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Duke University demonstrates three shooting drills to use inside the three-point line, including the Mikan Drill, the Reverse Mikan and 15-foot Around the World. The shooter needs to do a great job of getting their body back towards the basket and squared up before shooting the ball.
There will be a C4 Baseball skills camp with Coach Nick Esposito and Coach Jim Bail taking place at the Nashua Sports Academy in Nashua.
This session will last 3 hours and staff will ensure that each player receives quality instruction and as many quality reps as possible. Coach Esposito is also a strength coach with a background from Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and Cressey Sports Performance, both places train professional athletes and have a strong belief in injury prevention.
Equally effective with elite players and tee-ballers,  Coach Bail employs a teaching perspective developed through over 20 years’ involvement in playing and coaching in Professional (Atlanta Braves), College and High School Baseball coupled with well over 10 years of direct involvement in youth coaching, coaching development and skills clinics and academies. Strong mechanical and mental emphasis focused on simplification of hitting into its basic components, burning into muscle memory, and mentoring players into a calm and focused mind when at the plate. While more than twelve of his former players have gone on to play professional baseball, Coach Bail takes more pride in the hundreds and hundreds of kids he has coached whose lives have been positively impacted by learning excellence as a habit through commitment, hard work, and mastery of proper mental approach and state.
Speed and agility training is crucial for basketball to improve footwork skills as well as improve cardiorespiratory stamina. Basketball is an extremely dynamic sport that requires movements in multiple planes of motion as well as rapid transitions from jogging to sprinting to jumping. Research has demonstrated that speed and agility training follows the principle of specificity, showing that straight (linear) speed training produces improvements in straight ahead speed with little carry-over to agility and vice versa (1).Thus, it is important to train these elements as separate components to ensure both speed and agility are being developed maximally.
Research has also shown that running and cutting maneuvers associated with many land-based sports can produce high levels of altered forces involved in non-contact injuries such as an ACL injury (3-5). These drills will help improve straight ahead speed and deceleration capabilities required during transition periods and fast breaks that are performed in basketball.
Agility is the ability to start (accelerate), stop (decelerate and stabilize), and quickly change direction while maintaining proper postural alignment (15).This requires high levels of neuromuscular efficiency (movement coordination) because the athlete is constantly regaining their center of gravity over their base of support while changing directions at various speeds.
These drills are designed to help improve deceleration capabilities, change in direction and foot work skills required for basketball. The sport of basketball requires many changes in direction, quick movements and explosive jumping. Mandelbaum BR, Silvers HJ, Watanabe DS, Knarr JF, Thomas SD, Griffin LY, Kirkendall DT, Garrett W Jr. Q: What’s the best way to motivate a client who’s hit a plateau—no longer losing weight or improving strength or speed?

Since 1987 the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has been the global leader in delivering evidence-based certifications and advanced specializations to health and fitness professionals.
The information provided is without warranty or guarantee and NASM disclaims any liability for decisions you make based on the information. This is especially true when coming off of a down screen, or cutting out to the 3 point line for a shot. Each player whom attends the session will learn hitting drills for current and future success.
Coach Esposito attending Wayne State College and Bellevue University, both nationally ranked collegiate programs before signing a professional baseball contract with the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League. The ability to quickly elude defenders, rapidly decelerate to take a jump shot, or explosively jump up to grab a rebound are all skills required to effectively play the sport.
It has been shown that eight weeks of sprint training can improve performance in the maximum speed phase of sprinting (20-40 meters) and resisted sprint training (pulling a sled weighted with a 5-kilogram load) can improve the acceleration phase of sprinting (10 meters) (2).Research has further demonstrated that agility training can improve one’s ability to change direction (agility) (1). Typically, this refers to how fast someone can run in a forward directed, straight path of motion.  Therefore, speed is the straight-ahead velocity of a person or how fast a person can run forward (also known as sprinting). To ensure the athlete can perform these skills properly and handle the stresses that come with the sport, speed and agility training will be an important training component to include in the training regimen.
The effects of resisted sled-pulling sprint training on acceleration and maximum speed performance.
A review of electromyographic activation levels, timing differences, and increased anterior cruciate ligament injury incidence in female athletes. Effectiveness of a neuromuscular and proprioceptive training program in preventing anterior cruciate ligament injuries in female athletes: 2-year follow-up. Exercises to prevent lower limb injuries in youth sports: cluster randomised controlled trial.
Neuromuscular training improves performance and lower-extremity biomechanics in female athletes. Rationale and Clinical Techniques for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Prevention Among Female Athletes. Comparison of three preventive methods in order to reduce the incidence of ankle inversion sprains among female volleyball players. In my opinion, having a good coach can help an aspiring basketball player to perfect the agility, quickness & reaction drills.
The session will also go over basic hitting mechanics, throwing mechanics, fielding, outfield drills, mental approach and footwork.

This article will review the rationale for speed and agility training for the sport of basketball and provide drills to enhance performance and decrease the risk of injury. It is equally important for the athlete to be able to perform these skills in a variety of directions and in a controlled manner to ensure injuries do not ensue. With this said, speed drills would include those in which the athlete is required to run in a linear path.
Refer to NASM’s Performance Enhancement Specialization course for more basketball speed drills. Care should be taken when performing agility ladder drills on a basketball court to ensure the athlete does not slip on the ladder due to the slick floor surface. For example, OPT training (core, balance, plyometrics and integrated resistance training) can be done on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while speed and agility training can be done on Tuesday and Thursday. These drills can be incorporated into any basketball program for athletes across all levels to help maximize performance and decrease the risk of injury. They are revered and utilized by leading brands and programs around the world and have launched thousands of successful careers. Due to the myriad of physical demands that come with the sport makes speed and agility training a crucial component to incorporate into a basketball training program. Refer to NASM’s Performance Enhancement Specialization course for these and more agility drills for basketball. I’ve been playing basketball on and off through my high school and have been wanting to train with a focus to improve on a few of my weaknesses. The goal of this session is for the kids to develop their skills and abilities for their age group, and more importantly, develop self-confidence and having a positive outlook. I’ve been focusing on such agility improvement and speed, but I still fall short of my own expectations. Thinking of joining an athlete agility training program that focuses on where I need to improve.

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