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Kaitie Lost 19kgs* With Lose Baby Weight & Shares How Lose Baby Weight Makes Losing Weight EASIER! Kaitie Lost 19kgs* With Lose Baby Weight & Shares How Lose Baby Weight Makes Losing Weight EASIER! I have 2 beautiful little girls under the age of 3, so I’m sure you understand life can be pretty crazy most of the time!! You can eat clean or your can eat healthy chocolate treats its completely your journey and everyone has their own experience but I bet 99% of people are happy with the results they get here. As some of you may know, I got married in Fiji last month and I felt more confident then ever before.

Our day was magical and for my slowly growing self confidence I feel I have to thank lose baby weight and healthy mummy. While in Fiji for 2 weeks I obviously couldn’t follow the 28 day Challenge or have my healthy mummy smoothies for breakfast but I could be sensible about the choices I was making. I feel because of the food knowledge that comes along with following the challenges I could easily make the best choice available.
I also took about 3 weeks off my lose baby weight exercises but with all the walking around the island and correct food choices I actually managed to lose weight while on holidays and I didn’t deprive my self of anything I felt like. I know within myself if I was on a diet before going away I would of eaten everything in sight while away to satisfy my food desires and gained 5 kilos.

It’s all about eating what your body needs and nourishing your body with much needed nutrients. Lose baby weight Facebook support group has been there with me every single step of the way, I have never seen anything like it.

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