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When it comes to coaching basketball plays, do your young players a huge favor by following some of the greatest coaching advice I ever received: KEEP IT SIMPLE! Give players a few basic rules so they have enough structure to run a basketball offense successfully without sending their brains into mental overload.
All you need to run some simple, yet very effective youth basketball plays are good basketball cuts and screens.
BASKETBALL SCREENSEven though there are 5 teammates on the floor, some of the best youth basketball plays involve only 2 or 3 players.

It's what players do when they DON'T have the ball that determines how effective your youth basketball plays are. Regardless of which cut you use, it's important to push off hard from the floor, move quickly, and make sharp cuts in straight lines. Tips:If your defender is sagging off of you, make a hard cut in front of her as soon as you pass the ball. If your cuts are rounded, your defender can easily take the shortest path in a straight line and beat you to the spot.

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