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This is an explosive move that challenges the lower body in a different way to other exercises, making for a more effective workout. Stop or take a short rest between reps if you feel yourself getting tired or your technique starts to slip.
Note: When most people think of the calf muscle they are actually thinking of the gastrocnemius.
The calf can be trained more often than other muscles (as it is more resistent to fatigue) but keep at least 24-48 hours of rest between heavy training.

Cankles or 'calf ankles' can happen during pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension or just through water rentention (1). To develop that part of your calf you need to lose the fat overtop of the muscle for it to show. Training your calf muscles will not help reduce the side of your cankles which are a larger 'ankle', but calf training will help increase the size of the calf muscle which will help give shape to your lower leg which should help.
You can then build the calf muscle with a lot of standing calf raises which will help musculature.

Not only because you’ll look silly, but also because your lower body houses some of your biggest muscles. No need for any brand name equipment – find a few elevated flat surfaces around the house or outside that are different heights and start jumping.

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