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One of the biggest misunderstandings in the muscle building world is that of compound exercises vs. Despite all the literature on the superiority of multi-joint (compound) movements over body part training, many men and women continue to center their training sessions around single-joint (isolation) movements.
This isn’t just about getting as big as possible, piling on muscle and becoming roaring huge. Her trainer has her go through a litany of triceps-isolating exercises all throughout the session: one elbow extension move after another, and variations of triceps kickbacks.
This client believes she’s getting a thorough, effective workout that will change the shape of her arms and shoulders because of all the different body positions her trainer is having her take on, such as leaning her chest into an inclined bench, pulling dumbbells up to her chest, and then kicking the dumbbells behind herself. Another exercise is facing her back to the cable machine stack, body lunging forward, and, hands above her head, doing elbow presses with both hands on the handle.
She believes this will work because it’s one rep after another, dozens and dozens of reps with just the triceps. However, add the chest and shoulder muscles to the mix, and the amount of weight that can be moved skyrockets. Three muscle groups are now joining forces, and the sum of these three groups has a proportionately greater impact on the body than does just moving the triceps (or the shoulders).
Body part training is time consuming in order to generate results, especially that of building a lot of size. The woman in this case will get better, and faster, results by focusing the session on compound movements such as a seated chest press and an incline dumbbell press. Using weights heavy enough for an 8-15 rep max, she will feel her triceps broiling, while at the same time, her chest and shoulders will get hit.
The result, over time, will be a proportionately sculpted or toned upper body, and a much stronger upper body, than if she did mostly single-joint routines. So yes, compound and isolation exercises can coexist in the same program, even in the same session, but most of it should be multi-joint, with isolation work at the end of the session. Compound training is done with heavier weights than is single-joint training, so thus, multi-joint moves should be done first. Another reason to focus on compound training is that these movements mirror everyday movements. On the other hand, think of all the times you’ve had to squat to pick a heavy item off the floor, push against something heavy, or maintain a pulling resistance (holding a leash bent-arm on a large dog that wants to run when you want to walk is a perfect example of a rowing-type motion, involving multiple muscle groups including the core and legs!).
Hold a barbell straight-armed in front of yourself, palms facing you and reverse curl it to shoulder level, then press overhead. Dumbbells should be heavy enough to make this feel difficult all the way through, for a total of 10-20 pushups. Deadlift, barbell squat, farmer walk, bench press, lat pull-down, seated row, chin-up, pull-up, parallel bar dip, seated dip, all for 8-15 reps.

The more muscles that are exercised, the higher the energy expenditure during the movement and also in the hours following the movement. Now, how many calories can the triceps burn, when they are assisting the chest muscles with a bench press of 170 pounds? Compound lifts with heavy weights, even moderate loads, spur elevated production of human growth hormone and testosterone, which are powerful fat burners, and these hormones circulate at elevated levels for hours after the training session.
Compound and isolation exercises can coexist nicely in a training regimen, but emphasis should be on the multi-joint movements, even if the goal is just to tone up.
To learn more about how to make compound routines work their best for burning fat, building muscle and getting as fit as possible, you’ll want to check out No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program by Vince DelMonte, a former marathon runner who built his physique up to rippling muscle with proven techniques. He also provides in-depth information about what foods to eat and avoid for building lean mass and slashing fat.
No-Nonsense Muscle Building because it's a complete step-by-step muscle building success system based on the little-known secrets discovered by an ex-skinny guy nicknamed Skinny Vinny. Simply Enter Your Email Address Below To Receive Your Free eBook " Muscle Building Essentials"!
Substitute Teacher Lesson Plans and Resources May 09, 16 08:21 AMDo you need resources that you can print off and use for your next class? Swimming Coloring Page May 09, 16 07:39 AMHere are five free swimming coloring pages designed for the classroom. The dead-lift is known as the exercise that requires the most weight on the bar for most workouts. One the best exercises to build chest muscles, the bench-press, is the most often used compounded workout to gain muscle faster in the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and you guessed it, the pectorals.
Often overlooked, because of the way they are compounded into most other exercises that focus mainly on other muscles, the shoulders, are one of the easiest groups of the body to compound into a lift. The shoulders can be packaged into any sort of shoulder press through a bar bell or even free weights, the choice is yours.
The great thing about the shoulder press is it makes the muscles work together and increases the amount of overall weight (increased load= bigger muscle mass). In order to build muscle fast and increase your strength stay away from singular joint exercises that isolate on one muscle. Begin using compound lifting techniques by focusing on the workouts you normally do and try consolidating them into a singular workout for ultimate muscle building! Just as with many compound movement, a reverse grip barbell row is an effective way to strengthen your muscles. Bent leg is preferred since this helps in building glutes muscles which is the strongest muscle.
It’s also about building fitness and strength in the musculoskeletal system, and developing an overall sculpted, defined or toned appearance.

Snuffing out the triceps on a ton of isolation reps and then trying to execute one’s best sets of a bench press will be disastrous. For example, how often does one need to execute a leg extension in everyday life, or a hamstring curl, triceps kickback or inner thigh movement?
Pick the weights from the floor as in doing a deadlift, bring them to shoulder height, then press overhead.
While in the up position, row a dumbbell to your chest with the right arm, return to the floor, do another pushup, row with the other arm, do another pushup, and so on – pushups come after every single row, rather than after both arms have rowed.
It proves to be an intense workout that uses the theory behind compounded muscle building to give you a great workout with an easy range of motion.
Through the proper use of this compounded exercise you can see your muscle grow faster than other exercises that require strenuous movements and don’t use multi-joint ranges.
They’re used as stabilizers in many lifts, but often overlooked for other muscle groups that can leave a lifter with what are commonly known as “chicken-legs”, small calves used to support a big body is no match up.
This simple workout of lifting the body with calve raises with even a short period can really burn not only the calves, but throw a twenty five pound weight in there and pressing it above the shoulders and you’ve got multi-joint compounding in the mix! Isolated exercises tend to be one movement exercises such as bicep curls and leg curls among others; these sorts of movements are used primarily to tone muscle as oppose to popular belief. Reverse grip bent-over helps in creating tension in the whole body, which helps in giving a massive complete look. Dips are the most effective and oldest compound movement, quite beneficial and helpful in building triceps, shoulders and chest muscles. The trick is they include plenty of compound exercises in their fitness schedule which explains their strength and high fitness levels.
You will then slowly lower this bar to the top of feet as you bend the hips, as you move your legs to downwards position. They help in offering good stability, they offer great structural support and include lot of muscular force. As you feel a stretch in your hamstring, you will lift the bar by slowly extending your knees and hips till you stand up straight.
Squat as a compound movement can be done in the hip dominant way with hips positioned far back, with feet wide apart and even with low bar. Your head should be up, your back will be flat and shoulders shoulders shall be back throughout.
As you exhale you will raise the bar as you push down the floor, using your heels or using feel.

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