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As soon as you're done with your first exercise in a superset, move on to the second without resting between exercises. To make sure you're really warm, and to kick off the slew of supersets to follow, pair your triceps push-ups with close-grip chin-ups.
In the name of efficiency, both of these exercises use the bench, making it easy to transition from hitting bis to tris. Keep the straight-bar push-downs slow and controlled, so that you really feel the contraction at the end.
In each case, you need to choose two exercises, performing the second exercise immediately after you complete the first. This is the type of superset where you can be expected to lift much more weight in the second exercise, compared to the agonistic version. Despite the fact that you are performing two exercises in quick succession, you should actually have longer rest periods for each muscle than during conventional sets, while still keeping the work rate high. For antagonistic supersetting, there isn’t the same restriction on exercise selection as there tends to be with agonistic supersets. Because you are training opposing muscle groups, you can afford to select two compound movements without worrying too much about overtraining. There doesn’t tend to be a difference in terms of rest periods or the rep and set count, but agonistic supersetting will require you to make a different type of exercise selection to antagonistic supersets. Due to the increased work load on a specific muscle, a popular option is to start off with a heavier compound exercise, then switch to an isolation exercise. A few examples of this would be switching from bench press to dumbbell flys, close grip bench press to single arm extensions, and stiff-legged deadlifts to lying leg curls. There is actually another type of superset, although this tends to be fairly unconventional due to the difficulty in managing exercises across a 4 or 5 day training split. You still need to choose two exercises, but these can work any muscle groups in your body, such as back with triceps or calves with shoulders. But by training muscle groups that are in completely separate areas of the body, this tends to affect your strength in other exercises throughout the week. For example, if you were to perform a superset workout with biceps and shoulders on the Monday, it would make it difficult to get your biceps fully recovered in time for a Wednesday training session of back and chest. This would then limit the development of your back due to the biceps not fully recovering after Monday, leading to further knock-on effects with your strength in other exercises. There’s also the difficulty in effectively warming up muscle groups at opposite ends of the body, which would take longer to do correctly, and if left out, could have a greater risk of injury.
For these and many other reasons, traditional antagonistic and agonistic supersetting is considered much more effective and is highly recommended.
An excellent option if you are training for strength due to the amount of stabilizer muscle activation, compound supersets require two compound exercises to be performed back to back. Generally performed with low rep sets of between 4 and 6 repetitions, this is a popular choice for anyone starting a fresh 12 week cycle specifically targetting strength gains over an increase in size. Due to the amount of weight being greater in each exercise than isolation supersets, it’s best not to perform this workout on a regular basis, to give your central nervous system time to recover. This type of superset is generally not meant to overload a specific muscle group, like many of the other types.
Instead, staggered supersets are where you train muscle groups that aren’t close to each other anatomically. If you’re not already familiar with pre-exhaustion training, this is essentially where you flip the traditional workout on its head, training with isolation exercises before the compound movements. This helps to prevent any loss in strength while still shocking your muscles enough to promote further growth. Don’t expect to lift the same as when you perform the compound movement first, as the whole point is that you exhaust your muscles first with the isolation movement. Not as likely to have an impact on your CNS as compound supersets, but still possible to lead to overtraining due to the emphasis placed on individual muscles. Isolation supersets will see you targetting a specific muscle (such as the biceps) with exercises designed to train that primarily that one muscle group (hammer curls, concentration curls, and dumbbell curls for biceps, for example). A useful option to have if you are running short on time towards the end of a workout, as you usually don’t need to pull together lots of weight plates and setup a barbell. You can simply pick up a set of dumbbells, then perform twice the amount of work you normally would in a much shorter space of time.
This is perhaps the most common form of superset, and has certainly been one of the most popular in monthly fitness magazines in recent years.
Post-exhaustion supersets involves choosing a compound exercise, performing your usual reps, then immediately switching to an isolation exercise for that main muscle group.
There are numerous benefits to including supersets in your workouts, and making them a regular part of your training routine. Time saving – Reducing the amount of time you spend resting between exercises means you can choose to complete your workouts in a shorter amount of time, or add some extra cardio or stretching that you otherwise might not have found time for. Compound antagonistic supersets can actually lead to more weight being lifted, due to the opposing muscle group approach and the reduced likelihood of muscle fatigue on the second exercise. Following the same routine week after week, particularly if it’s caused you to reach a plateau with your results, is the quickest way to lose faith and perhaps even think twice about your plan altogether.
Like any training method, supersetting shouldn’t be adopted as a permanent workout strategy. With lack of interest being amongst the top reasons why people give up on fitness programs, this can not only help you to continue making progress towards your goals, but also keep your workouts feeling fresh and interesting.
As with any training technique, there will always be a few muscle groups or combinations of muscles that respond better than others. Triceps and biceps is one of the all time favourite superset combinations in terms of isolation exercises, but chest and back is possibly the most effective in terms of compound movements. A superset workout that trains chest and back also has the added benefit of working two large muscle groups with compound exercises and heavier weight. You will probably still want to train your back and chest with 4 to 5 exercises each, so depending on your recovery time, it may be beneficial to split the volume and perform your chest and back workout twice per week. The exercises you choose for a chest and back superset have to be thought out fairly carefully, so as not to have a negative impact on your arm and shoulder workouts later in the week.
Regardless of your exercise choice, there will inevitably be a fair amount of bicep and tricep involvement, which is why we recommend keeping your arms workouts 3 days apart from your chest and back workouts to maximise recovery.

For example, supersetting quads and hamstrings by performing squats as your first exercise will require a certain level of involvement by your hamstrings. For strength, this will usually mean keeping your sets in the 4 to 6 rep range, while for size, 8 to 10 reps per set will usually provide the best results.
It’s worth mentioning that this is specific to back and chest workouts due to the larger size of the muscle groups. In terms of putting together your first superset workout, it’s best to start off with something like a post-exhaustion superset for chest and back, with a 2 day split. This essentially means that for the first day, you will be performing chest exercises for your compound lifts and back exercises for your isolation lifts.
On the second day of the split, you would then train back with the compound lifts, and chest with the isolation exercises.
Rep ranges for isolation lifts will be slightly higher than for the compound exercises to force more blood and nutrients into the target muscle, creating a greater pump.
If your time commitments don’t allow for a 4 or 5 day split (taking into account training legs, arms, and shoulders workouts), then try combining the compound exercises from day 1 with the compound exercises from day 2. You can also try doing the same for isolation exercises, and whichever one yields the best results, you can choose to include as one day of your training routine. But don’t forget to only use supersets, drop sets, and other advanced training techniques as a shock to your regular workout routine.
They shouldn’t become a replacement that you perform week-in week-out as the gains you will start to experience diminishing returns on your gains.
If you are looking for an upper body workout that will really challenge you and work your muscles to fatigue, today’s superset workout is the one for you!
Supersets alternate back and forth between two exercises with no rest in between the exercises. Last week we completed an upper body superset workout at Burn Boot Camp that was totally killer.
I LOVED this workout and left the gym with Jello arms and a serious sense of accomplishment.
Big thanks to Burn Boot Camp for the awesome workout and for letting me share it on the blog with you guys! I learned that tricep push-up should be at 90 degrees angle, like the chaturanga push-up, the girl seems to be to low on the ground, it’s bad for the shoulders that way, I think. I’m loving the at home workouts and anything that has to do with working out the upper body is a win-win for me! Arms are definitely my weakest area, so I am always looking for good upper body workouts to improve them. Okay, first off – the model in the bicep hammer curl photo – I WANT HER ARMS!!! There are few better teachers on the subject of training than “The Austrian Oak” himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. A ‘‘superset’’ is two exercises performed back-to-back, with little or no rest between exercises. There are a few scientific studies to suggest that the activation of an antagonist muscle can enhance muscle power output.
In a study from Syracuse University, researchers looked at two types of strength training to see which style burned more calories. Subjects in the above study who used supersets had a faster workout, as the superset sessions took less time to complete, but more importantly, researchers found that markers of energy metabolism such as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC; a measure of resting energy expenditure after exercise) were higher, blood lactate measures were higher, and total energy expenditure for the workout was higher.9 This means supersets lead to a super metabolic rate for burning fat! Increases in testosterone and growth hormone (GH) have been implicated in the role of muscle growth and strength. The same authors suggested that higher testosterone levels at rest are a determining factor in the development of strength, but only in high-performance strength athletes. Supersets are a time-efficient way of training— you get more done in less time.7 A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research investigated a superset training regimen of coupling two heavy resistance-training exercises (bent rows and bench presses), performed over 3 consecutive sets— and reported that superset training appeared to be a more efficient method of exercise than traditional exercise.
Because similar volume and loads are achieved under the less time-consuming, superset training, it’s more efficient than traditional weight training. Research suggests that the effects of alternating agonist and antagonist work on muscle volume are somewhat less detrimental than the effects of performing multiple sets of one exercise before performing multiple sets of another. The data indicates that heavy resistance training using supersets allows a greater loading to be imposed on the musculature than what’s achieved with traditional resistance exercise training, or working one muscle group. Lusa Cadore E, Lhullier FL, Arias Brentano M, Marczwski Da Silva E, Bueno Ambrosini M, Spinelli R, Ferrari Silva R, Martins Kruel LF.
Kraemer WJ, Hollander DB, Reeves GV, Francxois M, Ramadan ZG, Meeker B, Tryniecki JL, Hebert EP and Castracani VD. Kraemer WJ, Loebel CC, Volek JS, Ratamess NA, Newton RU, Wickham RB, Gotshalk LA, Duncan ND, Mazzetti SA, Gomez Al, Rubin MR, Nindl BC, and Hakkinen K.
Fitness model Brian Casad is here to show you how to build muscle and stamina in this killer video workout!
The combination of high reps, heavy weight, and supersets means you'll be hitting your arms from all angles. Not only will you have an effective workout, you'll also get in and out of the gym as quickly as possible. By moving from side to side during your push-ups, you target your triceps to an even greater degree. Make the movement even more effective and keep a constant flex in your biceps by not going to full extension or locking out at the bottom. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. So calves and shoulders would be ok, but biceps and back would not (due to relying on biceps for a lot of the back exercises).
Instead, you should look to set aside a minimum of one week out of every 6 where you switch your regular routine for some form of supersetting. The best choice of sets and reps for other muscle groups (hamstrings and quads, biceps and triceps) will be covered in upcoming superset articles.
There are many different kinds of supersets and whether you choose to complete a superset that works antagonistic muscles (such as biceps + triceps), upper and lower body muscles or the same muscle two different ways, supersets are a great way to keep yourself moving in the gym and challenge yourself at the same time.
It was a Same Part Superset, meaning our supersets included two exercises that worked the same muscle.

It’s all about maintaining good form since it can be easy to sacrifice form when you’re on the fourth consecutive minute of working your triceps.
They’re my favorite Arm workouts (mainly because commandos aren’t included ?? ) will definitely give this one a try ! It is the part of my body that people see the most, so even though running is my true passion, I always make time for some free weights. I typically lift pretty heavy at the gym, but these continuous type of workouts tend to throw me for a loop. I’m Julie and I am a new mom, personal trainer and blogger living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Arnold was known to have a physique that was superior to his competitors, which may have been due to his unorthodox training techniques. In their purest form, supersets are performed with two opposing muscle groups, like chest and back or biceps and triceps. In a study of trained male athletes, an increase in power output was observed in the bench press throw (performed on a Smith machine, where someone takes the bar and throws it up as high as it can go, for maximal power) three minutes after a set of ballistic bench pulls (where someone lies on the bench and pulls the weight to his stomach, similar to doing a bent-over row)— compared to the power output in a set of bench press throws with no intervention. The metabolic demand for performing supersets is incredible— to say that your muscles “burn” is an understatement. Interestingly, EMG activity (a measure of muscle motor-unit recruitment and muscle activation) was not different under the two conditions – suggesting that the level of neuromuscular fatigue did not differ under supersets, compared to traditional training.
Given similar timelines, it would appear that performing agonist and antagonist work in an alternating manner such as supersets— compared to performing all sets of agonist work with one muscle group— allows for greater recovery and subsequently greater loading of the muscle. Acute effect on power output of alternating an agonist and antagonist muscle exercise during complex training. The Effect of an Upper Body Agonist-antagonist Resistance Training Protocol on Volume Load and Efficiency. Effects of agonist-antagonist complex resistance training on upper body strength and power development. The effect of a complex agonist and antagonist resistance training protocol on strength and power output, electromyographic responses and efficiency. Physical performance and electromyographic responses to an acute bout of paired set strength training versus traditional strength training.
The effect of an upper-body agonist-antagonist resistance training protocol on volume load and efficiency. The degree of p70S6k and S6 phosphorylation in human skeletal muscle in response to resistance exercise depends on the training volume. Salivary hormonal responses to resistance exercise in trained and untrained middle-aged men. Similar hormonal responses to concentric and eccentric muscle actions using relative loading. The effect of heavy resistance exercise on the circadian rhythm of salivary testosterone in men. If you're looking to grow your arms, I recommend replacing your current arm day with this session or throwing this workout into your routine once every two weeks.
Personally, I like pushing as hard as I can and striving for that added challenge, especially when the reps are lower. If you're struggling toward the end of your set, I'm OK with you allowing your body to sway a bit. The combination of kick-backs and curls will round things out and leave you with a killer pump! We provide the technology, tools, and products you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Even though supersets usually forgo rest between exercises, the BBC trainers encouraged us to listen to our bodies and take a short breather if we really needed it. I think that the upper body is the most under worked and neglected part for women and it shouldn’t be! If you would use say, 20 lbs for curls if you were doing 3 sets of 10, should you use 10 lbs here?
He loved doing exercises that increased his training volume, and was known to do lots of supersets.
To set the record straight, here are a few new, hardcore studies to show that Arnold truly was ahead of his time, and that this method may be the key to newfound muscle growth. Study participants completed two strength-training workouts, separated by at least seven days. They're paired effectively, which means you won't have to monopolize different pieces of equipment all over the gym. Since you're only busting out 8 curls per arm, this is no time to reach for the baby weights. When you're pausing between sets, put in your headphones, concentrate, and think about how you'll go even harder on the next set. The high reps will pose a different sort of challenge than lower reps and heavier weight, but fight through the burn and end strong. I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way! Peanut Butter Fingers follows my life and my interests in food, fitness, family, travel and (mostly) healthy living. Their workout consisted of 4 sets of six exercises, and they performed 10 reps of each exercise. I know that impact is bad for us at first, depending on the person, during the first months your body is not ready for that (abs wall, joints,etc).
Also for brestfeeding moms very intense workouts are not recommemdable (you can test that by trying to sing during the workout, if you can then you’re good). This is because our bodies will produce stress hormone that passes on to the baby through the milk.

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