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If you're looking for the perfect double or multi-stage scissor lift for mezzanine access, packing lines, materials handling or work positioners then you've come to the right place. Our double, triple or multi-stage scissor lifts provide the best solution when space is at a minimum in spaces such as shafts and other confined spaces. All of Lifts UK scissor lifts are made from the highest quality materials giving you peace of mind that are purchasing a robust scissor lift that will last for years.
We offer over 40 standard models with various specifications of capacity, lift heights, platform sizes, control options and accessories - offering a payload of upto 4 tonnes.
Our own, high quality cylinder tubes are made from Fe510 steel with the internal bore honed and polished to an exceptionally smooth surface of Ra 25 urn. The wide range of long life motors, pumps and valves we offer make it possible for us to meet our clients' requirements for speed and frequency of operation. For lifts working multi-shifts, in foundries or under other exceptional conditions we usually recommend sealed, spherical bearings all over.
Covering any industry and organisations large and small we can tailor made your lift or platform to suit any purpose – we understand that businesses often need something “non-standard”. The Lifts UK area of expertise is custom built single and multi-stage electro-hydraulic scissor actuated lifting devices. Our custom built lifts are built by experts who focus on working closely with our clients to provide solutions using the highest quality specification and provide outstanding performance - quality lifts, built to stand the test of time.
Whatever your specifications you can rest assured our knowledge and experience allows us to find the solution for the most demanding of projects. If you are looking for a bespoke, tailor made lift or platform for any industry get in touch today for a no obligation quote. Perimeter safety edge to the underside edges of the platform to stop descent of the lift and prevent crushing or shearing if the safety sensors encounter an obstruction.
Maintenance safety props to mechanically support the lift in a raised position for access to the undersides. Capacity: Unless otherwise stated this is for a uniformly distributed or evenly distributed load over the entire surface area. Lift Platform: A choice of smooth or slip resisting, tear pattern steel for the deck plate. Controls: A pendant style control station is fitted onto 3 metres of flexible lead and comes complete with an emergency stop and deadman (constant pressure) up and down push buttons. Cylinders: Single acting hydraulic cylinders, complete with a hose break rupture valve built into the bottom of each lifting cylinder. Safety Lock: Steel posts are provided to support the lift in a semi-raised position to allow safer access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Paint Finish: Each table is fully protected with a hard wearing 2 component acrylic resin paint finish. Certification: Lifts are usually supplied with the applicable certificate of conformity to EN1570 or with a declaration of incorporation.
Conditions: All costing and specifications are subject to change and have been determined in accordance with our terms of business. Please complete the form to the right if you have any questions or queries about any of our scissor lifts.
If you want to speak to us regarding your scissor lift requirements, please give us a call on +44 (0115) 926 9996. Lifts UK are experts in scissor lift tables and provide an extensive range of standard and bespoke manufactured scissor style, platform lifting tables.
Working at height is inherently hazardous, with falling from height and being struck by falling objects being the two leading incidents in such work. Conduct risk assessment: To ensure safe operations, thorough risk assessment and careful planning are required before commencement of work. Implement effective Engineering control methods: Guard rail systems and toe-boards, once properly erected, can effectively prevent persons from accidentally falling over open sides and A A objects from being knocked over unintentionally.
Use appropriate PPE: The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used in conjunction with other forms of fall prevention or protection, to provide a secondary layer of protection.
Ensure proper housekeeping: Simple practices such as good housekeeping help to enhance safety for work at height.
While lower body plyometrics is effective for increasing speed, jumping height and strength, our previous article found that Olympic style weight lifting is even more effective (particularly for jumping height). The added resistance to regular plyometric exercises is a great addition for intermediate trainees. Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation. This ideal solution provides greater travel heights without the need to increase the platform size.
For example, pilot operated check valves, circulation by-pass valves, stop valves and a standard manual lowering override unit. Hose break rupture valves are built into the bottom of the cylinders To reduce corrosion, loss of oil, and contamination, a drainhose is connected from the cylinder back to the tank (except S,. Our main factory only produces scissor lifts, every working day it designs and manufactures custom scissor lift tables to client requirements.
From Galvanised mesh curtain, to Vehicle loading lift gates, to Ball Bearing top transfer lift tables, get in touch today to find out more.

Fixed or adjustable platform support legs may be included for accurate height setting or to reduce stress on the armsets. It is recommended that a suitably fused and lockable isolator is positioned adjacent to the power pack or lift installation. The internal bore of the cylinder tubes and the piston rods are honed and polished to an exceptionally surface (Ra25 microns.
A substantial torsion tube is fitted between the armsets to help ensure good synchronisation and stability even when eccentrically loaded. For added safety operator reset is standard, allowing the lift to be raised and the obstruction removed. Unsafe conditions and inadequate attention on working at height may result in fatalities and serious injuries.
Through the use of effective control measures, it is possible to remove or minimise the hazards of working at height. In instances where other methods of control are not suitable, PPE may be used as a last resort to afford protection to workers.
For heavy duty work we recommend chrome plating heavy wear parts, including grease points or grease free spherical plain bearings with seals. This provides top roll over edges that are square (not radius) for greater strength, smooth load transfer and flush mounting of extra equipment, handrail, conveyor etc. To reduce corrosion, loss of oil and contamination, a drain hose is usually connected from the cylinder back to the tank. Most other RAL colours, hot dip galvanising, stainless steel and many other finishes are available. Our technicians have considerable experience in providing hydraulic and electrical control systems for use in the most demanding environments.
We assume full disclosure on the client's behalf and that we are made aware of any critical criteria concerning performance, delivery and tolerances. For exceptional conditions and heavy duty use we recommend chrome plating heavy wear parts and including grease points on each DX bearing or including grease free spherical plain bearings. They are subject to change at short notice unless specifically guaranteed in writing under the heading 'special criteria' on our confirmation notification.
Our warranty is twelve months replacement of returned parts, subject to inspection and evidence of routine maintenance.

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