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Just two days after triple suicide bombings, Istanbul's main international airport is as usual a hive of activity - but with passengers snapping selfies in front of bullet-shattered windows. Staff at Ataturk airport are trying to pick up the pieces after Tuesday night's attack, which left dozens dead at one of Europe's busiest hubs.
Police detained 11 foreigners suspected of being members of an Islamic State cell in Istanbul linked to the suicide bombers who staged the attack, broadcaster Haberturk said on Friday. Three suspected IS suicide bombers killed 44 people in the gun and bomb attack on Istanbul's main airport on Tuesday, the deadliest in a string of attacks in Turkey this year. The suspected suicide bombers were Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz nationals, a Turkish official said on Thursday.
There were few visible signs of extra security at Ataturk airport on Thursday, though Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has promised "specially-trained" staff will be added at the nation's airports. In some respects it could be any other day, between the long check-in lines and the hubbub of passengers chatting in Arabic, Portuguese and French. But these conversations take place besides smashed windows and under a ceiling missing tiles that crashed down during one of the blasts. Some passengers have their photos taken in front of this grim new decor, as workers try to repair the damage as best they can.
Passengers must pass through security scanners to enter the arrival and departure halls - but at the exit gates, an AFP reporter saw only a guard armed with a baton. It was at one of these exits that an attacker was able to penetrate the building before blowing himself up, according to several witnesses. An airport guard said another bomber "went through the security barrier shooting at the guards". An airport employee looks at the pictures of killed airport employees at Ataturk airport in Istanbul, Turkey, on Thursday. Between the two piers, a soccer team, comprising members of their crews, is warming up in preparation for an afternoon match with the team from USS Santa Fe, a Los Angeles-class submarine.
Soccer is just one of several sports that the PLA Taskforce 153 will participate in as part of the Rim of the Pacific multilateral naval exercises, better known as RIMPAC 2016.
On the deck of the missile destroyer Xi'an on Thursday morning, Wu Xi, the deputy chief of mission of the Chinese embassy in Washington, led an embassy delegation on a tour of the ship.
Zhiqun Zhu, associate professor of political science and international relations at the Bucknell University, said military-to-military exchanges between the two countries are extremely important. Richard Solomon, a senior fellow at the Rand Corp and a former assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, said the military-to-military exchanges are very important for the two countries to understand each other. During the RIMPAC 2016, from June 30 to Aug 4, the PLA Navy fleet will take part in drills including gunfire, anti-piracy and search and rescue operations. A total of 26 nations, 45 ships, five submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating in RIMPAC 2016 in and around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California. The Chinese hospital ship Peace Ark arrives in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on Wednesday, to take part in the Rim of the Pacific 2016 multinational naval exercise. The leader of Australia's conservative coalition prompted Saturday's election by dissolving both houses of parliament in May, blaming intransigent independents in the upper house Senate for blocking his agenda.
Turnbull argued on Friday that minor parties, possibly in coalition with center-left Labor, could not be trusted to manage an economy hampered by the first mining downturn in a century and balance public finances after years of deficits. Turnbull, acknowledging that the contest was "really close", urged voters not to be cavalier. Turnbull's coalition is facing a strong challenge from Labor, as well as from independents and minor parties like the Greens, who could win enough seats to hold the balance of power in the Senate or force a minority government in the lower house.
Turnbull's own grip on power even appeared tenuous, with the poll showing 27 percent of voters intended to vote for a party other than the coalition or Labor.
Independent Senator Nick Xenophon, whose new party is fielding almost 50 candidates, could also emerge with influence.
Turnbull's repeated attacks on minor parties could have inadvertently driven voters into their arms by elevating their status on the national stage, said Professor Andrew Hughes from the Australian National University. The British public, already rocked by the narrow referendum vote to leave the European Union, was further shocked as former London mayor Boris Johnson, one of the leaders of the narrowly successful "Leave" campaign, defied predictions and said he would not stand as a candidate to replace Prime Minister David Cameron, who is resigning.
Johnson had been widely tipped to announce his candidacy to lead the ruling Conservative Party, which if he had won would have automatically made him prime minister.
But hours before the deadline for formally announcing bids expired Michael Gove, the current Secretary of State for Justice, declared that he would be standing as a candidate, and said he didn't think Johnson was up to the job. In an announcement that stunned both his supporters and political analysts, Johnson said he was standing down, because he "was not the man for the job". Tory peer Lord Heseltine, who as Michael Heseltine served as defense secretary under Margaret Thatcher and went on to become deputy prime minister under John Major, lashed out at Johnson with an excoriating attack on Twitter, unheard of for a leading Conservative on a fellow party member.
Cameron, who announced his resignation last week in the wake of the referendum leave vote, said he was leaving it to his successor to formally initiate Article 50, which under the Lisbon Treaty establishing the latest EU set up triggers the procedure for the UK's departure. After nearly two years apart, Europe's Rosetta spacecraft will join stranded robot probe Philae on Sept 30 on the icy surface of a comet hurtling through space, which will be their eternal resting place, mission control said on Thursday.
After its crashlanding, communications with Rosetta will be severed once and for all, closing the historic mission to unravel the secrets of comets - believed to be time capsules from the birth of the Solar System. The data obtained from Rosetta and Philae will continue to be analyzed for months and years to come, with many more discoveries thought possible. The $1.4-billion mission, approved in 1993, saw Rosetta launched into space in March 2004, with a comet lander dubbed Philae riding piggyback. The pair traveled some 6.5 billion kilometers - aided by gravity boosts from Earth and Mars - before entering the comet's orbit in August 2014.
Three months later, Rosetta sent the 100-kilogram Philae probe down to the comet surface, starting a deep-space saga closely watched around the world via cartoon recreations of the pioneering pair.
The washing machine-sized robot, with 10 instruments for sniffing and prodding, bounced several times after its harpoons failed to fire into the comet surface.
It ended up in a ditch shadowed from the Sun's battery-replenishing rays, but still managed to run about 60 hours of experiments and send home reams of valuable data before entering standby mode.
As 67P neared the Sun on its elongated orbit, Philae emerged from hibernation in June 2015 and sent a two-minute message via Rosetta, eliciting great excitement on Earth. But after eight intermittent communications, the lander went permanently silent on July 2015.
Rosetta has continued to probe the comet from a distance, without catching sight of its long-lost charge. Ground controllers will start changing Rosetta's orbit in August, bringing it progressively nearer the surface.
It's the birthplace of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and his brother, President Raul Castro. Their father Angel planted and sold sugar cane and timber as well as raising cattle on 119 square kilometers of land in Biran, deep in the lush green hill country of Holguin province in eastern Cuba.
Visitors who roam the complex, often in sweltering heat, can see the crib where Fidel Castro was born, the bedroom he shared with his brothers and the cockfighting arena where his father's birds fought.
It was the first farm expropriated under Cuba's move toward collectivized agriculture and was once due to be flooded by a reservoir, though that was never built. But since 2002, the site has been a museum, and it is gaining increasing attention in the run-up to Fidel Castro's 90th birthday on Aug 13. Museum director Lazaro Castro, no relation to Fidel, said 27,800 people visited the site in 2015, two-thirds of them Cubans. Biran sits in an isolated part of Holguin province, a place of farms and livestock where people still travel dusty roads by bicycle and horse cart.
A guide shows tourists the bedroom that was shared by Fidel Castro and his brother, President Raul Castro, in Biran, Cuba.
A Hindu temple worker was hacked to death in western Bangladesh on Friday, police said, the latest in a series of attacks on religious minorities by suspected Islamists. Ten women died when their rubber boat sank off the coast of Libya on Thursday, the Italian coast guard said. India's first locally-built combat aircraft officially took to the skies on Friday, 33 years after it was cleared for development, marking a long-held goal of cutting expensive imports to build a domestic defense-industrial base.
Israeli security forces said they shot and killed a Palestinian woman in the flashpoint city of Hebron in the West Bank after she tried to stab police officers near a military checkpoint on Friday morning. A worker at a federal laboratory in Colorado intentionally manipulated test results for years, possibly tainting research that includes toxic metals in the Everglades, uranium near the Grand Canyon and coal in Afghanistan, investigators said. The United States announced on Thursday the first fatality in a wreck involving a car in self-driving mode, the 40-year-old owner of a technology company, who nicknamed his vehicle "Tessy", had praised its sophisticated "Autopilot" system just one month earlier for preventing a collision on an interstate. The tunnel, located in the Ponar forest, known today as Paneriai, outside of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, is the site where some 100,000 people, including 70,000 Jews, were killed and thrown into pits during Nazi occupation. In the quest to find the tunnel, the team of archaeologists, geophysicists and Jewish historians from Israel, the United States, Canada and Lithuania did not want to disturb any human remains in the mass burial pits at the site.
So the researchers used scanning technology called electrical resistivity tomography - the same kind used in mineral and oil exploration - to map out the path of the 34-meter - long tunnel.
The prisoners were dubbed the Burning Brigade and they lived in fear that once their task was complete, they too would be killed. According to accounts, one prisoner, Isaac Dogim, was piling decomposed corpses when he recognized members of his own family, including his wife.
Then on April 15, 1944, in the middle of the night, 40 prisoners filed off their chains and fled through the narrow tunnel. A Lithuanian archaeologist discovered the tunnel entrance in 2004, and the museum called on the research team to search for the entire tunnel. Last year, the same research team used ground penetrating radar to discover parts of the old Great Synagogue of Vilna, which was demolished by Soviet authorities after the war. A Boston-based publishing company has decided to donate proceeds from Adolf Hitler's infamous manifesto Mein Kampf to a local organization that works with aging Holocaust survivors. The move comes after publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt was criticized by Jewish advocates for its plans to donate proceeds and royalties from the book to Boston-area cultural organizations, and not necessarily to those that combat anti-Semitism. Following the backlash, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt partnered with Boston-based Combined Jewish Philanthropies to determine "how best to provide aid directly to the victims of the horrific events of the Holocaust," Andrew Russell, the publisher's director of corporate social responsibility, said in a statement.
The publisher had been donating proceeds from sales of the book to organizations that combat anti-Semitism since 2000, but last year announced they were going to widen the scope to include other cultural organizations. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf - or "My Struggle"-after he was jailed following the failed 1923 coup attempt known as the Beer Hall Putsch.
Children born in developing countries this year will lose more than $177 billion in potential lifetime earnings because of stunting and other delays in physical development, scientists said on Wednesday.
Children who have poor growth in their first years of life tend to perform worse at school which usually leads to poorer earning power later on. The Harvard scientists calculated that every dollar invested in eliminating poor early growth would yield a $3 return.
Poor nutrition, premature birth, low breast-feeding rates and early exposure to infection are among several causes of stunting which affects three in 10 children in the developing world. World Bank President Jim Yong Kim recently warned that childhood stunting was "a great unrecognized disaster", adding that countries which failed to invest in early child development would be left behind in an increasingly complex, digital world.
Echoing his remarks, Singer said the economic value of investing in children's early years was "absolutely humongous". Progress in improving early childhood physical development has been slow compared to the significant achievements in reducing under-five mortality rates, the report said.
The Harvard scientists arrived at the $177 billion figure after looking at indicators for the 123 million children born in 2010 in 137 low and middle-income countries.
Prince William, his wife Kate and brother Harry were set to attend a vigil at the Thiepval Memorial surrounded by the bucolic fields where about 1 million British, French and German troops lost their lives in the nearly five-month battle. Some 20,000 British forces died on that first day of the battle, the bloodiest day in the country's military history, while thousands more were maimed and wounded.
Vernon said he was coming to remember his great-uncle - also named William - a banker who died aged 26 in the Battle of the Somme on July 16, 1916. Vernon's son - 33-year-old William - said he felt it was important to pay tribute to his relative who died "in the most horrendous conditions. For the first time France and Britain, which fought side by side in the battle, are holding a joint commemoration ceremony at the site.
Beleaguered British Prime Minister David Cameron - mired in a battlefield of his own after Britain voted to leave the European Union - has confirmed he will attend alongside his French President Francois Hollande. Hollande made a last-minute change to his schedule to attend and show that "beyond what is happening at a European level, the United Kingdom remains a friend with which France wants to keep a relationship," a source close to the president told AFP. Prince Charles will also attend the main ceremony at Thiepval on Friday, while 20,000 people are expected at tributes in the Picardy region at six different memorials, according to local authorities. The Thiepval Memorial is the largest Commonwealth war memorial in the world, commemorating more than 72,000 men who died. On the Allied side, the battle was seen as a military tragedy not only for the British, but also for their comrades in arms from Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. In the meantime, health officials have warned couples to refrain from unprotected sex for six months after a male partner is infected. Borrowing money earmarked for other programs, the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has started enrolling men infected with Zika in Brazil and Colombia in the study to determine how long the virus remains transmittable in semen.
Public health officials are alarmed by Zika's transmission versatility, which has the potential to expand its reach. But at least 10 countries, including the United States and France, have reported Zika infections in people who had not traveled to an outbreak area but whose sexual partners had.
To protect women who are pregnant or trying to conceive, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended couples refrain from unprotected sex for six months - triple the 62 days the virus survived in the semen in one British case study.
But such strict advice is not ideal, Doctor Anne Schuchat, a CDC deputy director, said in an interview. In the US territory of Puerto Rico, where more than 2,100 cases of infection have been reported since the start of the year, health officials are passing out Zika protection kits that include bug spray and condoms, along with the recommendation.
But the warning against unprotected sex isn't going over very well, said Doctor Chris Prue, a CDC behavioral scientist who has studied the response.
Teheran and Ankara asked to list the work of Jalalud-Din Muhammad Rumi as their joint heritage on the UN's "Memory of the World" register in May. The register, falling under the UN's cultural organization UNESCO, was formed in 1997 to protect the world's documentary heritage - archives, correspondence and writing - especially in troubled or conflict-ridden areas. But the Afghan government has denounced the bid, which mainly concerns the 25,600 verses of Masnavi-i-Ma'navi, one of the most influential works in Persian literature. He is one of the best-selling poets in the United States, and his works have been translated into more than 23 languages. The poet and philosopher "was born in Balkh in Afghanistan and made us proud," the Ministry of Information and Culture insisted. UNESCO "never asked us" about the proposal, Harron Haklimi, the ministry's spokesman, said, acknowledging that Kabul had been beaten to the punch but hoping they can yet convince the organization that Afghanistan has the better claim to the poet. For Afghans, who learn his poems in primary school, Rumi is "Maulana Jalaludin Balkh" or "Maulana" (literally "our master"). Most researchers agree he was born in Balkh, Afghanistan in 1207 - though this too has been the subject of debate: a few argue he was born just across the border, in what is modern day Tajikistan, in a region also known as Balkh.
Today, the Afghan town of Balkh is a small provincial settlement, but back then it was an ancient religious capital and center for Buddhist and Persian literature. The young Rumi and his family fled to Turkey, where he spent most of his life - he died in the city of Konya in 1273. But for Afghans, he remains a child of their country and it is still possible to visit the house in which they believe he was born.
The powerful governor of Balkh province, former warlord General Ata Mohammad Noor called on Afghanistan's representative to the United Nations to protest. To accede to it without mentioning Afghanistan would be unacceptable, said the director of Balkh's provincial cultural department, Salih Mohammad Khaleeq.

The two-time Oscar winner and five-time Academy Award nominee came to embody the elegant glamour of the silver screen in the 1930s and 1940s. But she also made waves with a landmark legal battle against the Hollywood studios and a secret feud with her equally famous sister, Joan Fontaine. The 1939 box-office blockbuster Gone with the Wind brought de Havilland wide acclaim for her role as the noble, long-suffering Melanie, starring opposite Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in the US Civil War epic.
Her performance as love rival to the fiery Scarlett O'Hara, played by Leigh, led to de Havilland's first Oscar nod for best supporting actress.
But she lost out to costar Hattie McDaniel, who played the character of Mammy and became the first African-American to win an Academy Award. The film sealed de Havilland's reputation as one of Hollywood's top leading ladies, but with her doe-eyed looks she soon felt frustrated at the roles she was offered, fearful of being typecast as a sweet, innocent young thing.
Her screen debut had come as Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream in 1935 after director Max Re inhardt spotted her in a local theater production of the play. She won accolades for her role opposite swashbuckling actor Errol Flynn in Captain Blood later the same year, and their on-screen chemistry persuaded studio bosses to cast her alongside Flynn in seven other movies.
De Havilland incurred the wrath of the bosses at Warner Bros, who at that time effectively owned their stars, by rejecting script after script she felt stereotyped her.
In what was a shocking move for the era, she sued the studios to be released from her seven-year contract and won, in a far-reaching 1945 ruling which gave actors the right to choose their own roles and career paths. Turkey on Thursday detained 13 suspected Islamic State extremists over the deadly Istanbul airport attack, as chilling details emerged of how suicide bombers launched their assault. The death toll from Tuesday's gun and suicide bomb rampage at Ataturk airport has risen to 43, with 13 foreigners among the dead and 239 people injured.
Turkey has been plunged into mourning over the carnage, the deadliest of several attacks to strike the country's biggest city this year. Police carried out 16 raids across Istanbul early on Thursday, an official said, with three foreign nationals among the detained. Turkey has suffered a string of deadly attacks in the past year blamed on either IS or Kurdish rebels, and the airport attack comes just at the start of the crucial summer tourist season. Interior Minister Efkan Ala told reporters late on Wednesday there was an ongoing "serious and comprehensive investigation" into who was behind the attack.
CIA Director John Brennan said on Wednesday that the attack has the earmarks of strikes by IS militants and that the group is likely trying to hit the United States in the Middle East and on US soil. Details are emerging of how the attackers arrived at Turkey's busiest airport by taxi before indiscriminately firing at passengers with automatic rifles and detonating suicide bombs. Cihan Tunctas had just disembarked from a flight from Azerbaijan when he heard the sound of gunfire. In seven of 15 countries outside of the United States polled by Pew Research Center, Trump's ratings are in the single digits. He polls best in China, where there is a split between 40 percent who have no confidence in Trump and 39 percent who do not offer an opinion. The survey, which examines international attitudes toward the US, gauged opinions from 20,132 people in Canada, the US, 10 nations in Europe and four in the Asia-Pacific between April 4 and May 29. Pew said that in many of the countries where polling trends were available, views of former secretary of state have improved significantly since 2008 when she was running for the Democratic nomination against Barack Obama. The countries surveyed were Canada, the US, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, France, Britain, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Australia, Japan, China and India.
Obama and the leaders of Mexico and Canada pushed back forcefully on Wednesday against the isolationist and anti-immigrant sentiments that have roiled Britain and been championed by Trump. US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Bangor,Maine, onWednesday. Johnson, whose support for the campaign to leave the EU was widely considered one of the decisive factors in the campaign, had been bookmakers' runaway favorite to succeed David Cameron, who quit last week after failing to persuade British voters to stay in the bloc. Johnson's unexpected departure from the race, announced just minutes before the party unveiled the list of candidates, shows the speed with which the political landscape is being reshaped.
Cameron's replacement will face tough talks with the EU to mend a broken relationship - balancing a desire to reduce immigration to Britain while trying to secure the economy by maintaining access to European markets. Johnson's departure from the race followed swiftly after another leading ally in the pro-Brexit campaign, Justice Secretary Michael Gove, put himself forward as a candidate, saying he had withdrawn support for Johnson. Gove will face off against Theresa May, the interior minister, who campaigned to remain in the EU, as well as other candidates for the ruling party's leadership. Work and pensions minister Stephen Crabb announced his candidacy on Wednesday, while right-wing former defense minister Liam Fox is also expected to run.
The Brexit vote has sent the pound plunging and prompted economists to slash their growth forecasts for the one of the world's biggest economies.
US President Barack Obama warned on Wednesday that Brexit raised "longer-term concerns about global growth". The result has exposed deep divisions in the United Kingdom and triggered anger among those who wanted to remain in the EU, many of whom believe "Leave" voters were misled and that a second referendum is needed. However, 58 percent of Britons believe the result should stand against 31 percent who think the vote should be rerun, according to a YouGov poll.
European leaders, keen not to encourage burgeoning anti-EU movements across the continent, have warned that Britain will not be able to pick and choose the cosiest terms of divorce.
The Airbus A320 plunged into the eastern Mediterranean Sea en route from Paris to Cairo on May 19, killing all 66 people on board.
Recovered wreckage from the jet's front section showed signs of high temperature damage and soot, Egypt's Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee said. The opposition Mongolian People's Party has won a decisive victory in parliamentary elections in the landlocked nation where a fall in commodity prices has sent the economy into a sharp decline.
A vocal critic of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was charged with corruption on Thursday in a further blow to the divided opposition, which alleged that the case was politically motivated. A fire in a pharmacy engulfed residential quarters of a Mumbai suburban building early on Thursday, killing eight people, police said. An Australian teenager accused of discussing packing a kangaroo with explosives and setting it loose on police is facing life behind bars after pleading guilty on Thursday to planning a terrorist act.
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has permitted registered Afghan refugees to remain in the country until the end of the year, the government said as an earlier deadline was set to expire.
A teacher conducts a lesson for internally displaced children inside a cave in the rebel-controlled village of Tramla in Idlib province, Syria. Syrian student Ali Khaled Stouf has to walk down several steps into a hole in the ground to get inside his school - a cave. There for four hours each morning, he studies subjects like Arabic, English, math and religion, sitting on a rug with dozens of children in the underground space in Tramla, an opposition-held village in Syria's northwestern Idlib province.
His teacher Mohamed and his wife, also from Hama, have opened up their underground home to teach some 100 children, whose families have been displaced by the Syrian conflict.
More than five years of war, which began as a peaceful protest against President Bashar al-Assad and has since drawn in foreign military involvement and allowed for the growth of Islamic State, has displaced millions of Syrian children and limited their access to education. With schools themselves at times attacked, teachers make do with the basics to provide education. Mohamed said the primitive, six-month-old school floods when it rains, forcing him to teach outside or in a tent, although he prefers the security underground.
Idlib province is a stronghold of insurgent groups including the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front and has been regularly targeted in airstrikes by the Syrian government, whose war effort has been boosted by the Russian air force. At the Souriya al-Ammal (Syria the hope) school, in the town of Maarat al-Numan, corridors and classrooms are bullet-ridden and sometimes crumbling. In the nearby town of Saraqib, a mobile caravan serves as a classroom, run by a group aiming to reach children who have no access to schooling in the area. In the rebel-held town of Douma, outside Damascus, Mounir Abdelaziz, a member of the opposition-run education body, said local schools were using old textbooks, but with changes.
A worker from the Casa da Moeda do Brasil (Brazilian Mint) prepares a Rio 2016 Paralympic medal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Tuesday.
The 500-gram Olympic gold medals that Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and other athletes will be competing for in Rio de Janeiro are nearly 99 percent silver. Each of the 5,130 Olympic and Paralympic medals takes about 48 hours to make, said Berbert, who has an 80-strong team working shifts around the clock. Nike, the winged goddess of victory in Ancient Greece, is minted on one side below the five Olympic rings, while the discipline for which the medal has been won is engraved along its edge.
Demonstrators show London's solidarity with the European Union following the recent EU referendum, in Trafalgar Square, central London, on Tuesday.
European leaders met on Wednesday without Britain for the first time in 40 years to prepare for life after the Brexit bombshell. Highlighting the seismic shock from last week's referendum, one person who was in Brussels however was Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, "utterly determined" to see Scotland remain in the EU.
At a summit described as "sad" on Tuesday, British Prime Minister David Cameron won some breathing space from the remaining 27 leaders of the bloc five days after Britain rocked financial markets by voting 52 to 48 percent to leave the bloc. Juncker warned Britain did not have "months to meditate" before triggering Article 50 - the EU treaty clause that begins the two-year withdrawal process - after Cameron's successor takes office in early September. German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier warned that London could not "cherry-pick" the terms of the exit negotiations. Cameron flew back to London after Tuesday's summit, as Sturgeon headed in the opposite direction to test the waters in Brussels for her country joining the bloc as a separate entity. Scotland overwhelmingly backed "Remain" in last Thursday's vote, and the combative Sturgeon has said she was "utterly determined to preserve Scotland's relationship and place within the EU". That may require a new referendum on Scottish independence, with Sturgeon saying that the Britain from the last vote in 2014 "does not exist any more" following the Brexit vote. Top of the agenda at Wednesday's EU meeting was how the remaining 27 members can bolster unity after the shock of the British vote. Meanwhile, thousands protested in London on Tuesday, waving EU flags and placards saying: "Stop Brexit" and chanting "Fromage (cheese), not Farage!", a reference to Nigel Farage, a key figure in the "Leave" camp.
Britain's Conservative party launched the race on Wednesday to succeed Prime Minister David Cameron after last week's stunning Brexit vote, with former London mayor and top "Leave" campaigner Boris Johnson tipped as the front-runner.
With turmoil surging through both of Britain's main parties, defiant opposition Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn faced a looming leadership challenge after Thursday's referendum.
Johnson, who led the "Leave" campaign, tops the opinion polls along with interior minister Theresa May for the Conservative leadership, and therefore the keys to 10 Downing Street. But in Brussels on Tuesday, at least for the cameras, the British prime minister cut a relaxed figure, one who shared his regret with other leaders but one who was resigned to offering advice from the sidelines on how to fix a broken relationship. For the others at the table, summit protocol - and a dash of genuine fellow feeling for another highflying career undone at the ballot box - ensured a formal politeness. Outside, however, as Cameron aides told British reporters that he felt easy EU migration policy had cost them Britain's membership - and Cameron his job - EU officials hit back, accusing the British leadership of reaping the whirlwind of years of anti-EU rhetoric and making vows to cut immigration he could not keep.
After relinquishing his premiership when Britain voted for a Brexit against his advice, Cameron came to Brussels as a caretaker leader, one who wanted to help "shape" Britain's future ties with the EU for a new prime minister. As he shook hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk and others, there was occasional awkwardness but also, his aides said, he was pleased that he had won some "understanding" that he had to resign. And despite irritation that he has reneged on a promise to trigger the withdrawal process immediately, an EU official also acknowledged that Cameron's move to leave that job to whoever succeeds him was the mark of "a clever tactician to the end". Hours after the tense march held under tight security, the right-dominated Senate approved its version of the hotly contested legislation aimed at reining in unemployment by freeing up the job market. Police made 38 arrests, including 27 people who were prevented from marching mainly because they were carrying potential projectiles.
Minor scuffles were reported during this 11th demonstration against the reforms since a wave of protests began on March 9. Many have descended into violence, reaching a peak in Paris on June 14, just four days after the start of the Euro 2016 soccer championships in France, when around 40 people were hurt and dozens were arrested. On Tuesday, some 2,500 riot police were deployed for a crowd estimated by officials at between 14,000 and 15,000 people, while organizers put the figure at 55,000. Seven unions, meanwhile, submitted what they called partial results from a public survey on the draft labor law, with 92 percent of 700,000 respondents calling for its withdrawal.
French President Francois Hollande said last week that his government would "go all the way" to enact the reforms, which are seen by critics as too pro-business and a threat to cherished workers' rights. Prime Minister Manuel Valls was scheduled to meet union leaders on Wednesday and Thursday but has already signaled he is not open to further modifying a text that has already been watered down.
Valls, who has been a lightning rod for criticism because of his unrelenting stance on the reforms, conceded little by agreeing to the meetings.
The prime minister's office said "it is not a matter of reopening a cycle of negotiations". Philippe Martinez, secretary-general of the hard line CGT union, said he hoped the meeting would not be a mere "courtesy call just to have a coffee". Unions said the main sticking point is a measure giving precedence to agreements negotiated between companies and their staff over deals reached with unions across entire industrial sectors - notably on working hours. The two sides have not met since early March, although Valls telephoned union leaders on May 28.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday sought to heal ties in their first phone call since Ankara downed one of Moscow's jets in Syria last year. A statement from the Turkish presidency said Erdogan and Putin "highlighted the importance of the normalization of bilateral relations between Turkey and Russia". Putin also condemned the "heinous" attack at Istanbul's Ataturk airport on Monday that killed at least 41 people and offered condolences to the Turkish people, the statement said.
The phone call came after Erdogan on Monday sent a letter to Putin that Moscow said contained an apology. The downing of the plane in November ruptured relations and saw Moscow impose a raft of sanctions, including an embargo on Turkish food products and a ban on charter flights and the sale of package tours to the country. It also sparked a bitter war of words between the leaders with Putin calling it a "stab in the back" and demanding an apology from Erdogan.
Ankara has said Erdogan expressed his "regret" over the incident in Monday's letter to Putin and asked the family of the pilot who died to "excuse us", but has not explicitly confirmed he apologized for shooting down the plane. Kremlin has described the letter as an "important step" but warned that "there is no need to think that in several days it will be possible to normalize everything". Premier Li Keqiang meets with representatives of business leaders attending Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin on Tuesday. Klaus Schwab: Premier Li Keqiang, thank you for sharing with us such a comprehensive and integrated vision of China's economy. When the size of China's economy has become so big, if we still blindly pursue a high growth speed, it will only put more pressure on our resources and the environment, and such growth is unsustainable.
In the meantime, we will not underestimate the "variables" in the global economy, nor the potential risks and challenges in China's economy. Klaus Schwab: Maybe with the industrial revolution, in five to ten years, we will have implanted microphones. Li Keqiang: As I said in the special address, to crack the hard nut of the sluggish global economic recovery, we must address the issue at its root. Mankind has the wisdom of embracing such new hope, hope of the new round of industrial revolution. Second, we need to implement fiscal and tax incentives to support innovation and development of new industries. Third, we will implement differentiated industrial policies to support the new round of scientific revolution and industrial transformation.
To conclude, I want to emphasize that next time when we meet again, whether you are engaged in transforming a traditional industry or developing a new one, you are all the new champions. Feike Sijbesma, Chairman and CEO of Royal DSM: Premier Li, in recent years, the Chinese government has made vigorous efforts to pursue structural reform, including reforms of the SOEs and functions in the government, and cut in taxes and fees, etc. Li Keqiang: Before answering your question, I want to first express my high appreciation to the World Economic Forum for forging such a close partnership with the Chinese side.
In recent years, the Chinese government has made hard efforts in advancing all-around reform to create the necessary conditions for structural reforms and use structural reform in return to underpin sustained and steady economic growth.

In pursuing structural reforms, especially supply-side structural reforms, we have focused on streamlining administration, delegating government power and lifting the undue restrictions on companies and the market. The endeavor of streamlining administration and delegating power and encouragement of mass entrepreneurship and innovation have also contributed to the improvement of the economic structure.
Second, we have introduced significant tax cuts and eliminated the undue administrative fees. Third, we have continued to reform SOEs, including large SOEs, to make them leaner but healthier and to ensure that they focus on main businesses, cut the excessive tiers of management and introduce mixed ownership in order to enhance their core competitiveness.
In one word, reform is the fundamental driving force for China's economic development, and we will stay firm on this course. Li Keqiang: China is the world's largest developing country and a country that is still in the process of industrialization.
I-Comers.US juga sangat search engine friendly, artinya orang-orang yang mencari produk dan jasa dengan menggunakan search engine seperti Google, Yahoo juga akan menemukan iklan-iklan Anda.
Raya Centex, Ciracas, Jakarta Timur (Sederetan dengan pabrik tekstil Centex, bersebrangan dgn Alfamart Centex). Peace Ark is the only Chinese PLA vessel that is participating in the RIMPAC for a second time. Such exchanges may or may not be able to dispel misunderstanding, but they are helpful for keeping decision-makers engaged in a frank atmosphere, which will greatly reduce the chance of direct conflict," he said.
This is a time to treat your vote as if that is the single vote that will determine the next government," he said.
So, too, could far right parties, including Pauline Hanson's One Nation, who have campaigned on anti-immigration, anti-Muslim agendas. He had been expected to back a bid by Johnson, for whom he acted as campaign manager during the referendum. The "I" newspaper headed its story "Et Tu, Gove", a reference to Roman emperor Julius Caesar's supposed last words, immortalized by William Shakespeare, when close friend Marcus Brutus helped stab him to death. To the north of the city, near the town of Gibara, the island has built one of its few wind farms to harness the air blowing across the Caribbean. Three men on a motorcycle attacked Shyamananda Das as he walked along a road near the temple early in the morning, police said. India's fighter aircraft fleet, made up of a mix of Russian, British and French planes, is down to 33 squadrons as against the air force's requirement of 45. Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said that the woman, armed with a knife, approached a Border Police post near Ibrahimi Mosque, a site holy to both Muslims and Jews, who revere it as the "Cave of the Patriarchs". The falsified data from a US Geological Survey lab may have affected 24 coal, water and environmental research projects costing a total of $108 million, according to a report released recently by the Interior Department's inspector general.
The government said it is investigating the design and performance of the system aboard the Tesla Model S sedan.
Jewish and Soviet prisoners were brought to the Ponar forest from Stutthof concentration camp. Guards quickly discovered them and many were shot, but 11 prisoners managed to escape to the forest, reach partisan forces and survive the war.
Moving forward, the proceeds from Mein Kampf will be donated to Jewish Family& Children's Service of Greater Boston for "direct support of the health and human services needs of (Holocaust) survivors," Russell said. Chan School of Public Health said their research represented the first in-depth study of the economic impact of poor early growth in low - and middle-income countries. I feel it's important to remember these things," said 73-year-old Irishman William Vernon, arriving at the tiny train station of the village Albert under rainy skies to attend the main commemoration ceremony set for Friday. The extraordinary recommendation, based on a single report of Zika surviving 62 days in semen, could affect millions. The study could take years to complete, but interim results could help public health officials fine-tune their recommendations on sex. It is primarily spread by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, as are the dengue and chikungunya viruses.
This ability to spread through sex could help Zika gain a further foothold outside the warm habitats of its most effective agent, the mosquito.
A bid by Iran and Turkey to do so has exasperated Afghanistan, country of his birth eight centuries ago. Hollywood is planning a Rumi biopic - also mired in controversy after rumored plans for Leonardo DiCaprio to play him were met with accusations of "whitewashing".
It was there that his son founded the Order of the Whirling Dervishes to perpetuate his father's teachings. No one thought I would win, but I did." In a real-life Hollywood drama, de Havilland was estranged for many years from her sister Joan Fontaine. In a twist of fate, de Havilland fell ill as a girl leading to an initially short stay in California that stretched into years. Large majorities in 11 of the countries have little or no confidence in the prospective Republican presidential nominee ability to manage international affairs. Trump, who has advocated trade protectionism and temporarily banning Muslims from entering the US, records his highest ratings in Europe among supporters of political parties that are anti-immigration or oppose European integration. A median of 59 percent in Europe have confidence in the Democratic contender - compared with just 9 percent for Trump. In all countries surveyed other than Greece, half or more of those polled express confidence in the US president. The leaders warned against easy solutions peddled by "demagogues" who feed on economic anxiety. The head of the national election commission said on Thursday that the MPP won 65 out of 76 seats in the national legislature. Lim Guan Eng has repeatedly demanded that Najib explain a massive financial scandal that engulfed his administration last year. A fire official said the victims were asleep when the fire broke out and were trapped on the first floor of the building in Andheri district in India's financial and entertainment capital.
Sevdet Besim was arrested in Melbourne last year when he was 18 and accused of planning to run down police officers with a car, behead them and then shoot other people at an April 25 Anzac Day parade for Australia's soldiers. In a statement late on Wednesday, the government said Sharif directed authorities to immediately engage the UN refugee agency and the Afghan government for the gradual relocation of refugee camps in Pakistan to Afghanistan.
Several people who live in the cave have set up a school in it for the children during the day. In one less damaged area, walls have been repainted and the school now has some 250 pupils. Teachers in Idlib said they relied on charities or used books printed in neighboring Turkey by the opposition run Directorate of Education. And this morning it looks like they aren't sitting at the table any more", European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said as he arrived on Wednesday.
But outside the room many leaders, and their spin doctors, made clear they blame Cameron for driving the Union to the brink of collapse. The November incident froze relations between the two nations and saw Moscow slap sanctions on Ankara. The truth is, a medium-high growth is good enough for us in adding jobs, increasing personal income and improving the environment.
I hope that all the business people present here will be long-term investors in China's market and a force for boosting such a trend. The Chinese government has made a strong call for innovation-driven development, including both technological innovation and institutional innovation to create more room for everyone to be an innovator.
The central government has adopted a series of preferential tax measures and provided financial support.
We will upgrade traditional industries, enforce stricter environmental, safety and product quality standards to cut overcapacity and eliminate backward capacity. Could you share with us the priorities in those structural reforms and the progress China is making? In particular, we have reformed the corporate registration system and investment review system. In this process, micro businesses and SMEs have been the largest contributor of new jobs, and made the service sector the biggest sector in the economy. We are creating conditions and the environment for SOEs and private companies to compete as equals on a level playing field. My company is investing in cloud computing infrastructure across China with our partner Baidu.
Why we should love and hate, why vegetarianism and why not drug, alcohol etc.     PEACEFUL LIVING PROGRAM - in pyramid cottage -    For mental, spiritual, internal peace and nature living in pyramid cottage with lush green peaceful atmosphere, unrestrained daily routine, voluntary yoga, pranayam, meditation, cleansing acts, spiritual class, personal chintan-sadhana etc. The crew size is only smaller than that of the US and Canada among all 26 countries take part.
They are beneficial to the bilateral country-to-country and military-to-military relationship," she said.
Police said the 50-year-old, also known as Babaji, was a volunteer who helped conduct prayers at temples. The latest incidents came as the navy revised down the estimated death toll in a 2015 migrant shipwreck thought to be one of the worst in history, as the doomed vessel was taken to a Sicilian port after being raised from the seabed. With their legs chained, they were forced to dig up the mass graves, collect bodies and burn them. Their quest is the subject of a forthcoming documentary by the science series NOVA, premiering in the United States next year. A study of sexual transmission risk is one example of science that health officials said can't wait for politics. She also gets positive marks in Canada, Australia and Japan, although views are mixed in China, where 37 percent say they have confidence in her and 35 percent say they do not. That includes more than 80 percent in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Australia. The ruling Democratic Party won just nine seats while independents and smaller parties won two seats. The gold is free of mercury, which is often used to separate gold from ore and can poison local ecosystems if not carefully disposed of. We should not underestimate the challenge related to leading such a large economy]]> On Monday, Premier Li Keqiang answered questions from Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab after delivering a special address at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin.
As I said in the special address, the central government debt ratio is pretty low and there is room for us to do more in implementing the proactive fiscal policy. We will use fine-tuning measures to address short-term problems, just as I was fine-tuning my earplug to see if the audio services at the meeting venue have satisfied your need. Your mentioned the importance of the fourth industrialization for the future of China's economy. This new round of industrial revolution, however one may call it, is now booming and it is a force that no one can afford to overlook. We are championing mass entrepreneurship and innovation in a bid to bring out as much potential of each individual as possible.
Yesterday I was briefed by the Tianjin local officials and learned that the Tianjin municipal government has provided guarantee support and risk compensation for the financing extended to innovation-oriented companies.
We will introduce supportive measures to boost the growth of new industries and provide new forms of business reasonable space for growth. What happened in the past couple of years has shown that the Chinese government has not resorted to massive stimulus measures. As a result, in the last couple of years, as many as 40,000 new market entities get registered on an average daily basis.
Consumption has been on the rise, fast yet steady, and it has exceeded investment in terms of contribution to GDP growth. The activity rate of newly registered companies this year is higher than last year, standing at above 70%. Such a growth has been achieved when the size of the Chinese economy has reached 10 trillion US dollars.
Now what policies will the Chinese government introduce to fully leverage the potential of this fourth industrial revolution? We have seen such examples in our real world that even an intellectually challenged person may demonstrate a genius' talent in certain areas. This way, the financial institutions, venture capital and angel capital can provide stronger support for developing new industries and upgrading traditional industries. Instead, we have focused on structural reforms, especially supply-side structural reforms to bring out the creativity of each and every individual and potential of the market.
My question is about China's strategy to upgrade its manufacturing industry and boost its internet development, specifically the Made in China 2025 and internet+ initiatives. So, the 6.7% growth has generated more additional output than a double digit growth several years ago.
That means there is still more that we can do to pursue financial reform, harness existing funds and enhance the transmission mechanism for the financial sector to better serve the real economy. It seems that we share such an impression among us that if you go to a place dominated by traditional companies or industries, you may see a lot of problems and find the situation disheartening, but if you go to a place or a company which has seized the opportunity of the new round of industrial revolution and where new industries are booming, you feel that the new economy and new drivers are bringing not just hope but powerful strength. These efforts have improved China's economic structure and supported a medium-high growth of the economy. Voluntary fast, meditation in pyramid cottage with swar vigyan practices unrestrained daily routine. And you also shared with us this growth rate is quite stable, but there are still very substantial downward pressures. And we have focused on advancing structural reforms and succeeded in sustaining medium-high growth. In a word, we are prepared with a good "toolbox" of macro policy instruments to deal with greater challenges. Comfortable stay, satvik naturopathy food-drinks and minutes of the day will be followed as desired by the participants.
Now, my question would be: are there any special measures which the Chinese government will take to secure healthy and sustainable economic development? I can also tell you that since last year, growth of Chinese exports has on the whole been in the negative territory. I wish to emphasize that the market should view those short-term fluctuations in China's economy in a calm way. Dengan system teknology baru dan server kecepatan tinggi akan membuat permainan poker anda lebih seru dan menarik bersama teman2x anda maupun saingan anda. We have relied on our internal drivers to spur growth and our domestic market to provide the room for development. When viewed in the whole of the year and in the long run, China's economy will stay within the proper range and maintain steady growth, and we will be able to strike a balance between steady growth and structural adjustment and, by pursing structural reforms especially supply-side structural reforms, achieve more sustainable development. Nature cures for physical fitness, body tone up, memory improvement, mind development and mental peace. And we have achieved such growth while tackling the long-standing problems in China's development.
Nature cures herbal retreat. USEFUL IN - Stress, depression, hopelessness, sadness, sleeping disorder, anxiety, insomnia, mania, fear, suicide tendency, physiological disorder, hypertension, general weakness. INCREASE - Mental power & peace, efficiency, energy, cheerfulness, self confidence and concentration of the mind.

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