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I recently started taking insulin shots so wanted to stop focusing on the exact time of glucose readings and see the patterns.
There are lots of logs posted on the internet and this is adapted from one I found at a University of California-San Francisco site. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. I'm t2 and 15 weeks pregnant, so we've added Lantus to my regimen and will eventually add a fast-acting insulin as well. I have been struggling with this info, trying to figure out how to log it, and thought the only place I know to get fresh ideas is DIY planner. The D*I*Y Planner product, its name, and its associated designs are owned by Douglas Johnston.
The resources listed at the bottom of the page can help you figure out the number of calories in different types of food, as well as help you estimate your basal metabolic rate (number of calories per day). The Institute of Medicine recommends a total water intake of 91 oz for men and 125 oz for women, but 80% of that comes from food.
Food and Activity Log (.pdf) from the American Medical Association - Track your daily food intake.
If you track your blood sugar levels, check out our Blood Sugar chart and printable blood sugar log. Keeping teenagers active is an important part of encouraging healthy living, and weight training is a great exercise for them to practice while their bodies undergo the changes of adolescence.

Track your overall fitness progress for both strength and aerobic exercises, as well as your daily weight, calorie intake, and hours of sleep.
Track your period with this simple yearly calendar to help you make better predictions for the future.
Print a weight loss log to keep in a drawer or cabinet next to where you weigh yourself each day. You posted in another thread that you weren't seeing them, but i see them, so was wondering if you still couldn't. Other materials remain the property of their authors and are subject to whatever licenses under which they choose to release them.
This can be a very useful tool, along with our weight loss log and exercise charts, for controlling and losing weight. You can then fold it into 3 then again in half, allowing you to store the paper in your pocket so that you can record what you eat throughout the day. The Nutrition Facts on most store-bought food gives the serving size, calories, and fat calories. So, as a general rule of thumb, women should check 9 circles (the red ones) and men should check 12-13 circles (the red + blue ones).
With our free printable charts, you can help your teens stay healthy and maintain a an acceptable weight by tracking their weekly workouts. In addition to these weight loss charts and exercise logs, you will find a number of great resources on the web.

This exercise chart can help you create a weekly plan for both strength training and cardio workouts. This workout chart can help you create a weekly plan for core body, upper body, and lower body workouts.
I'm betting that a 5-day version, with the weekends on a separate sheet might be more beneficial -- weekend trends don't match workweek schedule in my case. Eventually, you will get familiar with the amount of calories (and fat content) in various foods, but to get started it can very helpful to use a log to keep track of everything. That will vary of course with the type of fountain and how thirsty you are and how much water you can hold in your mouth, but it's not a bad approximation. Working hard, eating right, and staying motivated can be hard, but our Weight Loss Tracker template can help make things easier.
This workbook contains worksheets to track the different workouts done with your total gym.
Track your fitness goals on your treadmill by using this instantly downloadable free Treadmill Log Spreadsheet.

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