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You may fee fat during pregnancy because you eat a lot of food to keep you and the baby inside nourished. A safe and effective program for exercise during pregnancy is the key to have an overwhelming experience during this delicate time.
These are the tools that you need to have when you are planning to have an exercise program during pregnancy.
Since your body goes through a drastic change during pregnancy, you have to know and understand if you have to start anew exercise routine or stick with the current routine that you have. There are things that you have to consider when exercising during pregnancy, this includes your diet, the cloths you wear and the kind of exercise routine that you do. Aerobic exercise during pregnancy is important to built cardiovascular endurance during pregnancy.
Exercise is a great way to stay healthy during pregnancy and even in some cases ward off gestational diabetes.  Make sure to take it easy and keep it movin’!
GREENSBORO, NC — Bennett College Junior, Ka’la Hill is stretching her way to the top with her program “Bodies by Bella.”  She was inspired to start the program by First Lady Michelle Obama. Hill, who is from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, started this program as a way to encourage her fellow students to become more physically active and maintain healthier lives. On September 29, 2014, Hill scheduled her first Bodies by Bella class.  At first, attendance was very inconsistent. Aside from just wanting to help her sisters, Hill attributes her inspiration for starting her program to First Lady Michelle Obama’s, Let’s Move Campaign.  The First Lady’s campaign seeks to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity. Hill is also grateful for the Bennett College experience she has had thus far.  “Bennett taught me how to be a leader. She says that one of the most rewarding experiences from her program is when she hears her sisters say that they have lost weight or that they are seeing a difference.
For a healthy pregnant women that is already involved in an exercise program prior to getting pregnant, there is typically no restriction to continuing her program throughout the first and second trimester with a decrease in intensity and duration in the last trimester. This is a difficult question to answer, because there are a variety of levels of pregnant women. In the second and third trimesters, pregnant women need to be careful of particular positions. Because the back muscles are already working harder than normal to compensate for weaker abdominal muscles, caution should be taken with exercises that work the lower and mid back through hyperextensions. I loved fitness walking, nature hiking, and doing the elliptical machine with my baby strapped to my back. Althea Lawton-Thompson is the owner of Aerobics, Yoga & More Fitness Studios in Atlanta, GA and the Founder of the Association of Diverse Fitness Professionals Inc (a 501c3 agency). Set your mind in condition that you have to make several changes in your diet and exercise in order to achieve your new look.

It can develop your muscles tone to make you feel good and healthy and it can help though the process of birth.
Your trainer should know your situation and should be able to give routines that are suitable for a pregnant woman. If at anytime during the workout you are uncomfortable or in pain, STOP.   You may want to call your doctor as well (see below for more details).
But I’m sure it’s a great idea especially with those cravings during pregnancy! For a non-exerciser, it is not typically recommended to start a new program during the first trimester because of hormonal changes that cause lethargy and nausea.
Runners and athletes will not have to make major adjustments to their current routines; however, they should lessen the intensity and duration of their workouts in the first trimester to allow for changes in energy. Inversions (head below the heart) and lying flat on the back should be avoided as they affect the blood flow through the body and to the growing fetus.
After a woman is cleared by her doctor, what exercises do you suggest a woman start out with? Even if she feels strong during the first few sessions, caution should be taken not to overdo it with a full-length session.
If a woman has a diastasis, what types of exercises should she NOT do when trying to get back into shape?
Holding the baby with both hands while standing, women can work their biceps with curls, and the front of the shoulders with straight arm raises. Feel-good endorphins are flowing through the body during exercise putting you in a great mood.
Yoga is my choice for women prenatally, but there are many exercises that are done seated and standing in Pilates that can also be beneficial. What is the most effective exercise for women wanting to rid themselves the postnatal tummy? For almost 15 years, Althea has worked with various hospitals and wellness centers creating fitness programs for special populations like prenatal women, obese youth and those suffering from debilitating diseases. Proper diet and regular exercise are partners during your pregnancy period and it doesn’t really mean that you are fragile during this time. Lying flat on the back with baby in both hands, women can strengthen their chest, shoulders and triceps by pushing the baby straight up at chest level and slowly returning the baby to rest lightly on the chest.
More oxygenated blood is flowing through to the baby during a cardiovascular routine when pregnant. Pilates is my choice for postnatal women that want to improve the strength and look of their core; however, Yoga influences so much more than just the physical look and feel of the body.
She created a post-natal program for Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, a youth obesity fitness program for Johns Hopkins Hospital, and a variety of wellness programs for Kaiser Permanente in Atlanta.

With the right kind of food and regular exercise, you can still maintain that healthy body and lifestyle during this sensitive period. However, very light walking, Kegel exercises, or an easy flexibility program is not harmful if done in moderation. Gentle and therapeutic styles like Gentle Hatha, Anusara, and Kundalini Yoga are good options. An example would be a woman who used to take a 1-hour step aerobic class with two riser beneath her bench.
In this same position, the long muscles of the latissimus dorsi (wings in the back) and the front of the shoulder can be strengthened by lifting the baby from resting on the pelvis into the air above the chest, and then slowly returning the baby to the pelvis.
Strong pelvic floor muscles and control over them helps with vaginal deliveries and quick recovery after birth.
It enhances mental function and breathing, and would definitely be a program to continue well after birth. She has spent years working with clients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia.
Some facilities and studios offer Prenatal Yoga classes, which consider the special needs and limitations of pregnant women. Upon returning to the class for the first time, she should use the bench without any risers, keep her moves low impact and stop periodically throughout the routine. Moms can strengthen their thighs, legs and buttocks by hugging Baby to their chest and completing walking lunges across the room. Her company provides health education classes for clients including AT&T and GA State and County Government. If the class is a full hour, she may want to stop after about 30 minutes and allow herself to cool down by walking slowly for about 5 minutes and then stretching for another 5 minutes.
As a faculty member of the American Council on Exercise, she traveled throughout the US and Caribbean offering continuing education courses to fitness professionals, and her humorous and light-hearted approach on issues of health, wellness and life make her a favorite speaker.
After 2-3 weeks, she’ll feel up to doing the whole class and eventually increasing her intensity to normal levels. Her internationally popular fitness video series, Altheatized, and published articles have been included in magazines like Best Body, Essence, Parenting, and Oxygen.
In 2009, she was the cover story for Our Town Magazine and had a 2-page feature article in Upscale Magazine.

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