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Utilizing a needs analysis that includes the biomechanics, physiology, and the common sites of injury relative to the sport of basketball and the position that the athlete plays. Basketball Performance Testing Protocol: assessing the players Body Composition, Girth Measurements including “Wing Span”, Vertical Jump, Strength, Upper Body Power, Court Sprint Time and Agility Time.
Anaerobic Endurance Power:  Basketball Line Drill sprint endurance test utilizing the entire court (four repeat distances on the court). Injury Prevention ProgramThe sport of basketball as well as other sports has an inherent risk of injury for players, not only during skill work practice, but team practice and for sure during “game” play.  Coach Poe emphasizes a program with progressive Strength and Flexibility development and “Body awareness” drills, to “off-set” these risks of musculo-skeletal injuries.  The main objective is to keep the player on the court, healthy and able to perform without the associated risks of injuries (potential for missing practice and game time)!
2)      Variations of Olympic-style weight-lifting movements and other free-weight, machine, and body-weight strength exercises will be designed and implemented for the player, for injury prevention and enhanced playing performance for the sport.  Appropriate lifting techniques will be emphasized as well as safety of the player training. 2)      Drills will incorporate Weighted Vest, Jump Boxes, The VERTIMAX, Bungie Cords, Medicine Balls as well as other training equipment and devices. 3)      Training programs will be Periodized.  Training components of “rate of force development” and “maximal power” will be emphasized.
Acceleration Speed and Agility Training1)      All three components of playing speed will be addressed in training:  Acceleration, constant speed and change of direction or agility training.
2)      Specific Training equipment such as Weighted Vest, Bungie Cords, Sport Cords, Cones, Hurdles, Jump Boxes and the Vertimax etc will be used for training drills.
Fighting at Featherweight (145) weight class is my normal fight weight, so when Bellator wanted me to fight in the lightweight (155) tournament, I knew I had to find a way to put on some size. Power Systems offer a wide variety of training equipment and programs to boost your basketball game. Assessing The AthleteA conditioning plan is only as successful as the individual's ability to commit to it. Once a movement analysis of the sport has been considered and the strength objective for the program set (i.e. Using the chart above, for an athlete to make the greatest gains in maximal strength they should perform sets of 6 repetitions or less. Volume can be classed as the total amount of weight lifted in a resistance training session. Research has shown that gain in both hypertrophy and maximal strength can be achieved with a single set per exercise.However, many more studies suggest that while suitable for beginners, more advanced lifters require additional volume to make further gains in strength. Rest PeriodsMaximal strength training places the greatest demands on the neuromuscular system and requires the longest rest interval between sets and should last between 2-6 minutes.Resistance training for power demands high quality of movement and the resulting fatigue from too short a rest interval compromises lifting technique. From phase to phase over the course of a season, resistance training usually progresses from general strength to sport-specific power and strength endurance.

Question: What's the fastest growing movement in fitness, that gives you the physique of a gymnast and is better for your body than free weights? For further free gym workouts, please refer to our main workouts page and, if you are unfamiliar with any exercise mentioned, please refer to our Execise Index or type the exercise name into our search bar. Remember, if you have not yet signed-up to our free newsletter, please do so in order to receive the latest free training advice & tips.
In short, everything we find (& hopefully you'll find) of interest relating to sport, we plan to write about in a clear and concise manner.
I used the STU workouts to help put on 15 pounds of muscle in 3 months and eventually go on to win the Season 2 tournament. We offer basketball training equipment designed to increase your vertical jump, speed, agility, quickness, and strength. A volleyball player would benefit from explosive power and a football lineman from exceptional muscle mass.
This often works well allowing sufficient recovery time and fits nicely into the 7-day week.
Sports conditioning is more demanding than general fitness training and with various forms of training often taking place in the week it's important to maximize overload to recovery ratio.One method for structuring exercise order is power, core, assistance exercises. That means that failure to lift another, single repetition should occur within 6 repetitions - which typically correlates to a load of greater than 85% 1RMStrength endurance, on the other hand, is developed when a greater number of repetitions are completed (more than 12) and loads usually correlate to less than 67% 1RM. This is calculated by multiplying the weight used for each set for all exercises by the number of repetitions completed.
It's also interesting to note that there is evidence that 3 sets of 10 repetitions completed without going to failure increase strength to a greater degree than 1 set of 10 repetitions completed to failure.As with load, volume is dependant on the athlete's previous training history and the primary strength objective. The in-season sees a reduction in training volume where the goal is to maintain the gains made in the off and pre-season phases.From session to session loads and volume should increase gradually. The workout (note: of intermediate difficulty) provides a sensible circuit training regime to follow during a competitive phase of the season and is suitable for multiple players to undertake at the same time (equipment and space permitting).
You can also find advice on stretching, warming-up, cooling-down, advanced training methods etc.
No claim or opinion on these pages is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. Although I didna€™t win the Championship fight with Season 1 Champion Eddie Alvarez, my conditioning was never a problem during our 5 round fight. Whether you are a coach or an athlete, here you will find the training products you need to boost performance on the hardwood.

Although in an ideal scenario a soccer player would benefit from addressing explosive power and strength endurance needs, their lack of physical size and strength may be their greatest hindrance. So for example, power cleans (which involves the most complex movements) should start the session if they are included.
It's important to remember that adequate overload, even when strength endurance is the primary objective, occurs when each set is performed to, or close to failure.Explosive power development is a little different.
For ideas and advice on periodizing your training and performing related workouts, you should review Gym Workouts: Maps to Success. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program. Now I'm getting ready for the featherweight tournament and have full confidence that STU workouts will help my lean up and win this season too!
A program to bulk the player up may have the greatest impact on their performance.The only way to ascertain the most appropriate program design is through a battery of fitness tests. From the chart above, power for multi-sprint sports (as opposed to single power events such as Olympic Weightlifting) is best developed in a repetition range of 3-5.However, if exercises were performed to failure in this repetition range, loads of approximately 87-93% 1RM would be used.
They can be useful for maintaining a balance between agonists and antagonist muscle groups - especially if the sport places an uneven demand on the body. A resistance training program for a hockey player for example, might be coupled with plyometric training.
This is too heavy for substantial power production as it limits the athlete's ability to generate speed of movement. Instead, the 3-5 repetitions are completed with loads of 75-85% 1RM with emphasis on the quality of the lifts. The 60-second sit-up or push-up test would be suitable for many of the endurance sports.Consider finally, the phases of the sport season.
This is an important step in injury prevention.Here is an example of the exercises selected for a soccer player. Generally, early pre-season or off-season training is reserved for maximum strength and hypertrophy. For athletes new to resistance training an extended period of time may be required for functional or anatomical training - preparing the body for a more strenuous lifting program.

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