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Suzanna McGee - Tennis Fitness TrainerFocusing on functional training, overall strength, flexibility and balance.
A Kindle version for your Kindle device is available for $8.99 and immediate download on Amazon Kindle. An interlinked PDF version with color photograps is available for $8.99 and immediate download on TennisFitnessLove's store.
Treatment of Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome with Myo-fascial ReleaseDo you suffer from “sciatica”? Keeping up the motivation to exercise when temperatures are dropping and the mornings and afternoons are dark can be difficult. While that all may sound really, REALLY good, just exactly what is the HOW of staying motivated to exercise? Find that person or those people who you can connect with on a regular basis, encourage and yes, sometimes force, to get moving. My husband and I just started doing a workout program challenge with a group of people on Facebook that takes us through the holidays. You can go outdoors and enjoy everything from walking to skating to skiing, or stay indoors on an elliptical and use workout videos and weights. Don’t think of exercise as boring, and if it is, maybe you need to change the way you’re doing it!

Don’t think of exercise as just hard work, but as conditioning your body to work faster, stronger, higher, and greatly improve your health.
Lauren MireckiBlogs at Serving From HomeI am a saved-by-grace, failing-forward, wife and graduated homeschool student turned homeschooling mom of 4 residing in Ontario, Canada. Located in Venice Beach, California, Miss Natural Olympia and kettlebell practitioner will help you to achieve your athletic goals and excellence. The 178 pages with 87 photographs are divided into 64 easy to read chapters that cover all aspects of injury prevention, stretching, strengthening and performance improvement. Or, so you think it is sciatica – pain in the back of your leg, calf and the sole of your foot.
The blood slows and our toes are froze, it’s no wonder we want to forsake all thought of exercise and curl up under a warm blanket and sleep.
And though your blood is cooling off, exercising in the cold actually makes your body work harder, so you’ll burn more calories than during the summertime.
It’s hard to put on extra Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner weight while briskly walking. Exercise will actually boost your immune system, because you’re improving your cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation! It’s better if you can take a well-rounded approach to exercise and incorporate a little bit of everything, but at least you have options!

I am passionate about teaching my children the truth of God's word through how He is teaching me, our school lessons and experiences as a family. I sure found it hard to keep running in the morning when the weather got colder and it was still dark! Contact your new fitness trainer :-) Learn how to master your body and mind so you can perform without injuries for the rest of your life.
The book is small enough to carry in a tennis bag for daily study and the increase of body consciousness.
It’s hard to put people off when they’re standing outside in the cold waiting for you! My days are best spent together with my family, at home, or in the outdoors, learning how to be more creative, serving and encouraging others, and striving to see and give all glory to God.

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