Basketball exercises to improve vertical jump exercises

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As if beer pong wasn't cool enough, this cool twist involves two Roombas and the need for even better aim. Did you ever, when you were a kid, or even now, have the urge to put your finger in a hole to see if it would come back out?
The man said he wasna€™t afraid of the cub, but they saw the momma bear on another hole, and we ALL know you don't mess with momma bear!

If you answered yes, did you also feel the need to lick a frozen light pole to see if your tongue really would get stuck? A Let them play but if they do something that borderlines on dumb but won't really hurt em, let em go for it. Some people swear by it, so I'm not knocking it, I just think some of the drinks end up looking like runny baby food.

This kid is graduating from the eighth grade and since it's an election year he does his impersonations of the presidential hopefuls and even the POTUS!

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Weight room exercises to increase vertical jump up

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