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Agility exercises should be perfromed at the start of a session (but following a thorough warm up). Agility exercises are usually best performed in late pre-season training and during the in-season.
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Starting at the first marker sprint to the second marker and side step to the third marker. Because they shouldn't leave you feeling tired you can perform a short, sharp agility session the day before a match or competition.
Most team sports and individual sports like tennis and badminton call for higg levels of agility. They require a very high quality of work which is why they become much less effective if you havejust completed a tough endurance or strength session! For large groups, split the team into groups of two or three and have each player run around the number or figure.
On the start command they run to their right and back, run backwards and back an then to the left and back at full speed. This will also help to improve your mental and physical alertness as the game draws closer.

Soccer and hockey players can dribble a ball around the cones while football and rugby players can run with the ball to make the drill more sport-specific. The coach or a training partner calls out a number or name at random and you must run to the corresponding corner and return to the center.
Player A must run to the corner corresponding to the first number and player B to the second number. This drill sounds complicated but its easy to implement and its excellent for getting players to concentrate.

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