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If you stretch correctly and regularly, you will find that every movement you make becomes easier.
At first, silently count the seconds for each stretch; this will insure that you hold the proper tension for a long enough time. Pushing a stretch as far as you can go or bouncing up and down strains the muscles and activates the stretch reflex.
The easy and developmental stretches, as described on the previous page do not activate the stretch reflex and do not cause pain. The straight line diagram represents the stretch which is possible with your muscles and their connective tissue. Flexibility is defined as the range of motion within a joint along the various planes of motion.

There are many naysayers who believe static stretching is a waste of time and doesn’t prevent injury.
The routine below is a basic static stretching routine designed to complete on an exercise mat at the end of your workout.
There are two primary ways to do the seated hamstring stretch (1) split your legs apart like I do in the photo above, or (2) you can bend one leg and keep the other extended straight in front of you. Of all the stretches listed, this one you may consider doing while standing while holding on to your foot with both hands. The standing version is pushing against a wall, but you can also do this exercise simply by pushing against the ground. This stretch engages primarily your medial and posterior deltoid (shoulder) and is easy to execute.

I hope you will give this stretching routine, or any of the stretching exercises shown a try.
I don’t know how many times I see people come into the gym, especially in the winter, and the first thing they start to do is stretch. Zalaba – I would foam roll your lats and upper back, then use a massage ball (or lacrosse ball, or softball) to massage out your chest.

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