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Directed by Hannah Lux Davis and styled by Haley Wollens, Cyrus goes through no fewer than five outfit changes throughout the course of the video, all resonating with a 1990s air. 2) Paging Pretty Woman: Cut to the locker-room scene, where Cyrus is channeling Pretty Woman in a black-and-white cut-out jumpsuit with navel-height garter suspenders. 5) On the Rebound: Casually straddling the gym's basketball hoop, Miley tosses around a crystallized basketball while wearing matching silver Jordans in the final scene. Selena Gomez has been busy trotting around the world to promote Spring Breakers in a variety of dresses and covetable outfits over the past few weeks, and this weekend she took a break from her glamourous promotional duties to watch the LA Lakers play a game of basketball. Selena wore a black, off-the-shoulder top and black skinnies with some open-toed, lace-up wedges. Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands.
She's blinged out in a Chanel cuff and purse draped over her shoulder, a Delfina Delettrez earring in her right ear, and chains on her neck, ankles, and wrists.

In true locker-room style, she rocks bejeweled Celine Birkenstocks with wool socks and a pair of gold-framed Versace sunglasses.
Ensuring that her midriff is still exposed, Cyrus is obviously wearing a rhinestone crop top to match the basketball. Filmed at Bishop Ford High School in Brooklyn, “23” is chock full of ’90s nostalgia—in particular, a tribute to Michael Jordan—featuring Cyrus wearing several renditions of his number 23 Chicago Bulls jersey—and not much else.
Matching the cigarette in her hand, Cyrus wears Prada heels with a pair of smoking lips across the toes. And just in case she gets stuck up there, she has a garter belt–fanny pack around her thigh to keep a phone in and call for help. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber was probably skipping around somewhere with a gas mask on, singing a tune about Lindsay Lohan's tax bill.Probably.What do you think of Selena's casual look? While wearing pink is a bold move, the T-shirt again is too loose and baggy, especially in the arms and body, making him look sloppy and not pulled together.

But leather blazers in general are not a good idea (choose a motorcycle or bomber jacket instead for a modern and edgy look). Over-washed, too big and appear to stop mid-chest, this look is the antithesis of fashionable!Gallo: Jordan was a judge at the 2007 slam dunk competition in this custom, one-off jacket.
Jordan should take a cue from fellow legend Gordie Howe and just rock a simple, classic and properly tailored black tuxedo.

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