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Sport specific training is simply fitness and performance training designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement.
Take Ice Hockey, for example: there are no exercises that can be performed in the weight room that are more specific to hockey than skating on the ice. At NLA, we accomplish SPORT SPECIFIC & SKILL SPECIFIC training with our VERTIMAX UNITS and the ability to mimic the skill movements required to play each sport.
The VERTIMAX allows the athlete to apply resistance at the hips, hands, behind the knees and ankles while performing skills specific to the athletes sport.
The picture below is our former Katy Tiger Marley Brown who is the starting point guard Charleston Southern University!
With our partnership to the Perfect Jumper, this shooting device is now a part of the Basketball Specific Program at NLA!
Congratulations to Mary Heiberger of Seven Lakes as she will begin her college career with TEXAS TECH! Whether you are a sprinter, hurdler, or discus thrower, we have specially designed protocols to enhance your skills.
Functional Training – Energy System Development – Vertimax Performance Program will bring your times down, make you stronger in competition and help you win meets!
During the season our athletes take advantage of our NFL Staff by improving on technique as the season wears on as well as our In Season Recovery Program, ESD Sprints and Position Specific Vertimax Training.
If you are price sensitive, it really is worth considering the different products based on your budget. Buy Now!The program I both used (read my experience here) and recommend most, Vert Shock, is currently on offer at $67, down from the original price of $134.

My other recommendation, The Jump Manual, is in direct competition with VS and is priced the same. The last program from my recommended list, Become a Freak v3, comes at a slight premium – $77 with a 90-day money back guarantee. Subscribe today to receive a free copy of Jacob Hiller's 'How to Jump Higher in 45 minutes' eBook completely free!
Jump Higher TODAY!Subscribe and receive a copy of Jacob Hiller's 'How to Jump Higher in 45 Minutes' eBook completely FREE!
The VERTIMAX when used properly can increase SPEED, POWER, AGILITY, REACTION and QUICKNESS in just 8 sessions. When the athlete performs CONTRAST skill movements, the athlete is twice as fast and twice as strong!
The Functional Training – ESD Sprints and Vertimax Programs will have you the best at your position. Our Functional Training Program will give you new found balance and flexibility and will ultimately change how well you can play the game.
As it turns out, the systems I recommended in the training programs section of this website offer some of the best value on the market. It is not the cheapest or most expensive, but in my opinion hands down offers the best value. You can try the program for 21 days at just $1, and keep it for life if you pay an additional $66. It is the newest product on the market so the presentation is pretty stellar, and it is very content rich.

They are in competition with each other, and so there is not a great difference in price, making it harder for you to come to a decision.
Vertical Explosion is on offer at $37, and The Vertical Jump Development Bible is available for $39.99. However, while there are sports specific skills necessary for each sport, there are also physical skills necessary for each sport. You might find that the drills are not that different from the other programs, but for me its presentation and delivery of the lessons are second to none.
This makes it a great deal if you don’t have much money up front but want to try the program out right now, as a dollar is peanuts. I’ve looked through it and it is solid, but like The Jump Manual, it suffers from perhaps giving you a bit too much information rather than being super concise like VS, which is simply no-nonsense jump training.
But if for some reason cost is your number 1 factor in your decision-making, the difference lies in up-front payments and trial duration and the time period in which you can claim a refund.
Sports preparation is necessary for the sport specific skills (shooting a basketball, pitching a baseball, etc.) and physical preparation is needed for specific performance enhancement such as foot speed, strength, power, etc.
It has a 60-day (yes, you heard it right, 60 days) money back guarantee, so you have ample time to make it work for you without worrying about whether you are wasting your money. But the presentation and smaller details are not the same, and I would definitely advise you to pay a little extra to go for one of my recommended programs.

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