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The bridge is a classic stretch that is simple to do, and adding an inner thigh squeeze will tone your inner thighs.
If you're working out but you don't feel like you're seeing results, your sleep habits may be to blame. Test your knowledge on the correct way to get the body moving while running with this quiz. A diet plan may be able to control fat buildup in your body, it will not bring your legs into shape.
Well, if you are looking for leg exercises and you do not want to go to a gym, nothing can beat skipping the rope.  Here is what I found on Wikipedia about skipping- Jumping rope is an activity not only suited for competition or recreation, but also for a cardiovascular workout, similar to jogging or bicycle riding. Jumping rope can avoid the knee damage which may occur during running, since the impact of each jump or step is absorbed by both legs. If you want to target thighs, hips and calves all at the same time, nothing can beat the squats. Regular Squats- Stand straight with shoulder-width distance between your feet, back straight and stomach sucked in. To perform the lunge, the individual stands with their feet shoulder-width apart, and then steps forward, landing with the heel first. I agree with bee….lunges and squats are sooo tough and my instructor used to make me stay at one position for soooooo long!!

I have heard old ladies saying that rope skiping is not gud for women, its kinda funny but they blv tht u might increase size of ur b**bs nd it ll luk weird… Is tht true??? But with so many tasty dishes around and so little exercises that women get, no wonder that it is a losing battle against fat buildup most of the time. The food in the plate at home becomes less but the junk food in numerous outings doesn’t. Sooner or later either you will have to resign to the fact you would remain ungainly for life or you will have to work out.
The squat is an exercise that trains primarily the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks, hamstrings, as well as strengthening the bones, ligaments and insertion of the tendons throughout the lower body. Keep your back as straight as possible and slowly start to lower your torso, as you bend your knees, until you are almost in a sitting position. The knee should be at 90 degrees and directly above the toes, not further (taking a shorter step can put added pressure on the knee). Nothing much to it, simply place one of your feet onto a raised platform and then without any other help from your body or hands, push with your other heel and use the power of your legs and butt to propel your whole body up to stand on the platform. Legs are not spared by the onslaught of fat- thighs & hips bearing the brunt of the attack. In this post, I shall try to cover great exercises for legs- butts, thighs, and calves- which you can do at home.

This combination of an aerobic workout and coordination-building footwork has made jumping rope a popular form of exercise for athletes, especially boxers and wrestlers. Individuals or groups can participate in the exercise, and learning proper jump rope technique is relatively simple compared to many other athletic activities.
Keeping your back straight, and slowly lower your torso till both your thighs are parallel to the floor. The individual then returns to his or her starting position by driving upward with the front leg.
Start exercising before you realize that you are out of breath while climbing stairs, or that your partner is looking at the legs of the young lass passing by.
Not only that, the high heels don’t give a great shape to the legs anymore as they used to. Jumping rope is particularly effective in an aerobic routine combined with other activities, such as walking, biking, or running.
And oh, how many women become ashamed to undress in front of their husbands or boyfriends because of their body?

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