that if he would have to subtracted 660 calories from his diet and add 943 calories to his diet simultaneously to lose 6 kg of fat and gain 12 kg of muscle. Now it means that after adding and subtracting both, his caloric consumption comes out to be 3283, which is 283 more than the calories needed to maintain his weight. If we follow this logic then, even if someone was shredded to the bone he would still be around 200 pounds according to mike mentzer’s calculation. In a video titled “TMW 3 Year Body Transformation – Natural Bodybuilding” posted on youtube by Hodge Twins who have a very popular youtube channel, they said that they gained about 25 pounds (12 kg) of muscle in 3 years.
One look at these pics and even someone who has no clue about bodybuilding will tell you that he has not gained anywhere close to 12 kg of lean muscle.
I am not saying that it is really the case but there is no way in hell someone will mistake you for being the same size in layer and layers of clothes let alone without your shirt after gaining 12 kg of muscle. This may come as a shock to most of you but allow me to explain and finally put a nail in the coffin.
Notice the last words of the topmost line “10 weeks of training, lost 6 kg of fat, gain 12 kg of lean tissue”. Now one guy whose name I have blacked, doubts it and says “Hmmmm……I have to play Doubting Thomas here. Now maybe that gentleman was busy and didn’t have time to do the math, so let me do it for him. Now in the first pic Charles said he lost 6 kg of body fat but now in comments he changed that and said he lost 6 lbs of body fat.
But for those who are still not convinced, let’s assume that he did gain 12 kg (27 lbs) of lean muscle.
You know the funny thing is how 30 pounds of muscle gain looks awesome, almost unbelievable to me on all these people but, as soon as I look at Charles’ athlete I suddenly go blind and can’t see where those 27 lbs of muscle gain are.
PS here is another brave soul who made the mistake of questioning the great Charles Poliquin and decided to call him on his bullsh*t. Note – I don’t normally use bad language but when someone calls you on your bullsh*t and you respond by using vulgarity and calling him a twat, then you deserve it. A pretentious introduction will not set the tone for 2012, so to hell with that, Happy New Year and cheers to all. I'll kick off 2012 with another client update, talk some shit, and we'll see where it ends up. It's Friday and I've already spent too much time on fiddling with this stuff, really just want to get it done and hit publish. The reasons are mainly in terms of the limits I see in this field and how everything operates around it.
I could talk about some clients of notoriety and fame, but I can't or won't, whether it's for the sake of discretion, or because I don't think the time is right. 3a. Doesn't everyone tell you that their stuff is better, special, will add mounds of muscle and burn fat like crazy? I don't know what his body weight was for the contest, or how big and important that powerlifting meet really was, because that's not relevant to the point here. My strength has increased in almost every exercise that you perscribed. Like all of your previous success stories, I tell everyone, that this plan was about as easy as it gets, once you adjust to it and is something that I will follow for life! KS was the best kind of client - well-worded and intelligent, 100% compliant and an astute observer that took note of his results and prior experiences. I know I'm still fat but I'm not done yet and actually I feel like I'm hitting another pretty good stride right now. I had to take a few months off for a few reasons you’ll read about below, but now I got back on track and have gained over 30 lbs since last year. I was a svelte 151 lbs with all the optimism in the world and looking forward to more muscle and weight gains. Get slammed with work. I had some success early on in the first phase of Bony To Beastly balancing work with life and my skinny transformation. Bottom line is that I lost motivation during this period of time, and used everything as an excuse. This next 5 week block of the Bony To Beastly workout program really builds on the skills and habits I learned way back in Phase 1.
I learned the proper technique to do variants of full squats and deadlifts, and found that getting back into these exercises wasn’t all that difficult at all. My only small suggestion to the Bony To Beastly crew is if you’re ever thinking of modifying the videos, for some of the more difficult lifts, having a view from 2 or more different angles could help demonstrate it a little bit better. This five (or in my case, six) week stretch of the Bony to Beastly program was focused on one thing: building sheer size and strength. By the end of this phase, I felt pretty proud of myself that I was able to lift 165 lbs on the Romanian deadlift with good form. As you can see in my measurements chart above, in just about 6 weeks I was able to gain over 10 lbs (14.1 lbs to be more precise) to regain all the weight I lost, and then some extra on top for good measure.
Also from this photo I think you can notice a trend of an area that needs improving and is lacking behind other areas of growth, and that is my chest. I think it’s worth noting that I received a few compliments from my friends who have noticed a change in my physique. Besides the scars on my knees from my moped accident, you can sort of make out the increase in size in my legs, calves, and lower extremities as well (err, maybe not, since I was wearing baggy shorts in my prior two photos) I think it’s funny too the progression of my confidence in my choice of shorts too.
If you put your mind into it, you can regain your motivation just like that — in a snap.
I started out at 128 lbs, and if I remember correctly I was eating maybe 2700-2800 calories to start. You’re right, starting out with an extra 500 calories on top of your daily maintenance should get you 1 lb increase by the end of the week. I could argue though with that CrossFit is not good to put on weight for ectomorphs, sort of. So yes, I gained 4kgs = 8.8 pounds in last 5 weeks only with CF, I lost 3cm of my belly in waist area and basically gained about 1 to 2 cms around shoulders, chest, hips, thighs 3cms around and calfs 2cms. I stumbled across your page while trying to figure out how my skinny genes can be combated and your blog has been such a motivating read. I’m really molested by the progress, only 6 weeks and you were able to gain visible results.
This is the fourth time I have visited this website and the first time I have seen your transformation page. I have been regular at the gym for a year now and before that I always maintained a very fit lifestyle. The program was really good in that it broke down basically step by step exactly what I needed to do to gain weight. I’m looking to start the program and these were some of the things I did not see addressed in the eBook.
1) At the beginning of the B2B program in Phase 1, they did recommend a few body weight warmup sets to get the body loose and warmed up. 2) Everybody is a little bit different but for your starting weight, you should probably choose a weight so that when you do the reps, you could theoretically do 2-3 more before failure. 3) If I wasn’t able to get the reps in, I would take a minute or two break after the set, and just make up the lost reps with a slightly lower weight. Follow the simple instructions on how to calculate your calorie and macronutrient requirements to ensure you’re feeding the muscle the proper amount of food. It’s very important that you log all your lifts so you can continue to progress for each workout.
Our good friends at the FTC would like us to identify what "typical results" are on a program like this.
I have been following Charles for many years now and I am aware of what kind of “hyped results” is Jason talking about. I mean, if he had said only about 6 kg of fat loss in 10 weeks, I may have agreed and that is a very small may. I mean, it would only take an idiot who fell on his head during his childhood or a seriously blind and delusional person to believe that, after taking one look at the pic. To lose fat you need to be in a caloric deficit and to gain muscle you need to be in a caloric surplus. Also because their strength level is average, they have a lot of potential for strength gains.
These are the lifter who had already a decent amount of muscle to begin with and lost it when they stopped training either due to injury or some other reason. What I am talking about is an illusion created of losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time by periodically shifting your gears. Now this means that he should consume 660 calories less per day for 10 weeks than he burns through daily activities and exercise. This means he would have to consume an extra 943 calories per day to gain that much lean muscle mass. So ask yourself, if he is in a slight caloric surplus, how is he losing 6 kg fat in the absence of caloric deficit and even the caloric surplus is so small that he can’t gain more than 7-8 lbs i.e. Olympia, one of the greatest bodybuilders in history, with great genetics and great frame for building muscle, who was also a known steroid user, could do in his prime years (around 20 years of age), don’t you think you have under estimated how much 12 kg (26.4 lbs) really is. And it’s an achievement that’s only possible if one is willing to train as hard as is required and eat properly. But look at it this way: in five years, the average adult male weighing 165 pounds, gaining at the rate of 10 pounds of muscle a year, will gain 50 pounds and end up weighing a muscular 215 pounds. So let me ask you this, if gaining 25 pounds was just a matter of few weeks, how many of you or the natural guys you know, who have been training for 5 years or more are ready to stand toe to toe on Mr. So do you think that Charles’ athlete build more muscle than they did in a time period of 156 weeks and he did it in only 10 weeks while losing fat simultaneously.
And if I am not wrong I think it was Charles Poliquin who said that “you need to gain at least 10-15 lbs of lean muscle to increase your arm size by 1 inch. I mean, I have seen those models comparing artificial 5 lb muscle to fat but the original thing really helped put it in perspective. Just not seeing the 24 lbs (around 12 kg) of lean mass gain.” And then Charles replies, now pay attention to this “On the left he weighs 142, on the right 160, and lost 6 pounds of fat, do the math.
But I may be wrong, maybe first 27 pounds aren’t supposed to make any noticeable difference and those last 3 pounds are the ones that are somehow supposed to blow your body up and give you that superhero physique. I accidentally deleted half the post without saving, including a bunch of interesting and not-so-interesting stuff, so it can't really get worse than this anyway. So maybe sometime in the future means just that, like I wrote, but then people keep asking anyway. I like the practical get-it-done-stuff, process, what I do with clients, etc, nothing else. Anyway, that's not the most likely thing that'll happen, and I'll stick around for some time still.
For exceptional results to become standard, you refine what works, polish and build upon what's successful - and nothing else. What you get after all this tinkering, are baseline values, variables, and formulas with a very high likelihood to work in a specific context, the context being for this client, his or her goals, limitations, and stats. Of course, it's a god damn cliche, and words don't really mean shit unless you have enough sense to evaluate them.
Consistently striving for improvement, maintaining that drive and burning enthusiasm, that's the point. I think I'm just starting to hit my stride with reverse pyramid training and proper diet adherence. Nowadays, Leangains and the Leangains protocols are commonly used for fat loss, and naturally so because it's what most people want and need. Please click it for more information straight from the Bony To Beastly website, and if you end up purchasing the program, I get a small commission back to help pay for a couple packages of beef jerky to snack on!). Who has the energy to do all that and cook a nice nutritious meal, nevermind finding the time to consume 3600+ calories? January 1st signifies big changes, and for many people its the start of another cycle of New Year’s resolutions.
With all this time off I had in between, I was only just a little bit nervous about jumping back into it full speed.
The memory in my muscles was still there, as doing these lifts with proper form seemed like second nature once again.
For every single exercise in the Bony To Beastly program, there is a video clip demonstrated by the fellas on how to properly perform the lift.

The hand-holding from the first phase is long gone and in place is a focus on lifting heavier (yet still with perfect form).
When I lost the weight, it looks like I lost most of it from my upper body as my leg measurements were for the most part, stable. Sadly I wasn’t able to take any photos on December 31st before I re-dedicated myself. Sorry for the slightly different perspective angle, I tried to match it up as closely as I could. Also, you can see from this side view that despite gaining weight, over 20 lbs since when I first started , that my chest still has the same profile.
From when I first started, I didn’t want to show any extra skin due to embarrassment and chose the baggiest basketball shorts I had.
Here’s hoping the next phase of my skinny transformation will see some targeted chest growth. I started my journey at the start of 2012 and did well gaining 18lbs overall, 136lbs to 154lbs, but unfortunately 13lbs of that when I started university (too much drinking and poor diet).
For instance there were some exercises I was having difficulty with, and they showed some alternatives to do. A simple way to monitor is, weigh yourself at the end of the week and if you’re not gaining any weight, add an extra 100 or so calories daily.
Unfortunately, I am an ectomorph and find it extremely hard to pack on healthy weight no matter how hard I eat or workout. At the beginning, I basically did a few sets of squats, lunges, etc just under body weight. I started out with super light weights to get my technique down pat, and depending on how difficult the weight was, I would go up incrementally the next week. The next week, I would try the exercise again at the same weight and see if I could do all the reps in a week. Everyone’s really helpful there and you can also ask a bunch of questions and see what everyone else thinks. No one is going to be perfect on the first try, the important thing is to just start working out, eating big, following the program, and asking questions as you go along. Focusing on whole foods such as grains and fresh fruits and vegetables while minimizing processed foods, establishing and maintaining adequate hydration, and being aware of potential adverse reactions to food and food additives contributes to wellness. It was a video by Jason Blaha of JuggernautFitnessTV titled “Why Is Charles Poliquin Posting Blatantly Untrue & Hyped Results Of A Client On Social Media???”.
Just to make it clear, I have learned a lot from Charles and have a lot of respect for him but he makes these wild and exaggerated claims and that I am not ok with. Now I am not implying that it is not possible to lose 6 kg in that much time, in fact you could lose a lot more than that in 10 weeks. For example, it is very easy to gain 50 – 60 lbs on bench press for a beginner who can barely bench 135 lbs (60 kg) as compared to an intermediate lifter who a bench say 250 lbs or an advanced lifter who benches 315 lbs +. To get an idea of how much calories these are consider this – It would take an average guy who requires 2000 calories to maintain his body weight a 23 day period of not eating anything to lose that much weight. Of course, just about anyone can gain 10 pounds of bodyweight if that weight is fat or a combination of fat and muscle.
Olympia stage with competitors like Samir Bannout and Serge Nubret, both of which were around 200 pounds in weight. So by that logic his arms should have been around 2 inches bigger because he gained 12 kg lean muscle i.e. Apparently no one was smart enough to check the comments, well at least not with a critical eye. If it indeed is true then what that means is that almost all of the change in athlete’s body composition came from gain in muscle mass and fat loss was very minute compared to muscle gain.
If after years of being a trainer someone still doesn’t have a clue about what 30 lbs of lean muscle will do to your physique, then you are a fu*king moron.
It's not like I'm taking a vacation-vacation either, because there's still clients to be maintained, stuff written, etc. Actually, you know what, I'll just copy-paste some stuff from emails and call that testimonials.
It's math and statistics, with a slew of your good sense and intuition thrown in to make it tick. Finally, I heard from him again a few weeks ago - and he's still going strong, staying lean at 213-215 lbs. It's also the logical evolution of the concept itself, as it has proved itself extremely effective for fat loss specifically, and remains relatively untested for lean muscle gain.
Things got way too hectic with my life and I ended up taking a whole SIX months off of working out. Become a baby about the pain and use it as an excuse to not go to the gym because your knees hurt. But I was surprised that despite losing 12-13 lbs of weight, my strength never really decreased.
Much better than trying to search on YouTube for some other grainy poor quality demonstration video. I actually think that in these photos, even though my actual weight and measurements are pretty similar to when I finished Phase 1 of Bony To Beastly, I don’t know why but I think I look a bit more athletic and fit. I’m somewhat amazed because the only shoulder dedicated exercises this phase were lateral raises and external rotations. I know there’s a method to all this madness, but there seemed to be more lower-body centric exercises over upper body. I used to have a hallowed out region below my cheeks, and when I smiled, it became even more pronounced.
Second phase, I’m feeling a bit better and wore shorter shorts but still nothing too revealing.
Go back to square one and really remind yourself of WHO you want to be, HOW you want your body to look and feel, and WHY.
So despite being a skinny guy susceptible to the daily hazards that try to derail you from your goal and dreams, hard work, dedication, and the proper knowledge of how to gain weight, will get you back on track. I am getting back into it now as I am doing tough mudder this year, so will be checking your blog for motivation. So, I am thinking to put on 500 calories extra to gain mass, as this is what I have heard that one must eat 500 calories extra to gain weight.
So i’ve been searching for a replacement and came across your blog and B2B, doing some research on this program now and excited to start asap!
In a nutshell, after completing all 4 phases of Bony To Beastly, I went from 128 lbs to 160 lbs which is where I am at now. Since I am limited to what the cafeterias here give me, I’ve been wondering how flexible the meal plans are in B2B. 3.700 me just sitting in office (IT guy) on sofa, in train, in tram, at home at front of my PC in pub.
The cash is a lot of money, but it was the best investment I could have put my time and effort in to doing. As the program progressed through the phases, I ended up doing other dynamic stretches that were actually prescribed to me by my physical therapist because I was having some knee pains.
When I first got the program, I felt like I had to know everything 100% before I actually started working out, and it inevitably just delayed me by a few weeks.
Unfortunately, in today's society, most people do very little with the workout programs they buy, thus leading to "typical results" of zilch. There is no magic potion involved to instantly make you slim and fit, only a little bit of learning and practice. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the accepted measure for assessing weight most accurately. Anways, I clicked on the video and it showed a screenshot from Charles Poliquin’s facebook page.
But anyone who has been lifting weights for a few years seriously and knows a thing or two about bodybuilding will tell you that he doesn’t look like he has lost anything close to 6 kg, maybe 2 or 3 kg at most.
Now I am not saying that it is impossible but there are very specific conditions which are needed for this to happen. And although they are not directly proportional to each other, strength gains will result in increased lean body mass.
But it is possible that athlete lost the same amount in 70 days through a combination of exercise and caloric deficit to lose that much fat. So, either Hodge Twins were just passing time in the gym not doing any real work or Charles is lying. But the truth is that with right lighting, sodium manipulation, carb overloading, a bit of oil, few sets of push ups, pull ups and side laterals and a little bit of flexing, these photos could have literally been taken one or two days apart. Or maybe, Charles trained his athlete so hard that the muscles on him are 5 times denser than normal muscles essentially fitting 25 pounds in 5 pound space and making the athletes skin bullet proof. Clear guidelines which lets you work in the foods that you want to eat and still get great results. It’s been a longggg several months now, but I finally completed the second phase of Bony To Beastly. My girlfriend didn’t think I was thin anymore and was starting to really enjoy grabbing my arms because they actually felt bigger!
Luckily I didn’t break any bones, but my poor knees have some hypertrophic scarring now as battle wounds.
The most extreme example was one 2.5 day stretch where I worked a 14 hour shift, went home and napped for 3 hours, woke up at midnight, then proceeded to work 30 hours straight. The definition in my muscles seem to be better and I overall look healthier and more filled out. The dreaded IYTs from phase one make their return, but in a tougher variation, and combined with new Romanian barbell deadlifts I think really helped make my back more aesthetically pleasing. Raise your hand if you were like me in years past, trying to get any growth out of the shoulders at all, slaving away with military presses, front raises, side raises, and raises from everywhich angle. There weren’t too many exercises that solely promoted pec growth besides some pushups and dumbbell press. In the newest photo here, my face looks rounder, and with my smile I think the lines and empty cheeks are less noticeable.
Crazy how a little success with transforming your skinny frame can lead to you hungry for bigger, better, loftier goals.
Obviously certain supplements will have to be bought, but are the normal meal foods specified with no exceptions? It helps that they have a guarantee too if you purchase it and you think it won’t work for you. My mission is to gain weight and shed my skinny frame once and for all while sharing with you my favorite workouts, recipes and inspirational stories to motivate you to do the same. In it was a before and after photo from front and back of an athlete, who according to Charles supposedly lost 6 kg of fat and gained 12 kg of lean tissue in a period of 10 weeks.
Due to this beginner can gain muscle on a maintenance or slightly calorie restricted diet i.e. For example, if you have been training for 3-4 years and build 30 pound of lean muscle in that time and then due to some reason you had to stop training for a year then, you will lose most of the muscle you gained in those 3-4 years as your body seeks equilibrium and will return to its previous untrained state, keeping just enough muscle to get you through your normal day by day activities.
Or maybe, he was taking those 699$ duck eggs which made this unbelievable transformation possible. I've eaten pizza, ice cream and cookies - something which I couldn't do when I tried to lose fat doing a paleo diet.
Yep, I had worked 44 out of a possible 47 hours, after already working 36 hours in the few days leading up to that. If you happen to lose it, it can sap you of all your energy and severely detract you from your goals.
When I got back in to the swing of things, it felt like riding a bike as I was able to get back in to doing squats and deadlifts with good form because I had really practiced it from the get go. So I dropped down a bit and have been stable at 160 so I don’t have to totally purchase a new wardrobe! Or are there just general guidelines for what types of foods to eat with emphasized suggestions? But he interesting thing is that you will need only a couple of months when you start training to gain those 30 pounds of muscle back, not 3-4 years as it took you the first time.
Also, notice that 25 pounds in 3 years comes to roughly 8 pounds per year which is very close to the 10 pounds per year that Mike Mentzer estimates. Now most of you have had 14 inch arms at one time so you all know how tiny a 14 inch arm is. Even a blind man (no disrespect) can tell just by touching the athlete’s body before and after the transformation and the meat, that this claim is completely bullsh*t. I've had to buy all new clothes to wear to work which was both cool, and a huge pain in the ass. And as I said above, I’ve gotten comfortable with them with repetition that they now feel second nature and I can feel the right muscles being worked.
Good thing they didn’t have me doing high repetitions this phase, as the lower number of reps allowed me to push the limit of my weights. I swear this was unintentional and nothing I consciously was aware that I was doing until I looked at these photos now.
The only variance I did was sometimes going out of order — it all depended on how busy the gym was. As body fat increases and lean body mass decreases, the risk for cardiovascular disease increases. This ratio is calculated by dividing the waist measurement in inches by the hip measurement in inches.
So no matter what it tastes like, or how big it is or how thick it is, it’s  a fu*king lollipop.
And to those who start crying saying 16 inch arms are small after hearing this, go get competition lean and then talk about how big your arms are.
Your goal should be to take your body and make it as healthy, strong, flexible and well-proportioned as you can. Thin or plump, young or old, you will be more beautiful, have a prouder carriage, healthier glow and a supple flow of movement which says that you are comfortable and confident about your physical self.?The fastest, healthiest, and most effective, interesting and rewarding way to lose weight is by combining 300 minutes of cardio exercise a week with a healthful diet. The best results come when you simultaneously cut down on caloric intake and increase the calories you burn up through exercise.  Some of what you'll learn is basic common sense, but hopefully you'll gain some insight into how you can change your bad eating habits into good eating habits so you can lose weight and keep it off. In this guide I'm going to give you straight talk about what it takes to rapidly lose weight and get fit in a healthy way. I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, so you can reach your weight loss goal and keep that weight off for the long term. If you are going to lose weight and stay fit, you have to think ?long term lifestyle changes?. You can't eat a banana or a bowl of cabbage soup for three days and think you've succeeded in your weight loss goal.
You've only developed a nasty habit of yo-yo dieting. I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear.
Most people want instant gratification when they make that all important decision to get fit and lose weight. Granted, obesity does run in some families, but that doesn't mean you have to sit back and accept your overweight as a kind of family curse. More than likely it's simply the result of careless or naive eating habits and far too little physical activity - lazy habits passed on from generation to generation. Diet properly and you'll not only look better, but you'll eat better than you probably have in years. In that case, he's either being overly kind, or he's overweight himself, or he's simply telling a big fat lie!
Let it show you how to add not as much as a single pound though you add five, ten, twenty, even thirty candles to your birthday cake.
The fatalistic (lazy) attitude that middle-aged spread is an inevitable companion to middle age was long ago disproved by some of the world's most famous women who have absolutely refused to surrender their slim figures and youthful vitality.   Why Most "Diets" Fail If you're the one who is standing on the springboard of a new diet program, seeing a statement like 'most diets fail' can be deflating.
It doesn't motivate many people to even try to lose weight because a vast majority of those who diet and lose even a little weight will eventually put all that weight (and many times more) back on as soon as they stop dieting. Therin lies the problem. Diets are doomed to fail right from the start because most people view diets as a short term solution, something they can follow for a set period of time to get the desired results and then just stop.

But unless it's a diet plan they can follow for life, they're doomed to fail. It doesn't really matter if you believe it or not. You wouldn't be reading this article if you did. If you want to lose weight and keep that weight off, you need to stop thinking of a diet as a temporary fix.
Unfortunately, most people follow an "unhealthy" diet which leads to weight gain, high blood sugar, and for some, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. Weight gain is the product of not paying attention to what you put in your body, how often you do it and when. They also produce long term health problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, fatty liver, heart disease and more. You may be feeling great because you've lost a few pounds. But I guarantee you this - If you stop following that diet, and go back to your old eating habits, very soon you'll find yourself on the wrong side of that diet failure statistic. When you crash diet, you put your metabolismon a roller coaster ride. Instead of speeding up and giving your body more energy, the lower calorie intake that normally goes with a crash diet puts your body in "famine" mode. Your body doesn't want to let go of what it knows it needs to survive. You need to think ?long term, healthy eating ?that will help promote a healthy metabolism, not send it into shock. You also have to look at your lifestyle and learn how to incorporate fat burning exercises into your daily life so that you not only lose weight, but you maintain that weight loss for life.  Turn Your Metabolism into a Fat Burning Machine   We've already established that your old habits will have to go before you can finally reach your goal of losing weight.
Some people are unable to digest dairy products because their body doesn't produce an enzyme called lactase. However, because the culture in yogurt produces its own lactase it can be enjoyed by most people. Eating yogurt can combat the bacterium that causes stomach ulcers.Eggs- Skip that stack of pancakes and get a fat-burning boost with a plate of eggs.
Eating the right meal within an hour or two after exercise can make the biggest difference you've noticed yet.
That's the time when your body needs -and most effectively uses- food to turn your effort into stronger muscles and increased energy levels. Starting a meal with half a grapefruit is an old diet trick that does seem to work, according to scientists.
In 2006, they found that this simple change helped a group of very overweight volunteers to lose weight. Grapefruit is full of flavonoids that repair cell damage, combat cancer, and protect the heart.Avocados- They have a hunger-halting hormone called leptin.
Scientists have found people are more relaxed after a higher-fat meal, and even feel less pain.
Some fat is also necessary for the body to absorb nutrients that can improve your mood, such a vitamin E. Avocados are the healthier alternative: instead of saturated fat, they provide healthy monounsaturated fat.
They are rich in tryptophan, along with vitamin B6 and folate, which helps the body turn tryptophan into the feel-good chemical serotonin.Mushrooms- Try swapping out meat for mushrooms in your favorite recipe. A recent study found that mushrooms were just as filling, but of course don't have the saturated fat that's found in meat.
Mushrooms are one of the richest sources of a powerful antioxidant called L-ergothioneine, which combats cell damage. They are also rich in vitamin B3, which might slow the onset of age-related dementias, and potassium, which helps to regulate blood pressure. Research is being done into their cancer-fighting properties, including reducing the risk of breast cancer. Mushrooms might also help to slow down age-related muscle loss, as they provide protein in a form that the body can easily use.
Shiitake mushrooms, in particular, are rich in iron.Olive Oil- With all of its heart-healthy qualities, olive oil contains a hunger-busting acid too.
These three nutrients are associated with a lower risk of colon cancer, which becomes increasingly common in later age.
Together, these nutrients protect cells from the damage that can lead to cancer, as well as causing heart disease, hardening of the arteries, and skin deterioration.
The vitamin E content can reduce the severity of hot flashes.Whole Grains- To whittle your middle, go for the whole grains. Folks who eat more whole grains have less belly fat.Red Pepper- Do you love crushed red peppers? The heat-inducing compound (capsaicin) that's found in pepper actually cuts your appetite.Fava Beans- Bring on the fava beans if you want to cut that belly fat.
So it stands to reason that the first step in weight loss would be cutting back on your food intake.
You don't want to starve your body. When you don't eat enough food, your body will begin to take whatever it needs in the way of nutrients from other parts of your body in order to survive.
That means taking nutrients from your bones, teeth, and vital organs, leaving your body depleted. Your metabolism will shut down in order to reserve energy and your body will only use enough energy to stay alive. So while you may think that by starving yourself you'll drop weight quicker, what you're actually doing is sabotaging your metabolism. The operative word when thinking of food is "healthy". It's not enough to simply eat enough food to keep your metabolism running at optimal performance. You need foods that will give your body energy while allowing it to function with a minimal amount of effort. It is true that there are no bad "foods" if you eat them in moderation and balance them with healthy foods.
No one wants to feel deprived of having their favorite dessert or a fast food burger every so often. However, if you have that fast food burger every day of the week or eat that piece of triple chocolate cake before you go to bed every evening without giving a thought to how your body will react to it, you've established a bad eating habit.  The trick is to balance the amount of food you eat with whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, along with lean meats.
That means that whatever it is you're eating is sitting in you while you relax rather than being burned off as you go about your day.  Furthermore, when you skip a meal, you're famished by the time you finally do get to eat later in the afternoon or early evening. By then end of the day, you've already burned most of the calories you are going to burn during the day.
Your body ends up storing those excess calories in your body fat and keeps them in reserve for the next time you skip a meal.  This can become a vicious circle of you trying to desperately cut back calories by skipping meals and your body is desperately trying to hold on to whatever nourishment it can get. Not only will you fail in your quest to lose weight, you'll become frustrated because all your efforts aren't giving you the results you desire.   The best way to ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to burn fat during the day when you're active and when your body needs it the most is to eat smaller partions more frequently. Instead of eating 3 big meals a day, eat 5 or 6 smaller meals.  Start your day with proteins and any carbohydrates you might want to have during the course of the day. Avoid having lots of carbohydrates later in the day when you're winding down and not able to burn those carbohydrates off.  Eat Plenty Of "Good" Fat The first thing people tend to think about cutting from their diets when they decide to lose weight is fat.
That fat contributes not only to weight gain, but other health issues that are detrimental.  But not all fats are created equal. Monounsaturated fats can be found in foods like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, avocadoes, and olive oil.
Not only are they good for weight loss, as an added health benefit they help to lower your bad LDL cholesterol.  Polyunsaturated fats also help lower LDL cholesterol levels as well as aid in weight loss. Foods rich in polyunsaturated fat are salmon, cod, corn and sunflower oils, flaxseed and other fish oils. Foods that contain polyunsaturated fat also contain omega 3 fatty acids, which help aid the body in weight loss.  You want to avoid saturated fats such as foods fried in vegetable oil or prepackaged foods that add fat for flavoring. I say changing lifestyle habits instead of focusing on just the kind of food you eat and when you eat it because losing weight, getting fit, and staying that way is not a short term gig.
Stored calories are held in fat cells.  Break this bad habit by replacing your sedentary lifestyle with exercise in the late afternoon or early evening. Many times, when you miss a workout because of scheduling conflicts, you won't make up the time later on if you haven't planned for it.   Take this scenario.
If you are a busy mom of two and need to get your kids off to school or to daycare before you head off to work, when is there time to get to the gym to workout?
More times than not the workout gets bumped from the daily schedule and all the efforts at eating right and trying to lose weight are reduced significantly. Most people make the mistake of only writing down the foods they eat during a planned meal.
But they forget about the cream they put in their coffee, a spoonful of ice cream they snuck when serving dessert, a few crackers they popped in their mouth because they suddenly had a sugar craving.  Some people will find themselves disciplined enough to resist mindless eating. But if you're just starting out in your diet, or not sure how your willpower will hold out, the best thing you can do to kick this habit is to keep a small notebook tucked away in your pocket or in your purse. Every time you get the urge to bring food to your mouth, pull out that notebook and write down what you are about to eat.
That one small move will snap you into the realization that you might be consuming calories that will negatively affect your diet.  There are a whole lot of reasons why people eat mindlessly.
That depression can range from life changes or even frustration over your current health and happiness. Again, using the small notebook to break that habit will significantly improve your chances of staying on track and not consuming more calories than you want to in any given day.   Quit Making Excuses  You probably have a barrel full of excuses that you pull out every time you talk about why you haven't lost the weight you want to lose. It could be anything from a sluggish thyroid to faulty genetics to just not having enough time to think about weight loss.  I'm here to tell you to knock it off!
The only way you will lose weight and keep it off is stop making excuses for why you're not succeeding. In fact, having a sluggish thyroid or other genetic problem may be an additional barrier to how fast you can lose weight. People with "bad" genetics and even health problems do manage to lose weight when they put their mind to it.
The thing that keeps them from losing weight is falling back on the reason it is so difficult for them.  Use symbols of physical activity to represent your new lifestyle.
This takes your attention away from food and refocuses it on the new behaviors that will make you feel good. Put an apple, or a copy of diet books on your desk, put your walking shoes in a conspicuous place rather than in your closet.
Buy some books on walking, yoga, or other physical activities and place them on tables in different rooms.
Each time you lay your eyes on them, you can give yourself a quick pat on the back for all the changes you are making. A visible token of the new you in every room of the house will stimulate you to keep up the good work, keep your eating under control, and remind you to keep up the positive dialogue with yourself.  Deposit a certain sum of money to a savings account for the successful completion of your behavior change strategy each day. If you deposit a dollar for every mile walked you will soon have enough to buy the new clothes you are going to need.
You deserve a good new wardrobe.  Learn everything you possibly can about your "excuse" for not losing weight.
For instance, if you have a sluggish thyroid, talk to your health care provider about being put on medication to regulate it, if needed. Learn what foods interfere with thyroid hormone production. Allowing yourself to use excuses for why you are unable to lose weight will only be self-defeating. Empower yourself to change those excuses around and become proactive in your desire to lose weight.  You may not lose weight as fast as someone else who does not have the same issues you have. And I can guarantee that you won't lose any weight if you continue to use your excuses as a crutch. If it were really that easy to lose weight then everyone would do it. We wouldn't be a society of overweight people.Weight loss takes dedication and a conscious effort to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.
It may not be intentional but most people underestimatethe amount of calories and fat they eat in any given day.
If you're supposed to exercise for 30 minutes and you only exercise for 20, you're not giving yourself the truth. Anyone would argue that 20 minutes of exercise is still better than zero minutes of exercise. But you will go further over the long haul and make more progress towards reaching your goal if you are honest about exactly what it is you are doing. If you're eating something healthy like fresh garden greens and lean meats it may not make a difference. But there will come a time when you've reached your weight loss goal where you'll start introducing higher calorie foods occasionally.
It's best to keep it honest right from the beginning.  Foregoing Your Meal Plan for the Family's Wishes Let's face it. Not everyone in your household will be on a diet and not everyone will want to eat the same foods you need to eat to lose weight. Does that mean they need to suffer or give up their favorite foods or snacks because you're trying to get yourself fit?  It's easy to cave to the pressure of family members who don't want or don't need to follow a strict diet. It's also tiring to have to make two different meals to satisfy different people.  Remember that no one is going to keep you on track but you.
When there are differing menu choices for the family, make sure you incorporate your diet menu into the overall meal plan. For instance, if everyone else is having tacos for dinner, instead of using high calorie, high carbohydrate tortillas, make a taco salad for yourself. You'll get the fresh greens you need in high quantities but still be able to enjoy eating a special meal with your family.   Whenever possible try to look for ways to incorporate the types of food your family likes of the types of food you need to stay on your diet.
For every hour of the day, enter in what chores everyone in the family wants to do and needs to do for an entire week. Occasionally, you will find that you have cheated on your diet or skipped your exercise program and think you've blown it.
Instead of getting right back on the wagon after you've fallen, you continue cheating and then decide to start back up eating right and exercising the next day.  While I applaud you for getting right back on that wagon and getting back into your weight loss and fitness program again, I need to caution you about the mindset of blowing it all the way.
But there are mistakes, and then there are disasters. If you overindulge one evening or cheat on your diet, the best thing for you to do as soon as you realize your mistake is to stop right there and make yourself get right back on track. But as soon as you recognize it, then make sure you stop and get right back on the program to prevent further damaging your momentum. It's not enough to say that you'll do an extra set of crunches or an additional 15 minutes of aerobics. In this guide I'm going to give you straight talk about what it takes to rapidly lose weight and get fit in a healthy way.
I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, so you can reach your weight loss goal and keep that weight off for the long term. Granted, obesity does run in some families, but that doesn't mean you have to sit back and accept your overweight as a kind of family curse.
More than likely it's simply the result of careless or naive eating habits and far too little physical activity - lazy habits passed on from generation to generation. Some people are unable to digest dairy products because their body doesn't produce an enzyme called lactase. Eating the right meal within an hour or two after exercise can make the biggest difference you've noticed yet. That's the time when your body needs -and most effectively uses- food to turn your effort into stronger muscles and increased energy levels. It's not enough to simply eat enough food to keep your metabolism running at optimal performance. You're body is only going to use what it needs at that particular moment and nothing more. By then end of the day, you've already burned most of the calories you are going to burn during the day. Sure, popcorn has a high amount of fiber, something that is good when you're on a diet.
But if you're just starting out in your diet, or not sure how your willpower will hold out, the best thing you can do to kick this habit is to keep a small notebook tucked away in your pocket or in your purse. It could be anything from a sluggish thyroid to faulty genetics to just not having enough time to think about weight loss.  I'm here to tell you to knock it off! The only way you will lose weight and keep it off is stop making excuses for why you're not succeeding.
If you're eating something healthy like fresh garden greens and lean meats it may not make a difference.

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