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As an ex-skinny guy myself, all I wanted was to bulk up and to look and feel like a confident man, to be more attractive.
Luckily for me, I managed to crack the code of building muscle and weight with some expert help. Learn the secrets behind the physical transformation of other ectomorphs and use them toA increase your muscle gains. Learn what, how and when to eat and get tips and recipes to maximise your muscle and weight gain.
Learn how to formulate your own ectomorph workout routine and also get access to both free and paid workout routines.
My inner circle is where I share even more advanced stuff, plus other freebies such as diet plans and workout routines. The goal of ectomorph workout is simple: to act as a one stop source for all ectomorphs, hardgainers and skinny guys to pack on muscle mass and gain weight effectively. Join My Inner CircleDo you want to learn how to enhance your muscle and weight gain effectively? The second thing we often forget is that we don’t have the same bone or muscle structures that most bodybuilders and powerlifters have. This means that the guys you’re watching do the bench press are often the worst ones to get your cues from. If an alligator-type guy were to attempt a deadlift he’d need to bend down ridiculously low because of his short little arms (also resulting in bad lifting mechanics) and then lift the weight through a huge range of motion—all while stabilizing an incredibly long torso. Most of us ectomorph have much longer torsos though, often leading us to believe that since we have long fragile spines we probably shouldn’t be deadlifting.
As guys with long fragile spines and with relatively little muscle protecting them, we, more than anyone, need to be doing lifts that build up stability in our torsos.
The last thing you want to do as an ectomorph is neglect strengthening your spine, build up a ton of muscle, get married while looking buff in your tux, get a little bit drunk at the wedding reception, go to carry your bombshell bride over the threshold… and throw out your still-fragile ecto-back. Even Lamar Gant, seemingly a rare breed of ectomorph with a short torso, actually isn’t as atypical as it first seems. For powerlifters, who need to follow a strict set of lifting regulations, the deadlift solution is to rock a really really wide stance, bringing their legs outside their arms.
Luckily, since we aren’t powerlifters, we have the option of modding the lift by reducing the range of motion.
At that point your long arms become an advantage, and you should be able to hoist some pretty nice numbers.
When it comes to pressing movements (overhead press, bench press, squat, etc) you want the opposite: a big barrel chest and stubby alligator-arms. When it comes to the bench press most powerlifters curve their spine to all hell to shorten the range of motion (like Gant, up above). One trick we use is rolling up a towel and putting it on our chests, simulating a larger ribcage. Squats are a tricky beast for us ectomorphs too, and by now you might be able to guess the fix. So deep squats are a badass lift, especially for us ectomorphs who are seriously eager to add some thickness to our bodies.
To make up for it, he had to develop pretty unbelievable hip mobility in order to get to depth. So as an ectomorph you should probably squat, and you should probably squat deep… eventually.
As for lifting safely, learning solid technique and building muscle every step of the way, keep leverages in mind.
That isn’t the case with weightlifting in general though, as many lifts are geared more towards athletes, and athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Lift with a weight that’s challenging yet comfortable and generally stay away from failure during your heavy sets—at least during your first few months of training. If you want to master this once and for all and gain 20-30 pounds over the next couple of months check out our full step-by-step muscle-building system for naturally skinny dudes – complete with training program, nutrition program, recipe book, exercise videos, members community and individualized coaching from us. Some good tips for posture as well… I recently started (again), so they’ll definitely come in handy!
SeanWhat a brilliant article, thanks alot for taking the time to write this in depth and very interesting article. Shane DuquetteAh that’s a tricky lift and I think deserves a whole article of its own! Most guys have poor shoulder mobility, meaning that they need to get mobility elsewhere (often from their lower back). Many guys, from desk work and computer use, are a little kyphotic (slightly hunched) in their upper backs as well, which can also cause difficulties. The overhead press is one of the most badass exercises out there, but definitely not something everyone should be doing starting out. Shane DuquetteWe don’t really require any cardio on top of our strength training workouts.
RoseJust came by this site after googling Ectomorph and weight-lifting and thoroughly enjoyed the writing on this site. Would you be able to recommend any resources for female ectomorphs looking to make significant strength gains? It’s actually really really hard to find good sources for female ectomorphs looking to get strong and feminine. Short of just starving myself to look like I’m from the Ukrainian Holodomor, can you please tell me how I can make slim down these muscles and lower my weight despite not being fat whatsoever? Reading your articles has helped me identify that I fall in between an Ectomorph and a Mesomorph and am unsure what I should focus on. I am turning 65 on the 13th of June.The last three year my butt,legs and arms fat and muscle went missing.I miss my butt the most what can I do to get some of that back?
Hi, im an ectomorph, i have read so many articles on what i should be eating and how i should be exercising but im sooo confued about it all! Being dedicated and focused in your efforts to gain weight, even if you realize that you’re a hard gainer, can make your road to building any muscle mass at all, a perplexing challenge. The most common problem that hard gainers confront as they start any new ectomorph workout routine is over training, potentially robbing your body of 90% of muscle gains with potentially damaging consequences.
Like all health conscious individuals, hard gainers are eager to get results once they start putting forth their workout efforts. Why would they think any differently than anyone else, that hard work and dedication will get results? Customize the ectomorph workout you perform to meet your individual ectomorph weight gain and muscle building needs. For additional ectomorph workout tips and guidelines, click on any of the articles to the right under Muscle Gain Articles. This entry was posted in Ectomorph Workout and tagged ectomorph workout, ectomorph workout routine on by Cole. The classic ectomorph has a delicate build, narrow hips and pelvis, and long arms and legs.
A man with this body type isn’t likely to be a star on the football team or the next champion gladiator. The prime goal of an ectomorph is weight gain, so his bodybuilding program must be prescribed with this in mind. Because ectomorphs have to move heavy weight to gain size, they also have to be cautious of overtraining. Very low frequency (typically training each muscle group once per week, any more would supposedly be over-taining for this body type). Very low volume (very few exercises, very few sets… this body type supposedly over-trains very easily).
We are a group of bodybuilding enthusiast and this is our effort to have all the details about bodybuilding at a single website. Some people have even claimed that their great posture is why these actors are able to build muscle so quickly when they need to bulk up for their superhero movie role. Well there are a couple things that good posture does to turn you into a dominant prehistoric beast.
The cool thing about this ratio is that it has actually been researched scientifically and they’ve concluded that people who come close to that ideal shoulder to waist ratio are deemed more attractive by the opposite sex. The cool thing with good posture, is that because it alters the way the muscles fire, it will naturally make the body use the muscles that make your shoulder to waist ratio more pronounced.
However, when you can get your pelvis, spine and head in a better position, cool things start to happen.
When the pelvis is in the right spot and the obliques are firing better, now you will pull your waist in and actually make it smaller. If your upper back is straighter, it will significantly alter the firing patterns of the shoulder, making your upper back much thicker and wider. When the head is pulled in and on top of the spine, it will take a significant amount of tension of your traps and actually allow them to grow.
I don’t know about you but sometimes I am really tired and looking for a quick energy boost. In essence, you are always fighting against gravity, and when your body is misaligned, it is fighting way more than it needs to be.
When you get the body closer to it’s original form, you make it much more energy efficient and in turn, things that were once difficult will seem much easier.
When you have the engine muscles pulling double duty, they will be working harder and longer with every task. Think for a second that you had a full time job where you worked 9-5 and had a three day weekend + benefits. My posture improvements have transferred incredibly on the athletic field, however, it has been a sweet bonus that I’m getting more muscles in the right places with less work.

Yes, it may sometimes seem vain if look at it in only an aesthetic sense, but a lot of times when things look right they perform right. If you enjoyed this article then check out these ones tooThe Skinny on AbsAre You Really a Hardgainer?
Shane DuquetteMarco’s big into posture and alignment (as you can see from this article). Lifting with good form is really important too, and proper alignment is a big part of being ABLE to lift with good form. DarrylI’ve had some pretty bad posture for as long as i can remember but recently after reading this and doing some of my own research I’ve been trying my best to sit straight when I catch myself slouching but I run into problems after about 10-15 minutes of sitting straight my back and neck start to hurt pretty bad what should i do?
When we all of a sudden force our bodies into optimal posture (or what we think optimal posture is) all of a sudden we’re maladapted to maintain it. Building up beastly posture is gradual, so don’t be discouraged if your body resists it a little bit at first. When it comes to re-adapting to functional posture, you may find that strengthening yourself helps. Things like loaded carries (farmer carries, one-armed farmer carries, waiter walks, etc.), planks, deadlifts, rows, etc. DarrylI can tell slightly after trying your suggestions man they are helping thanks alot!!! Marco Walker-NgIf you are just sitting, I like to change one thing at a time, starting with the center and most powerful portion of your body, which is your pelvis. We think we need to stand super straight with shoulders back … but doing so can be painful and lead to an unnatural posture. If you are sitting, relax your body and try to pull your two pelvic bones lightly up to your ribs, do so very lightly until you feel a very easy contraction of your abs. Newsletter + Free ChapterWe’ll keep you up to date on all the cool stuff you’ll want to hear about and we'll email you chapter one from our program right away.
Always consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. The first is that when we first start taking it seriously, well, we’re still novices. Most of those guys have highly specialized bodies, accomplished both through decades of training… and also their genetics. The lift is very different for them—they’ve got big muscle bellies, short thick bones, stubby limbs and barrel chests.
Unlike many other body types, we can’t rely on our genetics or everyday physical activities to build us any muscle.
We aren’t talking about how bony or burly you are this time, but rather about your bone structure. Deadlifts are made even easier by having a short torso, which means there isn’t much spinal stabilization required. A huge amount of work is being done, a lot muscle surrounding the spine needs to be present to keep the spine stable, it requires impressive hip mobility, and that man needs to be wickedly strong to overcome really poor leverage.
That means building a stable core and packing huge slabs of muscle onto our lower and upper back.
You can’t squat big, deadlift big, overhead press, carry things, play sports, carry your lover around, etc. He had a severe case of scoliosis growing up, hindering his back development and causing him a lot of problems. So we take the barbell inside a squat rack, set it up the barbell raised up on the safety bars, and start with rack pulls. Due to great lifting mechanics and a short range of motion, you’d hardly need to lower the weight at all and pressing it back up would be a breeze. This can make our first time on the bench a really frustrating experience, as the odds are totally stacked against us.
Lamar Gant, the ectomorph deadlifting king, was also able to break a world record with his bench press despite having the worst possible physique for it. Since the rules state that the bar needs to touch their torso in order to count, they get a little creative.
Damage done to joints in the process of building bigger muscles doesn’t really fit with that objective. Moreover, couches, cars (buses, etc) and chairs are all notorious for reducing people’s ability to squat like champs. Exceed the mobility of your hips and all of a sudden you’re causing knee and lower back stress. As a relatively untrained ectomorph looking to build size and strength you probably shouldn’t be squatting, deadlifting or benching to failure every week, if ever. Something that worked for me when i started deadlifting was doing it with free weights at first. I was having problems squatting deep, but reducing the weight to almost nothing but the bar itself allowed me to build up a decent range of motion and flexibility in my hips and legs. A lot of us have narrow ribcages and long arms, which causes our shoulders to go into a dangerous position when we tried to touch our chest. The majority of ectomorphs, and men in general, need to overcome some physical limitations before they can safely press overhead. You should be able to lift your arms straight up overhead with your abs flat and your ribcage locked down.
Once again the tendency is to lift the ribcage instead of un-rounding that stiff kyphotic upper back. In high school I could bench twice my weight, but I look like i never lifted a weight in my life.
Oh course with women skinny is seen as being desirable, but I still think it sucks to struggle with 4lb dumb bells, and similar stuff re skeletal fragility applies. Whereas a mesomorph could almost accidentally gain mass, an ectomorph has to start their workout with a well laid out plan. Therefore, build up muscle with 2 – 4 sets of 6 to 10 repetitions using a moderate-to-heavy weight for each major muscle group. Unfortunately, I really admire the ectomorphic body types for a woman as they are so feminine and delicate.
However, I walk everywhere, minimum 40 minutes a day, up to 4 hours on weekends and this is very low resistance. Instead of extremely low calorie diets, which starve the muscle, try long-distance running, which works on a different premise. And if you are training and not getting any results, you may not realize what the problem is.
But unfortunately, sometimes they don’t realize that clueless personal trainers, or bodybuilding magazines and even some supplement companies have been lying to them. What they don’t always know is that what works for everyone else WILL NOT work for them. Warming up can prevent unnecessary muscle strain that happens when exercising cold muscles. Don’t forget important things like eating prior to working out in order to give your body the fuel it needs to build muscles. Get started today on your ectomorph workout routine and make sure you check out this Muscle Gaining Secrets Review.
This body type is naturally suited for endurance sports: swimming, running, biking, and so on.
Because ectomorphs have very high metabolic rates, they make slow gains when it comes to adding bulk. Exercise should focus on mass-building workouts, using heavier weights and fewer repetitions. The only way an ectomorph will gain significant muscle is in the basic, hypertrophy stage of training. The ectomorph already has a metabolism like a hummingbird and a relatively low risk of obesity or cardiovascular disease.
Ectomorphs should avoid isolation-type movements, and stick with the basic, mass-building movements that work major muscle groups and deep muscle fibers.
If you don’t seem to be making gains, adjust the workout intensity and take in more calories. So when you work out, it makes those muscles work more and in turn grow more (if you eat and recover properly). Since your shoulders will be in a better position, they will in turn develop to a better degree as well. It will make your training that much more effective because you will actually be developing the muscles that were meant to be developed. Judging by the success of companies like Starbucks and Red Bull, I’m guessing others feel the same. However, since our bodies have been put through the meat grinder of daily sedentary living, we have lost our energy saving capabilities.
In turn we feel more tired, muscles feel tight, and this takes a toll physically AND mentally. Now imagine the night shift worker quit and because you love the company you decided to take over their job. You give the engine muscles time rest and recover, and in turn they reward you by being sexy and making you move your body with much more ease!
So whether you’re training to feel like a beast or look like a beast, improving your posture can help you achieve both to the fullest! The Bony to Beastly program shoots to muscle you up as quickly as possible while also fixing up your posture and making you as strong as an ox. We’re waaay better off now, but all three of us still work to further improve upon our posture.

Judging by your already pretty decent before pics, I think we’ll be able to fix ya up in no time. We develop compensation patterns and learn to support ourselves in our poor posture rather well. Ironically, though our posture is better than ever, we’re actually LESS stable – initially. Perhaps just take a slightly slower pace, lower your standard of perfection (for now) and give yourself plenty of breaks. This should make sitting feel a little more comfortable and start the ripple effect that leads to better posture over time! The articles that are presnt on this site are really a great help for all the ectomorphs out there and the guidance that you provide is worth of all praise and applaud.
If you follow our programs, put the effort in day in and day out, eat well and exercise, you will get results or your money back. We’ve often got long tendons, long slim bones, long lanky limbs and shallower rib cages. It makes sense that we should leave the deadlifting to the short muscular guys with short stable spines – the guys that don’t need to worry about popping a disk… right? He decided to pursue weightlifting in an effort to correct his spinal curvature and strengthen the muscles surrounding his spine. This allows their torso to remain upright and means they don’t need to work as hard to stabilize it. This keeps the dead an amazing exercise for building up back strength and stability, while also letting us safely lift heavy enough to stimulate some muscle growth. We often awkwardly struggle to press tiny amounts of weight while we watch other guys rock it out smoothly and effortlessly.
You only get the benefits if you can execute the lift properly, and building up the hip mobility required to squat deep properly takes time and conscious effort. So start with goblet squats, then progress to front squats, and gradually work your way down deeper and deeper until maybe one day you’re comfortably past parallel when doing beautiful full back squats. That’s where form deteriorates, recovery times become enormous, and injuries become more common. Developing perfect textbook technique is something that happens over years of training, not before you ever do your first squat.
Difficult for us ectomorphs though when we see other guys at the gym squatting and lifting huge weights.
Most guys can work at it and eventually build up that shoulder mobility and torso stability, but it takes some work. Will I need to eat more calories in addition to what the program says to make up for lost calories or can I just pass that off as my weekly cardio? And that’s probably a really really good sign that you naturally find yourself so strong!
Running for endurance (as opposed to sprinting) triggers a change in the type of muscle you have. Ectomorphs generally have very fast metabolisms that burn calories faster than greased lightning. In fact, you should eat five to six meals each day while working towards ectomorph weight gain.
These men perform so well in endurance activities, however, that they tend to stick with what they do best and neglect muscle training. If you took a look at all the people in super hero movies you will find some commonalities. Because I have the mathematical skills of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, I will not explain this equation and tell you instead that to adhere to the Golden Ratio, you need wide shoulders a narrow waist and a big butt.
The second round of photos was taken 4 months after Willem became aware of his anterior pelvic tilt.
Since you never have time to sleep or recover, every single other task you do becomes more difficult.
This is off-putting, because we often desperately want to get bigger without being held up for months with all sorts of posture and mobility work. Just like the tallest guys are drawn to basketball, weightlifters typically gravitate towards the lifts that they naturally excel at. He hardly needs to bend to grab the barbell and doesn’t need to lift the weight back up very high. Hell, you can’t even stand up and do a bicep curl without relying on your back for stability. So, far from being a genetic superhero, he entered the weightlifting arena skinny and with a crooked back. As you improve your mobility you can lower the bar lower and lower, requiring more and more hip mobility and back stability, until eventually you’re doing a full conventional deadlift—correctly and safely. Their belly then meets the bar halfway, keeping their shoulders in a healthy position, improving their leverage and shortening the range of motion. Deep squats are one of the best ways of involving the biggest and most powerful muscle groups in your body. If your back is flailing around like a fish at the bottom of your squat, your knees are hurting, or your lower back is rounding over, you’re squatting too low. There’s plenty of time to focus on perfecting your form while warming up and practicing your lifts. I barely have fat, but there is just so much muscle that it makes me heavy- I hate this too. This included juice fasting, water fasting, extremely low calorie diets with lots of cardio, and being sedentary when I got scared the walking was bulking my legs.
To help improve you body composition make sure that you are doing your cardio against some kind of resistance. You can go for a whole body resistance plan that you complete about 3 times a week (on nonconsecutive days), or you can go really intense and target just one body part in each workout session (e.g.
Because my body is small framed and all of the characteristics of an ectomorph body type fit me, except the fact that I am very overweight. Not only does this cause weight gain challenges, but can also cause extreme difficultly just to maintain a healthly BMI. They tend to have small joints and bones that are easily injured during sporting activities. Fewer reps means going heavy; lift the top weights you can manage safely to get a solid, high-intensity workout.
They are usually devilishly handsome, very muscular, big fans of Bony to Beastly and they all have great posture. Same goes with the legs—if you are all thighs and no butt, that can be a problem, especially if you play sports. One of the coolest things that happened when my posture improved was that I had more energy all of the time. I am definitely interested in signing up for this program once I can get some money together. You’ll be building up your quads, hammies, calves, core, posterior chain, ego and glutes. You can check yourself out in the mirror, hold a broomstick against your back to keep it straight, etc. Consider doing a split routine where you work some parts of the body one day and then others the next. Mesomorphs tend to be predominant in the larger muscle fibers, which creates a bigger, bulkier muscle. His core is pulling his waist in tight, and he’s developed big powerful back muscles. But we do need to learn how to move and lift right from the get-go though, otherwise we’re setting ourselves up for building an imbalanced body that looks funky, performs poorly and is vulnerable to injury. The downside is that instead of building up fearsome back strength, they build up fearsome quad strength. The squat works over 200 muscles and it does a better job of training your abs than the plank does.
Instead, go for major compound exercises such as the bench press, deadlifts, squats, lunges and bent over barbell rows. Endurance running stimulates big muscle fibers to turn into smaller muscle fibers, which means your muscles become smaller and look longer. Do your resistance training first and then do about 20 minutes of cardio to finish and you should be fine. Holding onto tension and getting too cerebral while lifting can often be more troublesome than just selecting a weight you’re totally in control of and then lifting it. Also, exercises using barbell and dumbbell are great, as they allow you to use full range of motion. This way you’ve made the muscle smaller by changing the type of muscle fibers you have, not by starving the muscle like you would fat. In terms of eating more protein, that depends on whether you’re getting enough in your diet.
If you want to change your body you’re going to have to do resistance training, which most ectomorphs loathe. But focusing solely on cardiovascular exercise isn’t going to give you the body you want.

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