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The general equation for a voltage divider is given below, where Vo is the measured voltage, Vs is the source voltage, Ro is the resistance across which the voltage is measured, and RT is the equivalent resistance of the circuit.  Figure 2 shows the corresponding circuit.
Applying the voltage divider equation to a series circuit is a fairly straightforward process.  It’s simply a matter of identifying which resistors make up Ro and then adding all the resistors together to find the equivalent resistance.
Voltage dividers apply to resistors in series.  If you encounter a circuit with resistors in parallel, you must combine any parallel resistors before applying the voltage divider equation.
Only after combining the parallel resistors will the voltage divider equation work.  For this example, the parallel combination of R2, R3, and R4 combine to form the Ro in the general voltage divider equation. Block interleaving protects data against fading and prevents bursty errors (so imagine a sudden burst in the amplitude of a received signal, think that might saturate you and ruin your signal?

All of these techniques will be described in detail, separately, in the following three articles. The UWC-136 (Universal Wireless Consortium for IS-136 systems) was originally considered to be the evolution for IS-136 systems.  However, the IS-136 system operators eventually decided to follow the path of CDMA2000 or UMTS. This monumental discovery was first announced on December 21, 1807 by historic gentleman Baron Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Fourier.
This example is from the same textbook as the previous derivation, and can be found on page 239. Lastly, these tables (table 1, table 2) can greatly simplify Fourier analysis when used in signal processing.

If you want to read more about the evolution of wireless networks and WCDMA radio networks in general, please stay tuned for the next several editions where I will go into details. The simplest form of a voltage divider circuit is shown in Figure 1.  V1 and V2 can be found using the following equations.

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