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Now that you have setup your Google Adwords advertisement to use keyword insertion, it is time to separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls, the … you get the point. Using PHP or some other scripting language that allows for extracting information about the referring page – the referring page that uses dynamic keyword insertion. As I mentioned, you will need to be using php files for this to work (or you can modify your .htaccess file to accomodate).
If there is info, then that information gets assigned to a variable called $replace (after it replaces any dashes with whitespace – assuming there are any dashes). Lets just speculate that you have a datafeed that you want to create individual landing pages for that you want to use PPC to drive visitors to. What you have seen here is perfect for creating relevant, high quality score landing pages for using Google Awords with. Question: what does adding a dash, “-”, in between your default word do for you in the destination URL. I am trying to incorporate this into an existing website, and despite following the article fully I am unable to obtain the desired result. I had another look at the various files I acquired with the original script, I had neglected to change the $_GET variable, and looking at the .htaccess file I needed to change the base variable. I have followed all the instruction in using dynamic keywords in my title and line text but I can only get the default text to appear in my ad.
Would it be possible to write the user state to a static page after each referral from AdWords? Create a short code function in wordpress that sets a cookie (or session) variable for that keyword. Do you know how I can either (1) Write the .htacess file to make this change or (2) amend the Destination URL in my adwords ad so it goes to the correct page? Not 100% sure why you are landing on the {Keyword:Portlan-Divorce-Lawyer} page instead of the intended Portlan-Divocre-Laywer page. So I switched some things around and I think I’m much closer than when I sent the post last week. This article looked like it was exactly what I needed until I realized that it wasn’t focused on coding for Wordpress.
I have implimented your suggestions and everything works axactly as it should, keywords insering into title etc.
I see the term Blue Widget’s in the sites title and where I have placed keywords in the content.

This AdWords Dynamic Keyword Insertion Guide shows the different types of dynamic keyword insertions. The reason a keyword is inserted in the first place is that some search queries may exceed the character limit of the ad. One of the main reasons to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion is to increase the CTR which results in a higher Quality Score and a lower CPC.
Dynamic Keyword Insertion can come in handy and there is more than one way to insert the code.
Let’s assume you are selling digital cameras and you have several ad groups to increase your Quality Score.
Careful here with the all caps spelling because the ad as displayed in the example above would get disapproved.
One of my favorite features in AdWords and Bing is Dynamic Keyword Insertion (also known as DKI or Keyword Insertion).
Be sure to let me know in the comments what you think of this feature or any questions you might have. Keyword Insertion is a feature that allows an advertiser to create one dynamic ad that automatically updates based on the users search query and the keywords in your ad group. Dynamic Keyword Insertion will put one of your targeted keywords directly into your ad based on the search query.
As you can see, AdWords does not use the users search query but instead matches the closest keyword in the ad group to the search query. Now that you have a background into DKI, it’s time to look into Dynamic Keyword Insertion and how to actually utilize this feature effectively.
The first column is what your ad will look like in your account and the second column is how it will appear in search results. There are not many instances where you can use all capitals in your ad so your ad might get disapproved if you try to use all capitals. If someone misspells a word in their search query, your ad will still appear just fine because AdWords dynamically inserts YOUR keyword. Below are graphics that show three different examples of search queries and a comparison between a static and a dynamic ad. Here is an example where Capital One decided to use their brand instead of a dynamic ad, which is not a bad thing at all because the ad is still very targeted. This is an example where I would recommend ad #2 to be dynamic and I would recommend ad #1 to not be dynamic but instead more descriptive about the actual water dealer franchise.

The fastest way to get “ready to buy” customers to surf your website is through Visibility and Conversions pay per click marketing service. At Visibility and Conversions we know social media marketing and have proven expertise of getting amazing results from all the cutting edge social media platforms. In this digital online age of proper web-based ad placement, your business website has to be seen to be competitive. I am not too concenred with the AdWords element of the article, only the section relating to displaying a page relative to the search term i.e. What would be a good way to test the code after making the changes to ensure that it is working properly? This way, you would build up a group of static landing pages that would get indexed that are based on things that people are actually searching for. I was able tu run the code for the title of a page in my wordpress site, it is working fine there but not in the page content. It also includes concrete examples of how to use dynamic keyword insertions in AdWords ads and how the actual ad text is displayed on Google. For instance, headlines have a maximum of 25 characters and not all search queries that are typed into Google can be inserted automatically because some of them might be longer than that. She was shortlisted for Best Use of Social Media in a Search Campaign by the US Search Awards and a Google Partners All-Stars Competition Winner in 2014.
I tried clicking on both of the clickbank affiliate links you listed, in the article and in one of your responses above, but neither work. When I go to the wordpress editor in HTML mode and I place the code for calling H1, the keywords do not show up in the text. The YOUR KEYWORD HERE should be replaced with the text you want to show in case the search query exceeds AdWords’ character limit.
All caps are rarely used but can come in handy for products or services with abbreviations.

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