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Months ago, I posted an article under the Health section of Pink Puck talking about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and the benefits that this type of work out has.
You’ve probably seen this mentioned on posters or flyers in fitness centers or on the elliptical or treadmill.
Though the equation isn’t all that complicated, there are easier ways to calculate your target heart rate. So before you head out to your next boot camp class, circuit training class, or run, go online and find out what your target heart rate is for both moderate intensity exercise and vigorous intensity exercise. After finishing these formulas you will have your target heart rate zone for moderate and vigorous intensity. To bring this all full circle, knowing your target heart rate can help you achieve your optimal performance. The foundation of the PEAK212 program is helping our clients understand and learn about intensity during their workout.
By working with Polar™, we feel that we can better help our clients understand the concept of intensity by utilizing heart rate zones to maximize your workout effort and safely exhaust your muscles. Many people workout without realizing that they may not be creating enough of a stimulus to cause the body to adapt. What instant feedback from Polar allows us to do is match up your heart rate to the RPE and give you a better idea of your effort level.
During your PEAK212 sessions, we’ll push for the higher zones in the workout, using the different modes coupled with a variety of rest intervals, working intervals, and movement combinations. Description Full color poster detailing the muscles involved while using the Elliptical along with heart rate training zones, tips on monitoring your heart rate, health benefits and a typical Elliptical workout.

For years, I have used this heart rate training chart to judge how much cardio I should be doing. That means that in order to train in the Aerobic Zone, I need to get my heart rate up to the 140-160 range instead of 126-144.
An important aspect of HIIT, or any workout for that matter, that I didn’t discuss is target heart rate. Unlike weight bearing exercises where you can count the number of repetitions, cardiovascular exercise doesn’t have an obvious way to measure progress or success. Again, the formulas aren’t difficult but using LiveStrong’s online tool would be a quick and easy way to learn your target heart rate zones. Keep in mind that going above 85% of your maximum heart rate puts unnecessary strain on your heart and there are no added benefits to exceeding this number. First, you can achieve an optimal workout by knowing where you are within your zones and having this information can also help you pace yourself during your workout. When performing interval training or a Tabatta, check your pulse before and after, (or use a heart rate monitor) and see if you’re within your target heart rate zone for vigorous exercise. Growing from hockey fan to hockey player, Winter followed her passions by founding The Pink Puck. Intensity is the key to burning calories and making significant changes in fitness performance and body composition. I have a strong heart and no history of heart trouble in my family, yet, I still assumed that my heart wouldn’t be as strong in my forties as it was in my twenties.
I have been careful to make sure I’m not pushing myself too hard, but so far, it has worked. You can use time or distance but if you run three miles per day at the same pace; your body isn’t challenged because it becomes comfortable with this routine.

Please keep in mind that this is an estimate and any heart medications or heart conditions could alter this number. Second, if you’ve ever had any heart conditions or are on any medications, monitoring your heart rate during a workout is extremely important. Striving to stay in this zone will keep your workouts challenging, but safe, as you continue on your path to achieve your fitness goals.
Using technology by Polar™, the world’s leading Heart Rate monitoring company, we will keep the workouts intense by keeping you in the right workout zone. When I started using my ActiveLink and it gave me so few points for my workouts, I realized that I have been a HUGE slug when it comes to exercise. I decided that I was going to train for how strong I want my heart to be (as good as a woman in her twenties), instead of how old I am. Knowing and using your target heart rate can increase the intensity of your workout and challenge your cardiovascular fitness as you strive to meet your fitness goals.
I had no idea I was going too easy on myself because I was working within the ranges that the chart told me, but that chart is for EVERYONE, not necessarily for me.

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