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The Squat is the #1 exercise for increasing your vertical jump.  The Squat is so effective because it works your entire body, focusing on your legs, core, and posterior chain. You may have heard things like, “Squats are bad for your knees” or “You’re going to hurt your back”.
Less likely to round your back at the bottom of the squat when you’re sitting on a box. Find and position the box at a proper height so when you sit on it your hips are slightly lower than your knees. Place the bar on your back on top of your shoulders, squeeze your shoulder blades together, bring your elbows back under the bar. Get your chest up, unrack the bar, step back once with each leg, set your feet about shoulder width with your toes slightly pointed out. Drive the bar up with your hips, “push” the floor apart with your feet, and push your neck into the bar. Focus on Speed – Driving your hips up off the box and accelerating through the lift helps build power. Sit back on the Box – Sitting back on the box helps build strength in your hamstrings, which is key for a huge vertical. Back Arched – It is very important to keep your lower back arched at all times when the bar is on your shoulders. Knees Out – Make sure to keep your knees apart, at the same angle as your toes are pointing.
Now that is not to mention of course that we have here a method of our own and this is of course designed by yours truly.
We will still stick to the hardcore eccentric protocol since we still need to sustain muscle damage for growth and of course we want to induce hypertrophy which will make it easier for you to develop strength to be able to jump higher- but this time really concentrate on the explosive part of the movement. Depth jumps: You will need to stand on a surface around 10 inches high (or more- increase height as you get stronger). 5 set squats: You will be doing squats with your 5 Rep max weight- therefore less reps- more sets required. Medicine ball throws: Get the heaviest medicine ball that you can then throw it overhead as high as possible.

Weighed step ups: Just a simple step ups only that you are supporting a barbell on your shoulders. Side to side jumps: While holding a medicine ball jump from one side of the bench to the other side. I will probably go back some other time to post more routines for vertical but that will do for now.
My Training advice is born of years of experience and trial and error and countless nights studying researches and lifting principles, integrating them with medical facts and off course. I will teach you about lifting and about lifting to build muscle, to increase strength, and burn fat.
The exercises mentioned above are some really great ways to increase one’s vertical jump. Pingback: Does Power clean help develop fast twitch muscles in sprinting and getting 1RM Powerclean? The conditioning that will lead to an increase in vertical jump would still be required whatever the case except of course if we are talking about marathon; in that case we are not a marathon site you can visit other resources if you ‘d like.
Basically what we need to do is increase the explosiveness of our muscular contractions and train your jumping muscles to be as strong as possible. Of course my system will still hold some similarities with the jump manual, I learned new stuff from that anyway, it will not hurt if we apply them here as well but then again, the jump manual focuses on jumping and only jumping; my goal in this post is to incorporate some special regimen into our already existing regimen so that we can put inches into our vertical but still gain muscle on our legs and for the rest of our body. You can either do legs once like what is recommended in our basic regimen or hit it two times with lower intensity on another day of the same cycle. Then you will be holding the barbell in a shoulder grip width in standing position feet also on a shoulder-width then using the force of your hips and while squatting down put the barbell in a position that resembles the starting position of a shoulder press. Olympia, a big shot athlete or a steroid buff neither am I a doctor (but I am a nurse by profession). It’s also good that the write-up has emphasized how training does not only involve leg work as it involves the momentum generated by the whole body. If you are thinking that would only involve legs then you are wrong: vertical jumps involve the momentum generated by the whole body. Then slowly on the eccentric phase for at least 2 seconds then EXPLODE up on the concentric phase!

After that stand up straight with the barbell in that position then lower the weight to the starting position. Do at least 20 jumps with a good amount of rest in between jumps to make sure you do it as EXPLOSIVELY as you can every time. But I know what I am doing around the Iron and the weight room and I also briefly worked as a trainer in Golds. I wonder what sort of lot endeavor you put to help make the type of excellent insightful web-site. Likewise if you thought that jumping would only involve your quadriceps you are making a mistake: jumping would also heavily involve the hamstrings and mostly the glutes.
That way we target the bigger muscle fibers (type 2 fibers) better at the same time prime them for growth so you’d gain muscle at the same time. So maybe you have been jumping only using the quads (which will of course appear quite sloppy).
Now that explosive concentric and slow eccentric applies to ALL body parts and if I am not mistaken we have already discussed that on a previous post. It’s just like standing dumbbell military press but this time select a slightly heavier pair the just push them up using the your legs to push them up then slowly lower them to take advantage of their heavier load in your eccentric phase. From now on you must involve your hams and glutes as much as possible when you jump- that way you will generate greater force and might even add inches to your vertical this very moment.
Jumping is also a skill, you therefore you also need to condition your nervous system to fire the muscles that it needs to. Of course you still need to do the good mornings, the hamstring workouts, and the calf workouts on their allotted spot. Of course since you’d be doing depth jumps at home as well might as well not incorporate it anymore in your gym-time.

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