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KevI am a male 6'2 180lbs I need to go down to 160lbs by end of July of lean visible muscle.
Im doing 2 exercises in a workout session, with 6 supersets, and 10 reps, followed by a HIIT exercise? Im doing two exercises in a workout session, 6 supersets, 10 reps, followed by a HIIT exercise? FSLIm supersetting between parts of workout A for example: One superset would be 6-15 reps of body dips followed by 6-15 reps of power fly.
Adrian BryantI would just resume on whatever day is convieneit for you but the drop off in chest could be due to a variety of reasons.
So you told me to gain as much muscle as I want through this program before switching over to get ripped in 6 weeks program.
JacobSo would I be able to maybe do 2-3 months of building muscle then doing the get ripped program to lose fat I gained, and then starting again, this way I never gain too much fat??
Realistically, how long do you think it will take me to acheive my goal with proper dieting and a dilligent exercise routine? Renegade Diet created by Jason Ferruggia is an efficient program that teaches people a simple and easy-to-follow diet to gain muscle and lose fat quickly.

Renegade Diet is unlikely any fitness program in the market that reveals to people a cutting-edge diet to gain muscle with ease.
Renegade Diet developed by Jason Ferruggia is a breakthrough diet to gain muscle that provides people with little-known knowledge, innovative diet techniques, and some unique exercises on how to lose fat and build muscle naturally and rapidly. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. I don't know if you remember me from your blog when I started working out 2 years ago, but anyways you said i should send you some pics from before and after. So if you have 4 parts, you superset 2 parts together, giving you a total of 12 supersets between 4 exercises? I would also superset part 3 and 4: face pull (shoulders) with close grip bench press (triceps). The program is a new lean muscle diet that challenges all learners’ common beliefs about nutrition. Furthermore, users will learn some tips on organic foods and healthy vegetables that can turn their body into a fat burning machine, a unique method to maintain their energy and mental concentration throughout the day, and an easy way to fix elevated estrogen and low testosterone level.
The program is ideal for most users regardless of their current health and their fitness level.

The site supplies people with tips, programs, ways, methods and e-books about many topics including fitness, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. Though I do not discuss things such as how to buy Phentermine, I do go into great detail about which products you should use and which you should not use. In this e-guide, people will learn 21 key things covering all tips, techniques, and strategies to get both better physical and emotional health while maintain their incredible sexy look. In addition, this system also uncovers to learners five essential supplements that can make a dramatic difference in their health as well as their appearance and a minor change in their lifestyle to help them fall into a deeper, more restful sleep. I even put a textual explanation of everything I went through.Since I started your workouts I gained 23 kilograms of pure muscle and I can only say thank you cause your workout changed my life and I finally feel good about myself.
After Jason Ferruggia launched this new program, he received a lot of positive comments from users regarding their success with “Renegade Diet” system.
I have reasons for liking Friday, those being schedule convenience and my gym being less crowded.

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