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Top NBA draft prospect Aaron Gordon jumped 39 inches, third-best among power forwards and centers in NBA combine history!
While most assume that the world’s greatest vertical jumpers play in the NBA, NFL prospects routinely outjump the best basketball players on the planet. What’s even more impressive is that NFL prospects are generally much more heavily muscled and heavier than their NBA counterparts. Looking at the 2016 NFL prospects, I would have predicted Myles Jack to have the highest weight-normalized jump of the entire combine had he not injured himself. From there they practiced shooting drills composed from actual game situations of both players. Spartan Basketball Copyright 2015Spartan Basketball is a basketball training program that develops complete players through private training, camps, and clinics.
The vertical leap measures how explosive a prospect’s lower body is, and potentially how well they can explode out of a stance.

At the NBA Combine, prospects’ maximum vertical (with a running start) and no-step vertical leaps are measured.
Leaping ability does appear to correlate with body weight (lower bodyweight ~ higher vertical jump, r2=0.41). Gerald Sensabaugh, Mario Williams, and Alvin “Bud” Dupree finish just behind Wake – all registering vertical leaps over 10” higher than their weight would predict.
At 245 pounds, Jack’s body weight predicts a 32.8” vertical jump, which I anticipate he can surpass by 8”. LeBron James and the Miami Heat play at home against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. As Ted Sundquist and Brandon Thorn recently explained, the vertical leap is a “very common athletic movement that occurs on a football field, albeit at various angles, and with pads on.” But, although the vertical jump has its utility in a talent evaluation, it is merely a small piece of the overall puzzle. The no-step vertical is the form measured at the NFL combine, and better represents lower body explosion.

These predicted values were subtracted from the actual vertical leap measurements, and the differential (+- over Predicted) was used to determine the best weight-normalized vertical jumper in combine history (shown below). A dark horse to leave Indy with the highest weight-normalized vertical leap is Western Kentucky’s tight end Tyler Higbee, a 249 pound former wide receiver. Watt (both weighing over 290 pounds) outjumped LaVine, Gordon, and each of the NBA players listed below.
Notable NBA players and the highest vertical jumpers in NFL Combine history are shown in the two tables below.

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