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I have marked spots for Alliance (NPCs, either Ally or neutral) on map as well as way how to reach Shatter Point - get to Force Camp Front and ask NPC to let you go to Shatter Point. Check out our new guide pages with detailed information about the new Mists of Pandaria scenarios! Outside youa€™ll find the Warchiefa€™s Command Board which will periodically have new quests for you, various vendors such as the Fruit Vendor, Brew of the Month Club, Meat Vendor, Reagent Vendor, Weapon Vendor and Item Repair, Guild Tabard Vendor, Guild Vendor, and Guild Master. Elevators to the upper levels- Fondly referred to as the a€?elevator bossa€? by veterans of Azeroth, elevators are notorious for killing hapless travelers.
Top Level- Youa€™ll need to ride the elevator all the way to the top to get here (unless you have flying). Zeppelin Towers- This free type of transport can get you to various locations in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Northrend. Nestled between the Valley of Strength and The Valley of Spirits are the Goblin Slums comprised of a series of camps hurriedly constructed to house the goblins who took up a more permanent residence within the city at the time of the Cataclysm. This area is comprised of roughly constructed towers that serve the troll population of Orgrimmar. Continuing along the path to the south east you'll reach one of a few exits out of the city. Speak to Lord Itharius and hea€™ll show you the aftermath of Deathwinga€™s destruction at the Maelstrom. Just before you leave the Drag (or just as you enter it from The Valley of Strength) youa€™ll find a building that stands out a bit from the rest. The end of this path will lead you to the Elevator up to where the Cataclysm portals are, or you can follow the path back down to the bottom level. Hall of the Brave-  Raidera€™s Training Dummies, Warrior Trainer, Training Dummies (upper level), Battlemasters (queuing for PvP), Slahtz- Experience Eliminator (For those who want to stop leveling at a certain point. Brawla€™gar Arena- Brawlera€™s Guild- Youa€™ll need a ticket to take part at maximum level.
Continuing up the path to the north east, Youa€™ll pass some siege weaponry and preparations along the way until you reach the culmination of the path which takes you through Orgrimmara€™s rear gate and into  Azshara.
If you get lost finding your way around the city, you can also ask the guards by right-clicking on them.
Founded by the descendants of the Arathi a€”the first nation of the humansa€”the kingdom of Stormwind can be found nestled in a fertile valley south of the rocky mountains of Khaz Modan.
Arriving at the city, youa€™ll pass through the Stormwind Gates which are flanked by two ballistae just outside of them.
Note: There are multiple mailboxes throughout the city so ita€™s easy to get to one at any time.
Once you step foot through the gates and onto the bridge, youa€™ll notice that youa€™ll have entered the Valley of Heroes. Continuing down the path youa€™ll find yourself passing under the portcullis and into the city proper. The Trade District supports many fine businesses and key services youa€™ll want to become familiar with. The Stormwind Visitora€™s Center- Players who want to start a guild or create a tabard for their guild will want to stop in here. Tradera€™s Hall: This is the auction house where you can buy and sell items with other players.
The Barber Shop: The barber shop will allow you allow you to change some basic appearance options if you want a new look.

Youa€™ll find quite a few shops along either side of the the canals and if you feel like doing a bit of fishing, you can find that too. Located in the southwest portion of the city, the Mage Quarter houses a variety of mystical services and goods. Duncana€™s Textiles- Common (white) Cloth Armor, Tailoring Supplies and Trainer, and item repair.
If you speak to Archmage Nakada where hea€™s teaching young mages, you can volunteer to help with the lesson for. A Fountain dedicated to the memory of Uther the Lightbringer, Paladin and defender of Stormwind sits in the center of the square. The Stormwind cemetery serves as a reminder of the many who have come before and the sacrifices many have made. Some say they visit the cemetery for its beauty, for its peace, and so they can honor the lost. Tram from Stormwind to Ironforge- You can ride this tram for free between Ironforge and Stormwind. East of the Dwarven District in the grassy area where you can also find the Pet Battle Trainer.
Training Dummy Area- This includes low-level training dummies and high-level Raiding Training Dummies. Copyright 2008 - WoW 70 - All game images and game content are copyright ©2004-2008 Blizzard Entertainment.
You will be thrown into brand new world through Dark Portal (from Blasted Land, pick up the introductory quest there) and after delivering your first quest, you will be sent to Flypoint at DarkPortal and offered trip to Honor Hold. There is one more "weird" Flypoint near The Legion Front, which is only part of some quest line - it cannot be used regularly. There are no soft edges and instead youa€™re greeted with a veritable fortress with lots of a€¦ spikes a€” many many spikes.
It can be confusing at first but with some time, youa€™ll get used to the ebb and flow of the city.
Once the seat of power for the powerful orc shaman Thrall, it was passed to Garrosh Hellscream, and after a series of unfortunate events, on to the troll leader Vola€™jin who currently holds the reins. To check yours simply push (U) or open your character pane (C) and select the "Reputation" tab. There are few signs outside the buildings, but after a bit of exploration you'll find your way around easily.
Ita€™s where youa€™ll find the Ethereals who are providing Transmogrification, Item Upgrade, and Void Storage services (for a fee of course).
Barbaric troggs and devious Searing Blade cultists once plagued the volcanic caves, but now ta new threat has emerged: dark shaman. While you can enter it at level 10, you wona€™t be able to use the Dungeon Finder tool (I) until level 15. To read more about cities and learn a little about each, head over to Wowheada€™s City Overview. It is in Stormwind city that the Wrynn family has ruled through some of Azerotha€™s darkest times and is the seat of human power. The lion, symbol of the Alliance is prominently displayed both in the banners and the stone effigies on the parapets.
Statues loom above on either side for commemorating the great fallen and lost heroes of the Alliance.

Within the bank youa€™ll find your personal bank storage space and guild bank storage space. This includes changing your charactera€™s face, facial hair, hair style, hair color, piercings, horns, tendrils, tattoos, and more. There are fishing supplies and a fishing trainer near the passage way from the Trade District leading toward the Mage Quarter. Warden Thelwater keeps watch over the stockade and the highly dangerous criminals who call it home. Most prominent among the tombstones is that of Varian Wrynna€™s beloved wife, mother to Prince Anduin, Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn. A towering fountain with a statue of King Varian Wrynn stands sentinel as you enter the grounds. To read more about cities and learn a little about each, head over to Wowheada€™s City Overview. Honor Hold (HH, Alliance) or Thrallmar (TH, Horde) is quest hub for Hellfire Peninsula - some trainers and vendors are there, so do not hesitate and look around. The mail service has mysterious means of transporting some of the most interesting and bizarre items across vast distances. Each vendor in this area has a Tabard that can be worn in dungeons that will increase the reputation you gain with that faction while in it. Although Warchief Garrosh Hellscream recently called on a number of shaman to use the elements as weapons against the Alliance, the chasma€™s current inhabitants appear to be renegades, Reports have surfaced that these shadowy figures are amassing a blistering army that could wreak havoc if unleased upon Orgrimmar.
Youa€™ll probably also wonder how the mail service gets those big mounts in that little tiny box, but thata€™s a mystery to be solved another day.
Clicking on each pedestala€™s plate will reveal a bit more about each of these great heroes. This is where you can take a flight path on one of the citya€™s gryphons as well as eventually, learn the riding skill starting at level 20 and eventually pick up flight starting at level 60. Recently, the inmates revolted, overthrowing the guards and plunging the prison into a state of pandemonium. You can click on the plate that hangs there to read the dedication to Stormwinda€™s beloved queen.
Wandering vendors throughout the city are additional vendors such as the baker, Thomas Miller. Prvni rok Zonky: lide lidem pujeili 182 milionu (infografika) V zemich s vysokym IQ je nizka mira piratstvi. In some locations you'll also find readable books that give some insights into Azeroth's history. Jak marketeoi pouzivaji videa na socialnich mediich (infografika) Neni vase Stranka vidit ve vyhledavani Facebooku? Find and read enough of them throughout the world and you can earn an Achievement a€?Well Reada€?.

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