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Kangoo Jumps are workout shoes that look like an in-line skate with an elliptical springlike device where the wheels should be. They are running and rebounding sports shoes, so what they pretty much do is they reduce all the impact by up to 80 percent off your knees, your back, your spine.
You will receive information on payment and get a confirmation (very important!!) Until you email your shoe size and get a confirmation email you won’t be registered.
We also want to help encourage you with healthy tips, fitness advice, and motivational words of encouragement! Kangoo Jumps (or KJ for short) are safe, low impact rebound sport shoes, providing many great health benefits, for everyone, any age.
Two of the many reasons doctors recommend KJ, for rehabilitation after surgery & for prevention of injuries. Highest efficiency: NASA scientific studies show that rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective and pleasant exercise ever devised.
Space requirement: KJ are referred to as “a gym in a bag” while still satisfing all requirements for a full body workout. Time savings: gentle exercise with KJ for as little as 3 minutes, 2 times a day, will keep you in good shape.
Motivation: just turn on your favorite music and you will feel the URGE to get back on your KJ. Versatility: you will never get bored with KJ which can be used on all surfaces indoors & outdoors.
University studies show clearly that you spend much more energy, or calories, using KJ, compared to usual sport shoes.
Rebound exercise has been found to be the most effective way to “re-prime the pump” and keep it going, due to the up & down swinging in a low impact environment, like with KJ. Kids love to bounce…they jump on the bed, on the couch, on trampolines, and they love the sensation of being "air-borne".
Each cell in your body is similar to a small balloon filled with a liquid, called cytoplasm. KJ create such a state of euphoria, a feeling of power and lightness, that you will also love them just for the fun they provide.
Use KJ for various games, for dancing, for walking the dog, for playing with your kids, for shows, even for tricks, Let your creativity guide you and your inner child awakened. They are not really meant for jumping very high, but for jogging, aerobic (Kangoo'Robic), cross training dancing, enjoying a feeling of "Moon walking". No, they definitely don’t (but obviously you should never use them when they are not assembled).
In the worst case, should the ordered size not fit you, do not worry: we offer an excellent customer service and will fix the problem to your satisfaction.
The new T-Springs are designed for adding optional steel Coil Springs, allowing many customizing options: you may cut 1, 2 or even 3 bands of the T-Spring, to replace them with Coil Springs. The innovative SRS (Safety Release System) double way safety system works efficiently: with SRS "ON", it is now impossible for the lower shell to “pops off”, even under the most severe conditions. T-Springs, with their 4 TwinTurbos (compared to 2 on the previous model), offer more stability and better performance!
Practice by running in place and learn the basics skills of jogging and coming to a smooth stop. More to the left of pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, skaters and rollerbladers, when passing them. Be sure about your ability to control your speed and stop before running or jumping on other than a flat surface.
Pay attention for ankle soreness, either abrasive or bruising, and end your workout at the earliest feeling of discomfort.
NOTE: We reserve the rights to sell parts & accessories only to BOSSBi customers who purchase the main item(s).
When it comes to working out, ya’ll know I’m all about keeping it fresh and fun! Here are some of the top 2010 fitness trends that will keep your heart rate up & prevent exercise boredom.
Neither Kimberly nor anyone asociated with Living The Fit Life will be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your home, gym or elsewhere.

These retail for $475.00 (there are cheaper ones) and will most certainly make you both a whole lot more fit and happy.
Whether you need a way to protect joints and bones from jarring exercise or you just want to add a new bounce to your weight loss routine, Kangoo Jumps might be worth a look!
Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week. Kangoo shoes use re-bounder technology to take up to 80% of shock absorption off your joints. They’re also called rebound shoes, because every step feels like walking on a very small trampoline.
It also explains why so many people who couldn't run anymore are reporting being able to run again using KJ. While we stress the importance of eating a balanced diet, we are actually more concerned with adding a pleasurable, non strenuous exercise element to your life.
Oxygen consumption is significantly increased while the cardiovascular and glandular systems are optimized. The reduction of up to 60% of impact shock allows athletes to resume their workouts and training much sooner.
Overweight and physcially inactive children finally have a perfect exercise option that burns calories, tones all muscles, increases their agility and self esteem, while they are playing! The height of the jumps depend on the strength of the tension springs you adjust on your Kangoo Jumps, and the energy you develop (you can buy additional tension springs and accessories for more extreme uses). The hard shell boot, for instance, is made of PU, which is about 3 times more expensive than the materials used for most in-line skates. They are very comfortable and the sizes quite flexible, because the padding of the liner (inner shoe) adapts to the shape of your foot (even to wide foot). KJ PRO7, with the new support plate, can return up to double the energy compared to the standard XR series models for the general public.
Optional steel KJ Coil Springs (sold separately) can be adapted, for additional customized effects.
People get so euphoric using Kangoo Jumps, that they have a tendency to exercise more than they should. Extra padding, such as a jacket shoulder pad, tennis sweatband, or extra socks may ease to problem area.
I mean, how can you not be when you’re jumping around like a mad person on a pair of Kangaroo Boots, right? Exercisers who wore normal shoes had a far higher risk of lower leg injuries than those who wore Kangoo Jumps, according to one study. Kangoo Jumps were originally developed for runners and joggers, so rebound shoes may be a great way to boost calorie burn during those exercises.
Studies have shown that our base metabolic rate, which is the rate that our bodies burn calories, decreases as our lymphatic system becomes less efficient. Since then, a growing number of fitness clubs, in many countries, offer regular Kangoo'Robic classes. The lower the temperature, the more difficult they are to compress, and the shells have a higher tendency to break.
For a use needing the maximum power (big jumps, etc), we suggest to buy a second pair of T-Springs, harder than the one indicated on the chart.
They are removable and you may replace them by harder or softer ones in order to fine-tune your rebound effect of feeling.
It includes the versatile T-Springs TS-Pro6 plus 2 steel coil springs, which can optionally be added on the T-Spring, to make the spring system even harder to compress. It provides slightly less lateral stability than KJ-XR3 model and is therefore not recommended for individuals who over pronate or suppinate.
Kangoo Jumps are a brand of rebound shoes, exercise footwear that features a space-age-looking spring mechanism underneath the sole. In fact, more than 40% of participants who wore normal shoes reported injuries, like shin splints and ankle sprains, over the 12-week study—compared to no injuries reported by those wearing the rebound shoes [1].
The same impact reduction that protects the body may also allow you to ease back into exercise sooner during injury recovery.

A university study found that wearing this brand of rebound shoes increased cardiovascular fitness, measured by peak oxygen intake [3].
In addition, because the footwear is becoming more popular some gyms are adding rebound shoe sessions to their weight loss fitness classes. Exercising with Kangoo Jumps requires you to maintain balance—and that requires proper posture. Rebound shoes allow you to tap that inner kid and burn fat and calories so you can lose weight and feel fabulous. Being the world's lowest impact shoes, KJ reduce the impact by 40-80% when compared to conventional training shoes. Professional marathon runners using KJ feel much less pain & less excessive exhaustion as soon as the next day. But with regularly KJ use, our base metabolic rate will become increasingly more efficient, resulting in noticeable improvements in our muscle tone, and weight management. Using KJ helps you limit the risk of aggravating or damaging joints that have been weakened by overuse or reconstructive surgery.
Thus you reinforce simultaneously the sixty trillions cells of your body, all your organs and all your muscles.
As a rule, when in doubt, rather order a larger size, as you will still feel comfortable if your Kangoo Jumps size is up to 1 size larger than your usual shoe size. This is a unisex model, everyone can use, whatever your weight (min weight 70 lbs - 32 Kg). When you’re having fun, you are most likely burning more fat than usual (I am in no way saying this is scientifically proven). These increasingly popular workout shoes are not cheap—a pair can sell for up to $299—so why might you want to make the investment? A Swiss study of Kangoo Jumps found that wearing the shoes cut the impact on the tibia by 50% and the impact on the lumbar spine by about 20% [2]. What’s more, using balance forces you to build stronger muscles in the back, which may help reduce back aches and pains. They provide the very best protection to your ankles, knees, hips, lower back, spinal column & joints in general. The good news with KJ is that you don't need to make strenuous exercise to achieve astonishing results. The KJ PRO7 incorporates all the latest patented technology and is the most effective, efficient and versatile product available in it's category. I highly doubt there are any miracle gadgets out there that will make us fit while we sleep. Well, they are actually called Kangaroo Jumps, but I think a way more suitable name for them is Kangaroo Boots.
Using these Kangaroo Boots may positively charge your exercise since each step is a potential launch into orbit.
Once we have re-set our metabolism, we will burn more calories at higher rate, and will not regain weight with continuous KJ use. For injuries caused by sedentary conditions, KJ are also an excellent rehabilitation factor as it improves the patient's cardiovascular system, musculature and skeletal systems. No problem as long as you remember that snow can be very slippery and use them at your own risk. If you are one of those people who doesn’t like making a fool out of yourself then these are probably not for you.
But as soon as you get over yourself and how it may affect your image, they actually look like a lot of fun.

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