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One of the first at-home active video games, Dance Dance Revolution has had incredible commercial and critical success since it was released 15 years ago, originally as an arcade game.
Mindy Mylrea: Best Games for Fun and Fitness for Kids DVD If you teach kids, you will love The Best Games for Fun and Fitness. Your job is to capture Pokemon and use them to battle other people like yourself using these creatures as warrior minions.
This game uses an engine developed by Niantic, formerly a group that was once inside Google but is now independent, collaborating with Google, GAME FREAK, Creatures Inc., Nintendo, and more. This game uses landmarks of many types for caches of items you can grab when you get close enough.
You'll find each of these places and monsters placed automatically according to geographical location.
But finding these creatures out in the real world with an app on my smartphone that only allows me to attain them by walking - that's a video game motivating to get exercise in the real world.
I have a built-in understanding of what I'm looking for because of my experience with the original Pokemon Red and Blue games back in 1998. Now the Pokemon Company comes back 18 years later with a game that sets free the most entertaining elements in that game to the real world - and I'm hooked again. NOTE: At the time this review is posted, this game has not yet been released to the public. I also adore that some main characters from the 1996 film were in Independence Day: Resurgence, too! Special thanks once again to Resorts World Manila and PMCM Events Management for making this screening happen. Trish is a nocturnal full-time Calligraphy Artist who spends most of her time practicing her craft and writing her own poetry in her attic; and is currently training her way to becoming the next Sith Lord. ADHOC Ascendancy : When College-Aged Stud’s Party in Dress, High-Heels, Beats and the Crowd! The Garo Studios put together this chilling tribute to Jon Snow's beyond epic endeavours in the sixth season of HBO's fantasy drama, Game of Thrones. LIKECOOL is a web based gadget magazine, we are looking for coolest gadgets, design, tech and more. Researchers at the University of Chester in England reported in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine that active video games can even help people lose weight. PlayStation created the first edition that allowed users to bring home its fast pace and intense music experience; for the first time ever, gamers could exercise while playing a video game.
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This program is jam packed with programming ideas, organizational skills and drills, and the best games to last you class after class.This DVD offers sections focusing on crowd control and organization, partner play, warm-ups and cool downs, circle and group games, tag variations, and many other cooperative creative play games.
It's been about a week and a half since I first started playing in the Field Test - very similar to the Beta most people were playing (likely identical) - and it's time to let loose. You sign up and pick a nickname for yourself and you're given a few items with which to capture and take care of Pokemon.
Water-type Pokemon can be found near rivers and lakes, for instance, while PokeStops are placed on landmarks. Let that sink in for a minute if you've never played Ingress and aren't used to the oddity. I don't especially care about racking up points on a fitness band, nor do I find my own health nearly so motivating in the moment as finding a Pokemon in the wild, especially if I've not yet caught that particular Pokemon. That was back when I had a LOT more spare time to get addicted to video games that required more attention.
I wish I were able to play it with a device that wasn't connected to the internet - that might end up being a problem solved by the Pokemon GO Plus when the time comes.
At the moment it's mostly a game of jabbing the opposing Pokemon swiftly, hoping your monster is stronger (or at least swift enough) to win. There are only 143 Pokemon right here at the beginning in the field trial - not even the full 150 from the original game - or 151 if you count Mew. Niantic suggests that within the month of July, both iOS and Android users will be able to participate worldwide. Since I want to make sure I deliver an objective, unbiased review, I was finally able to watch the blockbuster movie from two decades ago before I started writing this.
This product has an 8-level magnetic resistance system, plus a cushioned, adjustable seat and handle bars designed for comfort.
Color can vary and slight imperfections in the metal work are normal and considered evidence of the hand-finishing process, which adds character and authenticity to those items.
So-called exergames might not replace traditional fitness workouts, but they have greater health benefits than conventional video games. Pokemon, if you for some reason do not know at this point, are cartoon creatures that live in this game, taking the place of animals in this universe. In the game it's not at all violent, and the vast majority of the game has more to do with finding Pokemon than it does with battling them against your opponents. It uses Google Maps to map the world and place both you and game elements on a real world map in your phone. This game requires you to actually be within around 100-feet of Pokemon, PokeStops, or Pokemon Gyms to interact with them. This game is not difficult, requires very, very little investment of time, and doesn't cost a dime. The magnetic resistance technology and smooth belt transmission makes this a perfect option for low-impact, workouts.

With the exergame market constantly expanding, you may be wondering which games offer the most benefits. Not in the same way a visually spectacular game like Fallout 4 or DOOM are fantastic, but in a new way.
If and when you find yourself wanting to get deeper in to the game, you can invest more time, and more and more until you're 100% obsessed.
I’ve always been fascinated about science fiction, exploring possibilities that are literally out of this world. If you're looking to get off the couch but still want to stare at a screen, here are some active video games to check out.
This will become one of the best fitness programming purchases you have ever invested in.Mindy Mylreaa€™s three DVD Get Fit at School - Kids Fitness series is designed for parents and educators to teach kids to begin a lifetime of fitness.
Intently watching, I was imagining how nostalgic this must feel to those who have watched Independence Day back in 1996.
Each of the three DVDs is a fun-filled guide showing you the best motivational techniques and features routines that are kid-friendly. As for me, I was dwelling with context clues, wondering how particular scenes might be connected, similar, or different to the first film. The Get Fit at School Kids Fitness series is about getting kids moving and helping teachers instill a love of fitness in their students. Fantastic follow along fitness routines that can be performed in the classroom with very little space requirements - all the teacher needs to do is to pop this video in, move the desks aside and you and your kids are ready to go.Each 10 minute Fit Blast featuring sections in yoga, dance, strength, and basic movement skills offering a fabulous fitness experience geared to grades K-6.
There is also a bonus section with teacher lead creative play favorites.Mindy Mylreaa€™s three DVD Get Fit at School - Kids Fitness series is designed for parents and educators to teach kids to begin a lifetime of fitness. Ball Games incorporate partner play, cooperative team games, and individual skill development.
Both sections will provide you with hours of fitness ideas sure to satisfy and instill a love of fitness in your students.Mindy Mylreaa€™s three DVD Get Fit at School - Kids Fitness series is designed for parents and educators to teach kids to begin a lifetime of fitness. These beautiful young girls are excited about teaching you the most current slides for children.They are smart with a unique flair of their own. Happy dancing!HOPSDance Volume I with Tyce Diorio and Krista Saab DVD HOPSDance and Dance Mix are unique dance instructional programs that incorporate creative staging as a road-map for learning. You receive live dance instruction to help you better understand and learn the fundamental basics of dance!Ideal for the beginner dancer and a great tool for teaching kids, HOPSDance will introduce you to different styles in a way that's fun, creative and easy to grasp. Tyce Diorio and Krista Saab will take you through combinations in jazz, hip hop, theatre and Latin Dance using the mats in various formations to help guide the steps and teach you spacial awareness.They'll also take you through basic across the floor progressions to introduce some fundamental technique.
You have the freedom to place the mats in many different formations and create patterns that are visually breath-taking. Great for large group numbers!HOPSDance is a fun and energetic program that gets your heart-rate up and your body moving in an innovative new way. All the choreography can be learned and performed without the HOPSports Mats as well!Tyce Diorio has danced with notable artists such as Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Samantha Mumba, and Ricky Martin. Some of Tyce's TV and film credits include, Showgirls, Starsky and Hutch, 13 going on 30, and Mr.
Select credits with the Rockettes include the Macya€™s Thanksgiving Day Parade and The Ellen Degeneres Show. She has taught workshops at Radio City Music Hall in NYC and has worked with legendary performers such as Stevie Wonder, Hinton Battle, Jason Alexander, Stockard Channing and Gabriel Byrne. Teaching and keeping them is one of the foremost challenges of dance education.Veteran studio owner and teacher, Toni Noblett, will guide you through those first daunting days of class with advice and ideas that are practical, honest, and inventive. For twenty-six years she ran a studio in Roxboro, North Carolina where dance classes for children and adults were crafted to instil an appreciation for the arts, self-discipline and respect. Classes included children with special needs, and these children became her mentors.Since 1989 Ms. Noblett has been on the staff of Jacques da€™Amboisea€™s National Dance Institute in New York City.
When kids start playing well and shooting lower scores, the game becomes even more enjoyable.This entertaining and informative DVD introduces children to the basics of golf. Among the topics covered are: rules and etiquette, putting, chipping, pitching, irons and woods.
Numerous drills and games are also demonstrated to help make the game fun for kids while developing their skills. This comprehensive program will appeal to parents and young golfers just starting out, as well as those already familiar with the game.Eric Eggleston has been a member of the PGA of America since 1996. He has been the Head Golf Professional at Cree Meadows Country Club in Ruidoso, New Mexico for 11 years. He has served on his PGA sections board of directors as Junior Golf Chairman and has received the Sun Country Section PGA Junior Golf Leader award three times.
He has been involved with the team for over 11 years and has coached them to three state championships.Hip-Hop Health DVD Offering children sufficient physical activity time is a challenge for every educator. But with Hip-Hop Health: Learning Concepts Through Physical Activity, you can provide your students with physical activity and health concepts in ways that are fun and engaging!The Hip-Hop Health DVD can be easily incorporated into a health unit. These great resources are available in PDF format and can be printed and shared with other educators.Recent research indicates that physical activity not only benefits childrena€™s health but also improves their ability to concentrate and enhances learning. Speed it up, repeat it and ita€™s a great cardio workout!Filmed with students from Gilbert Magnet Elementary School, this DVD is for all ages!PE Adventures - Journey to the Unknown Planet with Commander B DVD Get ready for a space ship journey! All core muscles have been worked!PE Adventures - Secrets of the Lost Jungle with Commander B DVD Join Commander B and his expedition team in an exciting one-of-a-kind adventure through the lost jungle.
Climb ladders, move rocks, find treasures, discover new animals, and go over a waterfall using all core muscles.This 20-minute fitness class (with an optional 10-minute bonus section) is a fun new way to workout and develop the imagination!

The #1 songs from popular sound tracks to Ricky Martin, J-Lo and Flo Rida at the perfect exercise beat will guarantee to get you moving! Place it in your sound system to play the music, then put it in your computer to print the Guide.(2010)Sesame Street's Happy Healthy Monsters DVD It's a fun-filled, get-up-and-move fitness extravaganza!
They are designed for kids from walking age to 14, but even adults won't be able to stay in their chairs a€¦ these workouts are a blast for the whole family.
In Volume 2 a€“ Fun in the Sun - join Gilad and his young friends as they take you through two exciting workouts on a beautiful beach on the west shore of the island of Oahu. There are two workouts on this DVD: the first one takes place on the beach near Makaha on the island of Oahu and the second takes place on a pier in Waikiki where groups of kids joins Gilad and his regular team for a fun-filled, spirited workout! Then join Gregg Russell, and his young, high energy kidz in a hour long class, including warm-up, across the floor, two routines, and a freestyle circle at the end.Each section has easy to follow breakdowns of some of today's hottest moves.
He danced in the new Jason Mraz video a€?You and Ia€?, and kicked up his heels in a Gap commercial. He was also a guest performer and choreographer on the Disney show a€?Even Stevensa€? and a€?Buffy the Vampire Slayera€?. His talents also include coaching stars such as Cedric the Entertainer, Bette Midler, and ice skater, Ilia Kulik!
Gregg currently teaches at Edge Performing Arts in Hollywood.Music for the entire class, routines and much more is on the CD, Bob Rizzo's Happy Hip Hop.Bob Rizzo's Happy Hip Hop Music CDFun, fresh and friendly dance music! Happy Hip Hop is a CD full of terrific, KID-FRIENDLY original dance music for class and routines!
This CD also includes all of the tracks used on the Kidz Hip Hop Jam DVD directly above.Hip Hop 4 Kids with Cat DVDHip Hop dancing is more popular than ever!
It's time for you to learn some new Hip Hop moves!In this DVD, southern California dance instructor Cat Orlando will teach you three easy-to-follow fun routines for ages 7 - 13 yrs. Includes a beginning, advanced beginning and intermediate routine that you can use for practice, performance, class or with your friends! 1.6 Fit Kids' Workouts DVD6 Fit Kids' Workouts are a blast for boys and girls from ages 8 to 13!
Each Blast is one minute, fifteen seconds long and you can play them one at a time or continuously for a great workout. Judy was a classroom and physical education teacher for 12 years and has traveled North America sharing her knowledge with fitness instructors, teachers and youth of all ages.
She developed the 65 Energy Blasts program in fitness and wellness classes for teachers and kids.The Great Activities for Physical Education: Middle School DVDAre you ready to add more enthusiasm and fun to your physical education classes? He is the former Director of K-12 Physical Education for the State of North Carolina and the founder of the Great Activities Publishing Company.
Artie was selected as the 2004 National Physical Education Administrator of the Year by the Council for School Leadership in Physical Education. This empowering DVD is simple to learn, easy to use and designed to make children feel considerably more confident when coping with bullies by teaching them the tools to escape without getting hurt.Simple techniques will be taught (no martial arts experience necessary) to allow children to defend against chokeholds, hair pulling, arm grabs, and more. As parents, we are expected to have all the answers for our children, especially when it comes to their well-being.
Unfortunately, many parents do not have any experience when it comes to teaching their children what to do to protect themselves when Mom or Dad cannot be there to help them.Noel and Johnny Gyro have spent years working with children and parents to provide viable, sensible, and easy to learn options to the prevalent problem of bullying. This is why BULLY 911 is for you!With years of hands-on experience with their own children plus the thousands of children that they have taught over the years, Johnny and Noel provide viable answers, options, and solutions for you and your child. The DVD includes a bonus feature with an extensive forum on bullies and bullying that addresses all issues of bullying with parents, kids, and child psychologists and provides defense techniques for victims to defend themselves from bullies, when all else fails.Fit Kids Classroom Workout DVDRe-energize your students with these fun, contemporary dance routines! The Fit Kids Classroom Workout can be used in any school space, anytime, any day to invigorate and motivate your students. It gets students excited about being physically active and provides an ideal break from the daya€™s routines.
It can also be used as a warm-up to other physical activity.The program includes four 5-minute and two 10-minute workouts, plus a brief a€?healthy messagea€? at the end of each exercise segment.
Notte has made presentations on youth fitness and wellness at international conferences and published articles in IDEA Source, IDEA Today, and The Runner.
She received her mastera€™s degree in curriculum studies from the University of British Columbia.Dances of Tahiti for Children DVDTahitian Dance is the most exciting and popular of all Polynesian dances.
In recent years more and more people are realizing that the original dance of grass skirts swishing to the rapid rhythm of drums is the Tahitian dance instead of the hula!This is a FUN instructional video for the boy and girl dancer. The student will be learning by following the movements of the instructor as if looking into a mirror.
Each step is taught with music which conditions the student to feel rhythm.The lessons progress from simple movements to those of increased difficulty. This video teaches the hula with three easy step-by-step lessons, each a little more challenging than the last. They use scarves and hula hoops to appreciate lightness and roundness, balls and bean bags to learn balance and coordination.Through games and improvisation, the children develop self-awareness and come to appreciate their expressive potential.
This class will improve body awareness and foster self-confidence, emphasizing motor skills development and coordination, limbering and muscle-toning.

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