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Brain age train your brain in minutes a day cheats,first aid train the trainer bristol 02,nba vertical leap rankings - 2016 Feature

Brain Age check - Try three different puzzles given at random and afterwards be given a brain age.
Sudoku - Over four hundred different sudoku puzzles with four different difficulties including easy, normal, and hard. Word Memory - For two minutes, you will be able to look a graph with thirty four letter words. Reading Aloud - You must read a short paragraph of a famous book out loud as fast as you can. Calculations Aloud - Say the answer to 20 different maths problems through the DS microphone.
Syllable count - You must count the syllables in different sentences and write them down as fast as you can. Calculations Battle - Play against up to 15 different people by connecting DS's and whoever finishes all the calculations first is the winner.
If you touch the walking person when you get walking speed after a game it will whistle the start to the Mario theme tune. In the Syllable count exercise, one of the sentences say "Thank you Mario but our princess is in another castle".
If you shout "Glasses Glasses!" on the main menu screen doctor Kawashima will wave his head wildly.

Holding down select and touching "Brain Age check" on the Daily Training screen will make you be able to choose the puzzles you want instead as having them at random.
In this game, one of four words will come up (either Blue, Black, Yellow, or Red), each word will be in a font color other than the word (such as if the word is blue, the font won't be blue, but another color.), you must then say the color that the word is, other than the word. Flex your mental muscles with this game inspired by the work of Japanese neuroscientist Ryuta Kawashima. Take control of the insane fowl as you search for the answers to a timeless mystery – what happened to the lost continent of Atlantis?
Like a fair that comes to town every year, the hit Carnival Games returns with 30 new games and attractions designed to bring out the kid in all of us.
In your first training session, Brain Age will give you a series of tests to determine your brain’s age. You’ll have to locate the missing kingdom and discover the story of a civilization which vanished. Play Fish Bowl Bounce, Gold Rush Alley Ball, Pitch-A-Plate, Bottle Stand Up, and other classic games.
You can take a ride on the Bumper Cars or see if you have the courage to enter the Haunted House.
You’ll perform simple math problems, complete logic exercises, read aloud from classic books, draw, and more.

Word Academy is a game that will help you discover new words through six different minigames and play with your friends through five other multiplayer games. Immerse yourself into the fun 3D graphics – and the ocean – as you search for a lost people whose only hope is a feathered fanatic!
Brain Age is for everyone from students to baby boomers – anyone who wants to improve the fit of their thinking cap! Robust catalogue of definitions: With a dictionary of over 16,800 words to master, player will never run out of fun.
Multiplayer mode: Players can challenge their friends to a vocabulary competition using one of the multiplayer games such Safecracker and Cereal Letter. Track your improvement with the progress review menu in addition to information such as top scores and the glossary. The training games challenge your knowledge and your speed with games that have different levels of difficulty.

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