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While 21 Day Fix has a really great container system to help with portion control, I think sometimes the aspects of the fitness program itself are overlooked. It seems like many guys believe it’s possible to build 15lb of muscle and lose 15lb of fat in a few months if you eat right and have a great training program. I give you this answer after one of my private clients gained 10lb of muscle and lost 10lb of fat in only a month.
There is not one top fitness model, or natural bodybuilder who tries to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Losing fat and building muscle at the same time sounds extremely desirable, but it’s NOT an intelligent approach to maximize your results despite all the marketing you see that tells you otherwise. For over 5 years of my life, I spun my wheels trying to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Nutrient timing is determined by (1) when you eat, (2) how much you eat, and (3) what you eat that together affect how your body responds. So before getting into more specifics, if you do try to lose fat and build muscle, which one should you emphasize? If you have more than 15% body fat (25% body fat for woman), I would STRONGLY recommend focusing on fat loss, with potentially some muscle gain if you’re lucky. One very easy to implement nutrient timing strategy for primarily fat loss is to reduce calorie intake for most of the week.
In terms of your workout routine, workouts don’t need to be that much different between going for muscle building and fat loss. I know I covered a lot of questions in this one article that I get ALL the time, but let me know if you have any other questions by leaving a comment below.
I like your blog, specially your approached and method to gain the maximum result of diet and building muscle.
2) Your Stats – You obviously can create whatever type of goals you want, but I would make them specific.
I wrote to you a couple of days and I was asking you how to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time but I just read this excellent article.
I am a male 44 years old, 67 inches tall and weight 150lbs, I eat healthy and exercise 5 to 6 days a week, body% is 16.83 some abs showing up, about 80 percent cut, if I have a surplus in calories wouldn’t I gain fat on my middle section, I don’t want that, so how can I do that? Thank you so much for your guidance, one more questions is how many calories should I shoot for on my workout days? I am sorry for bugging you so much… I understood the what you just said, I think I need more help!!! Hi Marc, one more thing… I am burning about 2104 calories per day using the equation you gave us.
Right now I am about 155 pounds and 5’7, My workout routine includes running every other day around 5 miles, and then the next day and every other day for that I am weight lifting most muscle groups. Hardgainer Workout - How Skinny Guys Can Build Muscle Fast - If you're a skinny guy then this hardgainer workout will pack on muscle mass quickly. All too often I see guys working out and it’s clear that the focus of their sets is on moving a weight from point A to point B a certain number of times. The reason being is that again, most of the time in an effort to perform something that is objective and measurable in our workouts we rely on counting reps and setting goal numbers of reps in each set. You see, if you want to add pounds of lean muscle you need a slight shift in mindset…and it starts with checking the ego at the door of the gym. MORE ARTICLES AND VIDEOS YOU'LL LIKEHOW MUCH WEIGHT SHOULD I LIFT – THE #1 MUSCLE BUILDINGThe Dr.
Ronald he includes static contraction into AthleanX part 2 but it’s just a training phase like everything else. I always trained this way in the younger years of my life and yes it was all about the macho image in the gym who could grunt the loadest haha. I know you were probably expecting someone else to comment on this but ill give you advice that i wish i would have followed more. I admittedly remain skeptical, mainly because I know the science and have seen so much bull over the years even today.
The problem with Crossfit is that the WOD’s (work out of the day) are difficult if not impossible for beginners and even intermediate trainees.

Jeff Cavaliere, MSPT, CSCS is a professional sports physical therapist and strength coach, and the creator of the ATHLEAN-X™ workout programs and Supplements.
The AthLEAN-X Training System™ and the AthLEAN Challenge™ are registered trademarks and not subject to unauthorized copy or use without express written consent. The materials and content contained in this website, products, emails, messages, or consulting are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
You can read my disclosure policy here.May 4, 2016 By Mindi Leave a Comment I recently received an email and the sender wanted to know if they could build muscle with the 21 Day Fix program.
Just remember that in addition to completing the workouts you also need to eat enough calories to build the muscle you want.
I agree with you that we can’t do both things at the same time (gaining muscle and losing weight) but rather build muscles first then lose weight especially for skinny guys like me. This is my situation right now, I have lost weight doing a lot of exercise including hiit, my six pack is almost visible but I think I lost some muscle from my entire body, I think I wasn’t eating right, and one thing that I noticed is that I lost it on my face too, I know if I keep doing the hiit I will get a six pack real soon but I am going to look like a zombie, so you’ve told me to concentrate in resistance workout and eat a lot of protein, should I do cardio and hiit and how many times per week? I am wondering if this routine is any good and what I can do to maximize results of getting ripped?
But how much weight training should I do, if my primary goal is to lose weight and not lose muscle mass in the process. When you want to build muscle your main and priority focus should be on moving the weight by actually contracting the muscle you want to get larger NOT hitting some arbitrary number of reps!
Leave the chest thumping and bravado for the guy that grunts like Porky Pig with a sinus infection on every rep just to draw attention to the 400lbs he’s cheating up on every rep (exhibit A: the guy in the picture above)!
Do that more often than not and the potential effectiveness of your workout (and ultimately the potential gains you would make from that workout) will be significantly diminished.
DRE Way – Be Inspired To Build Lean Muscle at…CAN SINGLE LEG TRAINING DOUBLE YOUR LEG MUSCLE GROWTH? 30yrs on and it’s only now we are getting the concept of how things are done properly to gain clean muscle and strength in a short time with a good eating plan which is the key to all training. Before you get into the heavy lifting, get better at the technique associated with each lift or drill, these will prevent injury and keep you on the field more. It is a transition style pull-up that is recommended for those that can’t do full body-weight pull-ups. If I follow this, “EVERY REP of EVERY EXERCISE by C-O-N-T-R-A-C-T-I-N-G,” when is a good stopping point for me? If you should at any time during the next 90 days, have any questions at all about the program, how to do any exercises, or just need an exercise substitution idea, simply write in and one of our Athlean-Xperts will get back to you with the answers you need to ensure the best results on the program! Coach Jeff Cavaliere (the owner of ATHLEAN-X™ and Sports Performance Factory LLC) and staff have conducted all steps possible to verify the testimonials and reviews that appear on this site.
I’m thinking a lot of people are wondering this because when you think of 21 Day Fix those colorful containers come to mind. There is plenty of opportunity to build muscle if you eat right and create or use resistance in your workouts. Not just cupcake calories, but calories your body can use for fuel to keep you energized and happy.
Your content seems to the point and without a lot of fluff and lofty promises like so many others. My gym instructor did the calipers test and I found that my body fat is approximately around 16%. Is it possible to lose muscle if you work it too much in one day even if you are to rest for 2-3 days? I burn about 3000 calories per day including exercise, and eat 1600-2000 calories (all depends). You see, when I’m asked what the most important variable is when it comes to building muscle, I NEVER start with rep counts.
If the set is particularly tough they may even use just a little body momentum and muscle substitution to get the job done.
Fall short and you may decide to decrease the weight a bit (the better alternative) or cheat your form even more (the worse alternative).
Pull down with the elbows, use a false grip so you eliminate the contribution of the forearms and try NOT to use your arms and you’ll consciously see how much more effectively you can engage the lats.

That said, as with all fitness programs, the best results are not uncommonly correlated with the best efforts, discipline, diligence, and so on, and therefore the results depicted and featured cannot be construed as common, typical, expected, normal, or associated with the average user’s experience. The 21 Day Fix program uses dumbbells in many of the workouts which are very effective in building muscle. Now, I do want to gain more muscle mass and be leaner but at the same time I don’t want to re-gain any more weight and fat that I lost.
Can one add fat to the butt and so butt exercises while eating enough food to help grow the butt muscle. I would like to get a six pack but also I want to gain mass, about 160lbs, how many calories should I shoot for every day?
If I should increase the number of reps, is there a maximum weight that I shud be limit myself to? Either way, the thinking is wrong…and it prevents you from building as much muscle as you can as quickly as possible.
Get into your new “athlean” body in the next 90 days by GRABBING YOUR ATHLEAN-X TRAINING SYSTEM HERE!
I only weighed 190 and played middle backer in high school, but i threw my body around as if i weighed 225, and i got recognized for it. I leave it to experts as to whether this transition method is beneficial or not ?? They also recommend using powerband or chair assist in their posts.
Results, as always, will vary from individual to individual for these reasons and you are responsible for understanding that atypical outcomes may not reflect your experience. Over the 8 weeks I’ve incorporate as much as I can to continue confusing my body to lose more fat.
I was doing a lot of cardio earlier and since last month or two, I am concentrating more towards strength training. The fat i am wanting to add to my butt is not actually from loads of eating or taking fat drug. And I definitely don’t start with the misleading measurement of how much weight you should be lifting.
When you make slight changes like this and the many others recommended in the ATHLEAN-X Training System’s 90 Day Workout plan you can start to appreciate why 30-40 minutes of training is MORE than enough to spark all new muscle growth.
I doubt you can get in this shape without drastically modifying the program as a beginner or intermediate trainee.
I want to increase my metabolism and for the last two weeks I have been working on my upper body with some dumbbells. Eating small prior to workout but focused on carbs, and larger meals low carb+protein post-workout and breakfast. Instead, the focus must start before anything else with the concept of basic muscle contraction! Is this realistic and not a waste of time to finally get rid of stubborn fat around waist while also maintaining and slightly adding lean muscle? So am wondering if the butt exercise will burn the fat that i gain from the topical application. Am slim and do not have enough fat on my flat butt and in other for my butt not to look muscular that is why am adding the topical cream. Sorry for the ridiculousness and length, but am looking for an experienced and knowledgable person’s input. When working with weights, are there differences in how you want to increase your metabolism as opposed to gaining muscle?
Because I still have a lot of fat to burn off, will my body go to those reserves for the energy I need when I’m not consuming enough calories? Or cut and switch because I’m doing all of these 5 things and my body isn’t losing any more fat.

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