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If you are seeking to increase your maximum jumping height, the key to adding at least five inches to your vertical jump does not lie in the intensity, frequency or the duration of your workouts, it depends majorly on the kind of workouts you are doing in trying to achieve this objective. Bend your knees slightly then straighten and push through the balls of your feet while straightening your your knees to jump up spreading your legs to wider than hip width apart.
As you do so, raise both arms out and up in a smooth arc until your hands meet above your head. As you return to the ground, bring your feet together and your hands back to your sides with your arms fully extended.
Notes: This exercise can be performed as a timed exercise, completing as many reps as possible in a set time or, in sets with a fixed number of repetitions per set. To increase intensity, bend your arms slightly as you raise them to engage your biceps and triceps and squeezing them during each rep. Browse our library of free workouts and printable Workout Packs for weight loss, strength and more! Get it right now and join over 160,000 others to receive more free resources and occasional updates! It might also be harder for you to pursue your outdoor exercises such as running, walking or cycling.
In fact, there are still many physical activities you can do at home while burning the same or even more calories than your usual cardio workouts.
Here are the top four challenging and fun cardio workouts you can do in your house on rainy days to control your weight, and still maintain or improve your fitness level.
But you still need to consider your weight, exercise intensity, and actual heart rate to accurately determine the total calorie burn (the heavier you are, the higher your heart rate is, the more calories you burn). If you are getting bored using the treadmill or can’t take a walk, hooping might work for you.
If you’re used to joining cardio kickboxing classes or have experienced boxing as a sport or form of exercise, you can still do the same moves at home before the mirror so you can really watch your form. You can burn enough calories in a 30-minute shadowboxing workout by alternating and combining different types of punches and kicks and imagining that there’s an actual opponent in front of you. The New York Times just reported using jumping rope as a high-calorie burning cardio exercise.
Just follow the proper jumping technique, where you stay high on your toes and do not jump more than an inch off the floor.
Although this high-intensity exercise can make you burn more calories, you might have a hard time sustaining a longer workout because of the high heart rate caused by jumping, especially if you are just a beginner.
It’s is still better to combine this exercise with lighter sets of cardio moves like marching in place or light jogs in place during recovery breaks to regulate your heart rate. You can alternate one minute of jumping rope with one to two minutes of light cardio moves and a minute of body weight resistance exercise like push-ups or crunches. As you progress and become stronger, you can increase the duration of the jumping rope set. If you are free of injuries and if your cardiovascular fitness level is high enough and you’re used to doing speed interval run training, plyometric exercises or high-intensity racquet sports like squash, you can try a different form of high-intensity interval indoor workout like the “Insanity” exercise video, created by Shaun T, also known for his Hip-Hop Abs.

I have already watched and tried some of the “Insanity” moves that can really increase your heart rate, such that you can’t sustain some moves for long. Cardio routines are more on jumps, hop, skips, squats, lunges and kicks, and mostly with upper body moves. Plyometric exercise has been the sexy hard-core strength and athletic tool sought out by many fitness enthusiasts for decades now. Today you can see plyometrics used on TV's The Biggest Loser and in countless fitness products.
Plyometric exercise is defined as an explosive movement that first has an rapid eccentric load followed by an isometric contraction that reuses that energy to create a concentric contraction that is typically greater than the voluntary muscular contraction of said muscle groups.
If you jump off of a box and land and then jump again as quickly as you can you are creating that same stretch reflex that creates more force in your muscles. As a side note, the average sedentary person takes 3,000 steps per day, at my body weight that equals 1,800,000 lbs of load per day!!! Now you can see why so many high school, college and pro athletes as well as weekend warriors get ACL or meniscus tears in their knees! Now for the record, your body is designed to take these levels of force without problem, but only if you have good movement patterns and you know how to safely absorb those forces. Please assume you have bad movement patterns because I promise you that 99.999% of people don't even know what good movement patterns are.
I would then also argue that those seeking fitness should stay the hell away from maximal plyometrics! The risk of injury is too high, it is doubtful that you have a coach watching your form, it is doubtful that you have taken a smart and progressive approach to movement quality and a slow gradual increase in plyometric tolerance. And frankly, the benefits from maximal plyometrics do not come in the form of fat loss or muscle size which are what most fitness enthusiasts are interested in. Once again jumping rope, short jogs or sprints, clapping pushups, punching a heavy bag, Z-Health dynamic joint mobility done at sports speed absolutely are sub-maximal plyometrics.
Since beginning S-Phase I have found a new appreciation for going to the park and throwing balls, Frisbees, etc. Join my newsletter below to get more great articles on pain relief, fitness, nutrition and more. Jumping jacks, second only to burpees as one of the most hated gym exercises, is now the official state exercise of Missouri. For some, it can be harder to get moving, to run on a treadmill, to use the elliptical machine, or to join fitness classes in the gym during rainy season. Aside from burning more calories, you also get to work on your whole body, especially your torso and core muscles, to control the movement.
So the short rest period can still make you burn more calories because your heart rate is still up and going.
Anyway, you can always modify the intensity by shortening the duration of the high-intensity period by choosing the safest moves or by increasing the rest periods. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards.

Plyometrics became popular in the west due to the Soviet Union's (and later other easter-block European nations) total domination in the Olympics when it came to strength, power and speed sports.
But all of this hype around plyometrics raises the question, is this the right tool to accomplish the goal I am after? You can get a lot more power, speed and distance on the ball if you first throw your arm back rapidly and then use the stretch reflex to throw the ball. This is the difference between lifelong athletes and short-career athletes who are forced to quit due to injury. Maximal would be considered exercises with extreme loads such as jumping off of a 3 foot high box and then landing and jumping again. The gains from maximal plyos come in the form of neurological adaptations that improve explosiveness in movement. Feel free to browse through all of the animations and click on the ones you'd like to download, add to favorites or send as a great looking digital postcard. The reasoning behind the announcement has to do with both Missouri's slightly-higher-than-average obesity rate and the fact that the inventor of the jumping jack was born in Missouri. Then to start up a high-calorie shadow kickboxing routine, start with basic kicks on each leg, like front kicks, side kicks, back kicks and round house kicks, followed by 15-20 sets of jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts on each arm. If you were to jump as high as you could, would you A: slowly descend into a partial squat, relax and wait for a moment and then drive up as fast as you could or B: rapidly do a knee-dip and then drive up as quickly as possible?
If you were to slowly pull your arm back, wait and relax and now try to throw the ball wouldn't go very far. For instance; when you go to throw that ball and you rapidly pull your arm back at high speed your brain thinks that you are about to move your shoulder joint past a safe range of motion, to the point where it will be injured. For me at 200 lbs that means every single step I take I put 600 lbs of force into just one step. Do a warm-up for all of your body, get a light sweat going, do some R-Phase and I-Phase dynamic joint mobility to prepare your joints and nervous system and now do some sub-max. When you start to get mentally or physically fatigued then move onto strength or endurance training. Then combine moves, vary the speed, and increase the intensity until you reach your target duration or calorie burn. Clearly your nervous system will try to protect that joint, it does so by creating an involuntary (pre-cognitive) contraction of your muscles that is typically much higher than you could voluntarily contract. That force travels via kinetic energy into my heel, through the 38 to 55 some joints in the foot, up the ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, spine, shoulders, neck, etc. If you somehow think that you are the Golden Child and were born with perfect movement mechanics and won't eventually get injured and for some reason will get good benefits from max. The contraction only lasts for a split second so it is ideal to use in sports such as baseball with throwing a ball or swinging a bat or in gymnastics for springing movements, etc.

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