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Shooting the basketball towards it score destination is highly recommendable with a jump shot. Holding the ball with one hand underneath the ball requires bended wrist, so cock it back really nice and then release the ball with like a slingshot. Like mentioned before, the elbows should not be up front; keep it close to the body and in a line with the basket. When doing a jump shot, always keep your eyes on the rim; don’t look in the ball’s trajectory. No offensive weapon plays a more important role in the game of basketball than the jump shot.

Usually, the jump shot is preceded by some form of movement, whether a dribble or foot or body motion.
As the shooter leaves the floor and rises into the air, he brings the ball up, keeping it close to his body until the ball is above his head at the top of his jump, or possibly even on the way down. In executing the jump shot, the player must remember (1) to make a proper stop before shooting and (2) to jump up rather than forward. The turnaround jump shot requires good footwork, since the shot is initiated with the shooter’s back to the basket. Jump shot are of high importance in a basketball game so here are the basics you should keep in mind all the time. If you bend the waist, you’ll spend more energy for higher jump or you’ll be unable to maximize your jump.

Whichever hand you prefer to be on the side or below is up to you; whether you are left handed or right handed.
Spread the finger across the ball so you’ll have a complete control of it; a proper grip will protect it from being ‘stolen’ by the defensive player. When you shoot, release it with your fingers; hold it with the hand but make the fingers do the ‘final touch’.

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