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There’s nothing quite like kettlebells if you’re after a full body workout that is both fast and efficient.
Use these 5 full body kettlebell moves to focus on strengthening every muscle group, fire up the metabolism for cardio burning goodness, and burn fat.
With your knees bent and your feet flat to the floor, grab a kettlebell by the horns and hold it in front of your chest. Choose an appropriately weighted kettlebell and hold it up to your chest, keeping it in line with your sternum. Put your feet together while standing up straight and place a kettlebell just to the front of one foot.

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Your elbows should be downward facing toward the floor, with your forearms at an almost vertical position. Using the hip as a hinge, bend over and grab the kettlebell using an overhand, or right thumb up grip.
Rotate slowly with the kettlebell to the left of your torso and then twist back to the right. Contracting your gluteal muscles and your torso, slowly bend back up to the starting position.
Engage the abs and keep the torso tight as you bend your elbows to lower yourself into a pushup.

Using your hip joint once again, bend and return the kettlebell back to the floor for a single rep. Go down as far as you are comfortably able so you don’t put too much strain on the shoulder attached to the elevated arm. Push your hips forward to bring yourself to a standing position as you bring your arms straight out in front of your body.
The kettlebell should also remain close to the body to improve balance and reduce the chance of injury.

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