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UPDATED March 2016 – Revamped Body Beast Worksheets With Total Body, Lucky 7, and the Tempo Workouts! Body Beast workout sheets are vital for keeping an ongoing record of your workouts with Body Beast workout sheets is essential to your success, especially with programs that focus on weight training and mass gain like the Body Beast Workout! These Super-charged Body Beast Workout Sheets are Designed to Work in Concert With the Body Beast Workout Schedules! The new and improved Body Beast workout sheets track your progress for EVERY session of each workout on one page and allow you to see your progress horizontally week by week.
Like so many others, I am impressed with the workout sheets, and likewise a coach hoping you could forward the improved tracking sheets and Body Beast Schedules. Like others, I think your Body Beast workout sheets are a huge improvement over the originals.
Seth, all you have to do is fill out the form on this page and you will be given access to the sheets. The good news about the Body Beast workout is that you WILL get results if you follow the program. The Body Beast Schedule is broken up into 3 phases which are designed to get you the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. My name is Marcus Ochoa and I am a Diamond Independent Beachbody Coach from Commerce Michigan. Marcus is a true team player, the support he gives, and the training he has plugged me into is way more than I expected. Get completely ripped and chiseled in just 90 days with this powerful fat-burning, muscle-defining, weight-training program. Sagi takes the old school bodybuilding elites tactics and combines it with the breakthroughs of the 21st century to create the best program I have used to date. I am not new to lifting or Beachbody products, but I had to write a quick review for Body Beast because I enjoyed it so much.
I am 59 years old and I had been going to the gym for about 3 years to lose weight and to improve my stamina. If you are thinking about doing the Body Beast workout, you are probably wondering what equipment you will need.
In this post I’m going to give you a list of the equipment you need to do the Body Beast workout to insure that you get the best results possible.
One of the things you’ll need to do the Body Beast workout that you might not already have is a workout bench. If a workout bench is not in your budget, don’t worry, there is a cheaper alternative.
The actual dumbbell weight and pounds you will need will differ from person to person depending on your strength level. Instead of purchasing an entire steel dumbbell set, a great alternative is Bowflex’s Select Tech Dumbbells. More equipment you will need to do your Body Beast workout is EZ Curl Barbell and weights set. One more thing you will need to do Body Beast is a pull up bar, or have somewhere to do pull ups. The good news is that these are all great additions to your home gyms that you will continue to use through your fitness journey, even after you’ve completed the Body Beast workout.
I host a free fitness team through Beachbody if you’d like daily support and accountability. This hybrid is just a suggestion and should be discussed with a certified trainer and doctor before starting it. Beachbody Coach Guide – Everything You Need to Know About CoachingI signed up to be an Independent Beachbody coach in March 2012 with my mom. Thank you for visiting my website and following my Body Beast journey.  I have my big BEAST goal of being in a Body Beast Infomercial and so I am giving 110% every single day that I push play.
BODY BEAST workout is an extreme program, specifically developed to bulk up your body AND your confidence.
BODY BEAST workout is one of the only all-encompassing body-building, nutrition and supplement systems on the market. With BODY BEAST, it’s about technique and building a strong foundation—not just lifting the heaviest weights you can. Are you looking for a complete body-building system that teaches you how to use a healthy eating plan and supplements, the way pros do?
Finally finished putting together a hybrid schedule that includes P90X, Insanity, Asylum, and running. For those of who have been through these programs and want a plan that goes for longer or shorter distances, let me know.
I’d like to see the excel file that you hav put together for the training of a half marathon.
Brandon – I am doing the first two weeks of this starting tonight, then starting over on July 2nd. One more thing – when you have two workouts scheduled for the same day, is it better to do them back to back, or stagger them like one in the morning one in the afternoon?
On the days when its a Beachbody workout paired with running, a lot of times I will do one in the AM and the second in the PM.

If you get to those days and you are tuckered out, then just do one of the workouts and try to get to the point where you can do both in one day.
I have never had core training, upper body training, or weight training, and barely drive my arms throughout my runs.
The Hal Higdon plans are excellent and I used to use those before I started doing P90X, Insanity, etc.
Your hybrid schedule looks thoroughly amazing…I have to look good for husband when he returns from deployment in 7 months.
I like your hybrid calendar alot, being an avid athlete by completing multiple half marathons, 3 marathons all the Beachbody programs from P90X-Insanity Asylum II. Hi, I’m very interested in following this hybrid schedule for half marathon training.
Or should I just use an excel spreadsheet and make my own and use the sample plan that is published in “The Book Of Beast” as a model?
The bad news about the Body Beast Schedule is that is consists of 6 workouts a week, which can be a lot. If you'd like to earn some extra money while getting healthy and back in shape, then you've come to the right place. This time I have committed myself and I chose Marcus as my coach after researching many other coaches.
If you're ready to strip away fat while adding definition to your whole physique, Body Beast is for you.
I have put on 8lbs of muscle and look leaner having just used the basic kit (no supplments!). The workouts aren't overly lengthy but deliver some killer moves that let you feel your muscles growing. I am a business owner and only have about 1 and one-half hours a few days a week to work out.
There are certain moves, like the dumbbell chest press, close grip press, and partial chest fly, just to name a few, that require you to lie down on your back on a workout bench. Currently I own 5lb-45lb dumbbells, going up in 5 pound increments, and I use each one at least once in one of the workouts. If you’ve already done P90x, chances are that you already have a pull up bar set up somewhere. By signing up for the free membership, you are automatically eligible for all of the goodies of our team.
Also, remember to hydrate & be fueled with water,Shakeology, and as many whole foods as possible. I am also helping many people make it through Body Beast, P90X, Insanity, and many other programs. The success of P90X and the popularity of INSANITY have set the precedence in the DVD Workout Program market. Created by champion bodybuilder, Sagi Kalev, it uses a combination of old- and new-school bodybuilding techniques to build muscle without using expensive gym equipment or harmful steroids. Keep in touch with me for more info and the upcoming BODY BEAST Challenge Groups . You can now start building your body with the BODY BEAST workout, right at home.
I make my plans in excel files, so they can be modified for whatever event you intend to train for. For these plans I would keep the same Beachbody workout; but just change the running distances.
If you have this in a hybrid training program using a combination of Insanity, Asylum, and running that would be ideal for me. I do have programs that involve more strength training; but I can send you a complete list of my plans and you can pick one that suits you best.
You can get both of those and then alternate every other week of the two plans to have a good Insanity-Asylum-Half Marathon plan.
I also work a lot (always 50+ hours a week) and I have my family obligations to tend to when I am not working. The muscles will be gone after several (or more) months withnout training, won’t they? On the link posted on my hybrid page, it will take you to the file hosted on Google drive and you can download it from there.
My wife has been a coach for a year now and I recently just joined this month and will be starting this program on Monday. I am currently setting myself up so that I can do the program properly and was searching online for Workout sheets and came across your site.
If you are interested in learning what the Body Beast schedule consists of you have come to the right place. It is going to be challenging and will take some dedication and commitment, but in 90 days you will be amazed at the results you’ve achieved.
While I have improved my diet somewhat, I do not follow a particularly strict diet plan, and yet still have very good results. I personally liked Segi and his commentary throughout the program because he made the workouts interesting and competitive. I had incorporated some parts of P90X into my routine, but did not have the stamina for an intense program.

In each workout video, there is one person using a stability ball and you will get instructions and be able to see how to properly use the stability ball for each move, instead of a workout bench. The good news is, they should last forever, which means you will get a lifetime of use out of them. I actually need to look for some heavier than 45lbs, because with some moves, 45lbs is not heavy enough. During the Body Beast workout, there are times when you will be doing pull ups, so you will want to make sure you have a good setup. So, if you want a copy of one of my excel files, feel free to message me on the blog and I will email you a copy so you can modify it to suit your purposes. I have run two 10K the last four weeks, and I am doing a half marathon for the Air Force Marathon in September at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio. I should have done this sooner, especially since Asylum is probably my favorite program of them all. Do you have a schedule that could help me out, hopefully with a bit more strength training? Also, I’ll send them as an excel file so you can modify the running for distances suited for your various races. So, the simplest way to integrate Insanity into your running would be to use the Insanity-Half marathon training schedule; but for every run on the plan, divide the distance by three and use that as your training runs.
My family genetics are very bad and almost 70% of my extended family is very overweight, so I have to work hard at staying in shape.
Until January I have schedules to do, but in April I wanna run a marathon, so there are three months of time to excercise. I am already registered with Team BeachBody on their site as KnightWriter67, if that is important for you to know. In this post I’m going to go over the Body Beast schedule as it is laid out specifically in the program. If weight loss is one of your primary goals, you’d be better of choosing Insanity, P90x, or Turbo Fire. Clearly, then, it is the way the workouts are structured and the excercise selection that has made the difference.
This is the first program I've used that I have seen (and felt) results early and finished with amazing gains after the bulk phase.
I can see myself doing many rounds of Body Beast because I have always enjoyed lifting weights more than doing cardio sessions.
I really wanted something for muscle building and stamina and was considering a personal trainer. Also, there are moves that will require you to incline the bench, so be sure to purchase one that inclines. I am a big fan of working out at home instead of going to the gym, mostly because it just saves a lot of time, and I value my time highly, so any way I can save time, I’m all for it. So I will be purchasing 50, 55, and probably 60 pound dumbbells sometime in the near future. Also, remember this is an intense hybrid, and you should follow both program’s health protocol. Combat is going to get your cardio in while Body Beast is going to help sculpt your body like never before! I would really like to get a copy of the PDF files containing the New Improved Worksheets, along with its guides and schedules. If you are thinking about buying Body Beast and want to take a look at the schedule before you buy, here’s a great opportunity to do that.
Thank you Beachbody for making a weight lifting program and thank you Segi for making a challenging, competitive, but safe weight lifting routine. Can you give me some advice about the best way to train for this event using insanity and incorporating running? If you already own Body Beast and are just looking for what workout you are supposed to be doing today, you’ll be able to find that information here as well. So this is great, I was scared of dropping one of the plan and doing only running to accomplish the marathon.
For example, when I first started doing my Beachbody+running hybrids I used to eat a lot (not always the best food) because I felt I was working out so much.
I went from 238 lbs to 218 lbs in 3 months and I have visible muscle definition from my quads up to my triceps.
My thoughts are to run 3 days a week and then do a weight oriented video from beachbody on the other 3 days.
But I found that over time when I stuck to one of the Beachbody diet plans or The Michi Ladder Plan (which I got from Beachbody) then it was much much easier to stay thin; but not lose any muscle.
Any suggestions or advice on how as a soon to be husband, corporate businessman and an avid athlete to stay thin and muscular. Now after 6 months, I now have intense work outs 5 days a week and feel great after every work out.

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