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Fitbit has released an updated version of the app for Android phone that, while mostly focused on fixes and improvements, also brings a new look to the exercise tracking of the app.
The Fitbit app has always had a exercise log where from the main page you could enter in exercise (or sync it from another app if you log elsewhere (I log in MyFitnessPal personally and have it sync)) and see in a calendar form how you did for a particular week. The nice thing about this new challenge feature in the app is that it is configurable by you. As with any exercise or diet plan, you have to be challenging to yourself while also being realistic.
The Fitbit app and others like it utilize the iPhone 5s's M7 motion coprocessor, which no other current iPhones have. The M7a€™s main advantage is that apps like Fitbit can get data from the chip without taxing the iPhonea€™s main A7 processor, which prevents the ongoing motion tracking from significantly draining the iPhone 5s battery.
Speaking of Moves, ita€™s a gorgeous and free activity-tracking app for iOS and Android devices.
Though the app did suck battery life noticeably on my iPhone 5s, therea€™s a "Battery Saving" setting that helps reduce the impact (but also makes tracking a bit less accurate).

The app monitors your steps and workouts and converts them into NikeFuel, Nikea€™s universal point system for measuring activity. Like Fitbit, Nike sells its own dedicated activity tracker, the Nike+ FuelBand SE, which youa€™ll need to buy for more advanced tracking (such as sleep).
All you need is an iPhone and one of these three iOS fitness apps that let you track your activities without having to buy a dedicated fitness tracker. If you own a smartphone, especially an iPhone 5s, you can easily make some headway on both resolutions, thanks to apps from Fitbit, Nike and others that let you track workoutsa€”without buying a dedicated activity tracker. 30, 2013, has a new feature called MobileTrack that turns an iPhone 5s into a quasi Fitbit tracker.
The M7 coprocessor is specifically designed to measure motion-related data from the phonea€™s accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.
Based on my experiences testing some of these apps, including the Moves app, you can expect to see your iPhone 5sa€™s battery drain more quickly during the day.
Android users should note that the app isna€™t supported on some popular devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

The app does a good job of keeping you motivated, encouraging you to be active for five minutes every hour, for instance.
The free app now tracks your daily steps, distance traveled and estimated calories burned without the need for a Fitbit device. As long as you take your iPhone 5s with you everywhere (and who doesna€™t?), youa€™re good to go. You do still need a Fitbit gadget to track other stats, such as active minutes, stairs climbed and your sleep patterns.

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