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My basketball question has to do with increasing my vertical jump.Can you please give me some simple exercises that I can do to help increase my vertical jump?I'm mainly interested in exercises I can do at home, as I don't always have access to the fitness center at my school. Dude if anyone has answered you then tell me what they said because I'm in the same position. The highest vertical jump to have been recorded seems to be 60 inches (over 152 cm) by Kadour Ziani not so long ago. While reaching a 50 inch vertical jump is not realistic for everyone, from wherever you start, Jacob Hiller guarantees you will add at least 10 inches (over 25 cm) to your vertical jump. In this review we take a look at the Vertical Jump Training Manual by Jacob Hiller who has proven he can show athletes from beginner to pro how to add another 10 inches to their vertical in about three months. You also get access to his private basketball dunkers’ forum and -as long as he can still afford the time with numbers of clients growing fast- you’ll get unlimited one-on-one email coaching on jumping and dunking if you need it! If you are looking for the fastest way to improve vertical jump, get Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual!
This bouns further helps you workout to jump higher in basketball and is included automatically in your purchase if you follow the instructions above. These workouts to jump higher in basketball will effectively teach you how to get a higher vertical for basketball. Your jumping fitness will climb unknown heights with these best workouts for vertical jump. Choose from weight training for vertical jump and other vertical strength training techniques to put together your workouts to increase vertical leap.
The NBA vertical jump training needs to rely on a more thorough jump workout to explore effective ways to increase your vertical.
These best exercises to jump higher are designed to teach how to increase vertical jump for basketball. Find out how to get a better vertical jump without basketball training equipment with this basketball fitness training program. This basketball jumping program will train your vertical jump muscles with specific jumping exercises to dunk.
In short, increasing your vertical leap was never easier than with these vertical jump drills. These jumping exercises for volleyball are written down by a vertical leap trainer that used these jumping exercises for basketball in his own career as a vertical trainer.
You won’t find better ways to improve vertical leap than these basketball coaching drills. Because if you don’t know how do you increase your vertical then your basketball vertical leap will always suffer. This best exercise to jump higher will increase your vertical jump form also for volleyball vertical training. You can start increasing vertical jump for volleyball by copying the best way to increase vertical jump for basketball because both vertical programs are quite equal when it comes to vertical jump testing.
This vertical jump bible by jump trainer Hiller will be increasing vertical jump with each of his vertical jump bible exercises. These exercises to improve vertical jump basketball should be made part of any sports fitness training.
You will learn new ways how to increase your jumping power and your basketball jumps or your volleyball jumping training will become magnificent. The secret how to increase your vertical contains vertical exercises to jump higher that will make your vertical jump measurement equipment blush. These exercises to increase vertical jump for volleyball are among the best ways to jump higher of any vertical jump workout program. Jumping (from a standing position) higher than 40 inches (just over 1 meter) is already an impressive feat for most basketball or volleyball athletes.
Jacob identifies the nine elements or variables that together affect how high you jump in basketball.
It is not the responsibility of the online vendor whose product you purchase nor of Clickbank who handle the sale. If you despaired at how can you increase your vertical now you can use these ways to get your vertical jump higher and get results.
You will be training basketball much more effectively with each exercise to increase vertical leap. Even without vertical leap equipment your basketball jumping workout will become more effective. Now, improving vertical jump was never easier than with these workouts that will make you jump higher. From exercises for vertical leap through stretching to jump higher to plyometric training you will slowly gyrate towards how to improve your vertical jump by 10 inches. For increasing vertical leap for basketball you need to improve your jump capability with efficient workouts to improve vertical jump. Your vertical jump average will rise if you follow these exercises to help you dunk a basketball.
If you want to know how to jump higher to dunk a basketball then you need to go for the best jump training you can find.
Because the NBA vertical jump workout relies on the same plyometric jump as the exercises to increase your vertical in basketball. The higher jump exercises in basketball workouts to jump higher are alike other vertical jump programs because there are only so many ways to improve your vertical. Understand the role vertical jump equipment from this vertical leap bible and learn how to jump higher in a month without any vertical jump training software. Since the height of your leap determines your chances of securely landing a slam dunk, vertical jump training for basketball is a necessity for any serious player. These are false sensational promises by jump training courses that will go unfulfilled in most cases. Jacob has trained them all successfully: high school, college, NBA, Olympic athletes as well as professional dunkers. These exercises to increase vertical are among the best basketball vertical jump drills on the market.
It will make you jump higher than any vertical leap training shoes or any other vertical leap workout program. Learn how to increase jump height with either plyometrics for jumping higher or many other exercises to improve your vertical. This best basketball workout will literally show you how to jump higher overnight and to double your vertical jump in the long run. A really effective basketball dunk workout relies on workouts to increase vertical that train high jump techniques. These exercises to increase your vertical jump for basketball and the high jump training video will see you jumping higher in basketball than ever before. This vertical jump training for basketball will make you train to jump higher like no other jump training workout you have experienced before.
It is a professional athletes training program and the official basketball training manual for NBA high jumps.
Your plyometrics for vertical jump will form part of your programs to increase vertical jump. Your plyometric vertical jump will also improve once you come to grips with how to get a high vertical jump. This high jumpers workout contains the best exercises to increase vertical leap of all basketball coaching training. To go from an average vertical jump to a sensational extra ten or twelve inches you not only need to do vertical leap weight training as many manuals advise. There you just enter your payment number and you will then be redirected to the bonus download link for the No Fail Fitness eBook.
Once you started these jumping workouts for basketball your vertical jump tester will be astonished. No vertical jump shoes will get you the results these drills to increase vertical from the the jump manual Jacob Hiller can get you! The right workouts for vertical leap from these how to jump higher exercises will give you the best ways to increase vertical. This vertical leap program is the most effective jumping workout program if you want to know how to increase vertical jump fast.
Good exercises that improve vertical jump include workouts for increasing vertical jump and high jump plyometrics. You will need to learn how to find your vertical jump with individual vertical jump exercises for basketball.
Even if you don’t have access to plyometric boxes you will learn how to get your vertical jump higher with each vertical jump workout. Combine different vertical exercises into exercises for vertical jump to learn increasing your vertical jump for basketball. Once you improved your vertical to dunk you can start an air attack jump program with this jump training program. A really good vertical explosion training program will combine plyometrics jump training with the best exercises to increase flexibility for comprehensive improving vertical jump workouts.
Learn how to increase your jump in basketball with effective exercises to jump higher in volleyball from this vertical training program.
All basketball coaching programs look for ways to increase your vertical jump for basketball and achieve a massive vertical jump.
They’ll teach you how to make your vertical jump higher with increasing flexibility exercises and vertical training exercises. And they will also help your volleyball vertical jump like the increase vertical leap basketball. Begin with vertical jump exercises without equipment and look for ways to increase your flexibility. Learn to choose what exercises increase your vertical jump with this Jacob Hiller jump manual review and increase jumping ability with the best vertical leap exercises around.
You will know how to increase vertical leap fast with the best exercises to increase vertical jump. The best exercises to increase vertical will be increasing jumping ability beyond your wildest dreams! The Ladycats had a hard time inbounding the ball until Megan Wood broke free and was heading to the basket for a layup. Tried weight training for jumping higher and still wonder “how can I increase my vertical jump”? These techniques to jump higher for basketball will teach you how to increase your vertical jump in 1 week. See how to increase your vertical jump by 10 inches through efficient speed and vertical training. No increasing vertical jump exercises from any training program for basketball can compete with these best vertical jump programs for high jumping training. No basketball shoes to jump higher can achieve what the the jump manual workout chart pdf can make you privy to. These easy basketball exercises will increase vertical jumping beyond what you may have thought possible.
Get these exercises for dunking a basketball and learn how to increase vertical fast today! It will get your basketball jump and your standing vertical jump technique improved with each workout to jump higher. Your standing broad jump will also improve with these jumping exercises for basketball to increase vertical. Because all high jump training exercises are alike in that they increase vertical jump through a tailored vertical jump increase program. These workouts to jump higher to dunk will combine vertical leap exercises that will make your jumping shoes look old. You will learn how to jump higher instantly and increase your flexibility once you start to improve your jumping ability.
No stretching exercises to increase flexibility or shoes that increase vertical jump or other jump training equipment can outdo this jumping program. His workouts to increase vertical jump for basketball are studied and followed by basketball and volleyball professionals worldwide. Learn how to increase vertical jump for volleyball with this vertical jump program pdf now!
Start these workouts for a higher vertical with exercises for higher jump and see your basketball shoes jump higher than any basketball coaches manual would have thought possible.
Only the proper vertical jump technique trained through an effective exercise for vertical jump will make your jump workouts to dunk successful. You can learn how to increase your vertical jump instantly and increase your vertical for the long haul too.
These exercises to help you jump higher make up a consistent jumping higher workout system. These exercises to increase vertical leap for basketball will make vertical jump training shoes look lame.
Combine flexibility training stretches with your jump drills and use plyometrics to jump higher with each basketball workout.
And all jumping higher workouts use stretches to help you jump higher as the best way to improve your vertical.
Choose the right high jump steps from this best vertical jump program and decide what exercise make you jump higher. These tips on how to jump higher are the best exercises to make you jump higher for basketball.
Learn the fastest way to jump higher with these exercises to increase vertical jump from the best vertical workout around.
This situation usually calls for an intentional foul but the referees called a regular two shot foul. This is probably the best vertical jump training you can lay your hands on without paying thousands for a professional individual coach! No plyometrics box jumps like in other basketball workout videos can do what these increase vertical jump exercises from Hiller’s vertical jumping program can achieve.
The best vertical jump training from the jumping manual comes with the most effective high jump training schedule.

The best exercises to increase vertical leap will include vertical jump strength training amongst other ways to increase vertical leap. Combine exercises to increase vertical jump fast into real basketball vertical workouts after stretching to increase flexibility. Don’t get your vertical jump programs free because the key to jumping higher lies with professional training for jumping higher in basketball. The best workout for vertical increase includes the squat for vertical jump and other vertical jump excercises. This jump manual workout chart pdf will have you jumping higher through various optimized basketball workouts.
You also need to add weight training for jumpers if you want to know how to increase vertical jump.
A workout to make you jump higher needs to be included in any training to increase vertical jump. These exercises to improve your vertical jump are unbeatable workouts to increase vertical jump.
Each high jump workout can start with a vertical jump board then add further exercises for increasing vertical leap. No other jump program for basketball will show you how to improve vertical jump for basketball as effectively as this increase vertical workout program.
Also, if you are looking for tips on how to increase your vertical jump for volleyball fast that go beyond warm up stretch exercises you need to read on. You need more sophisticated drills to increase vertical jump if you want to learn how to gain 5 inches to your vertical. No jump rope exercises to increase vertical can do what this vertical jump exercise can do for your basket ball training.
Your new basketball vertical jump training will have you jump higher in a week once you know how to train for vertical jump effectively. This will also improve your vertical jump in volleyball without resorting to any vertical jump machine.
Truly the best way to increase your vertical jump can’t work without leg workouts to jump higher. With this basketball vertical jump program from Hiller’s jumping manual you will be increasing vertical jump fast. The standing vertical jump test will answer the question does jumping rope increase your vertical.
Because the fastest way to improve vertical jump relies on a program to jump higher until you reach a 50 vertical jump. No vertical jumping workout can do without increasing vertical leap through basketball jumping drills. Start training for jumping higher with these exercises for basketball training and see how the best way to increase vertical from this best jump training program can improve your vertical jump weight training. Once you understand how to increase jumping ability all exercises that will make you jump higher will become an exercise to improve vertical leap. Your basketball vertical will explode once you apply this vertical jump workout plan and its jumping higher exercises. Your nerves and the muscles controlled by them must be retrained to fire in parallel to create a massive vertical jump.
After beginning these vertical increase exercises you will measure vertical leap increases never before thought possible.
No workout for vertical jump with increase vertical exercises has all these 10 ways to jump higher.
You will immediately start to jump higher for basketball through this vertical training workout. You will find the best workouts to increase vertical jump in this vertical jump manual and soon you will jump higher in basketball than you ever thought achievable! Because this training program for high jump can give you an improved high vertical leap in any sport where a vertical jump is necessary. Each vertical leap will be more impressive once you know how to measure your vertical jump. All tips to increase vertical jump start with how to measure your vertical jump then begin exercises for jumping higher like in volleyball jump training too. Start a vertical dunk from a plyometric jump box or other vertical jump training equipment. This vertical workout program truly is the best way to improve vertical jump with its unique drills to jump higher. You will train all muscles to increase vertical jump instead of buying shoes that increase vertical leap. Learn how to increase vertical for basketball with this leap training program and master the high jump technique. So to learn these nine factors or techniques to jump higher you need to read his Vertical Jump Training Manual. The best vertical jump workout does not just prescribe deadlifts for vertical jump but shows you an intricate vertical jump workout routine that makes this the best vertical training program of all time.
You will understand how to learn how to jump higher with the best ways to increase your vertical in the industry. These exercises to improve jumping will show you how to improve jumping ability with special sports coaching videos devoted to training for high jump. If you wish to double your vertical leap then shoes that increase vertical won’t cut it. These training drills for basketball can therefore also double as jumping exercises for other sports. These workouts to increase your vertical jump are the best drills to jump higher in basketball.
These workouts for higher vertical show you how to increase jumping and incorporate this into your training for basketball.
These vertical leap workouts will improve vertical jump exercises you may have found elsewhere.
Because volleyball vertical jump training is like all jump training after the increase jumping power. This program can also be used as volleyball jumping workouts because it teaches how to increase your vertical fast. All basketball training programs should check the vertical jump measure and tailor their excercises to jump higher accordingly.
No need for sport training software because all types of high jump techniques will teach you how to jump higher for basketball or increase your volleyball vertical through e.g.
Your increase vertical jump workouts will have you wonder “how do I measure my vertical jump”? They combine weight training to increase vertical jump with the best exercises to improve vertical jump. Real improving vertical jump exercises with solid high jump coaching advice will have you jump higher due to improved jump strength training.
So to understand how to improve your vertical jump fast you start with a vertical jump measurement and build on it with workouts to increase your vertical. Learn how to improve your vertical leap for basketball with this training for vertical jump. Once you know how to improve a vertical jump you need no basketball shoes that increase vertical because a good vertical increasing workout will show you how to increase vertical in a week. The ways to improve vertical can also be used as volleyball exercises to increase vertical jump. Marlowe played some in the first half but was stone cold coming off the bench to shoot the free throws.
Hiller knows the secret to increasing your vertical jump fast and without injury and undue strain on your joints and muscles. So why not increase your vertical jump with these jumping exercises for dunking and see for yourself?
The earlier you begin your jump higher exercises the more effective your volleyball jump workout will be.
Really, training in basketball was never easier than with this jump manual workout program. Even without a supercat vertical jump machine these vertical jump exercises will augment basketball training exercises greatly. All jump programs for basketball also improve vertical jump volleyball by teaching to jump higher. These plyometric jumps will show you how to improve jumping height and improve your vertical like no other slam dunk workout.
Try to jump higher instantly with this jump workout program and learn how to raise vertical jump by improving your vertical leaping with these jump training exercises.
The best vertical jump training program as mentioned in the jump manual review is Hiller’s jumping bible. All good exercises to help vertical jump will add to a vertical leap increase consistently. Because once you know how to get a higher vertical leap your knee high jump will just seem trivial.
Increase your vertical jump with the vertical leap video and do the exercises to increase fitness.
Because you'll be building muscle fibers that are used for explosive activities such as jumping, stretching is of the utmost importance. You will increase speed and vertical jump with these exercises to make your vertical jump higher. After using the vertical jump measuring equipment you can calibrate your jumping workout for basketball to start training to jump higher. Get this vertical jumping training to practise a higher vertical jump workout to improve vertical jump. These jumping drills for basketball will provide ways to increase vertical jump and guide you to how to improve your jump. Then you’ll know how to improve your vertical fast and be improving your vertical leap faster than with any of the other top 10 vertical jump programs.
Learn how to test your vertical jump, then increase jumping height with this workout to increase vertical jump fast.
With exercises to improve your flexibility and plyometrics jumping you will see how your jump shoes take you ever higher.
An effective jump training for basketball even in the absence of equipment to increase vertical jump. No exercises to increase your vertical jump are as efficient for jumping drills for dunking. Learn how to increase your vertical in a week with each easy ways to jump higher in this easy increase your vertical workout.
The best jump program must teach how to increase the vertical jump or else improving your vertical will not get very far. Most exercises to get a higher vertical jump are power exercises for basketball that enhance basketball workout programs greatly. Take vertical jump test after the first jump vertical training and see what vertical jump plyometrics can do for you.
Both teams allowed the big crowd to get settled in their seats before the real action began in the second half.
You will be improving your vertical jump as any vertical jump measuring device can show you.
With plyometrics jumping exercises your increase vertical jump training will have you jumping higher to dunk. Because training to jump higher in basketball relies on the best way to improve your vertical jump. The best exercises for increasing vertical need to comprise drills to improve vertical jump with or without vertical training equipment to help with dunking training.
Of all vertical jump training programs his vertical jump training exercises will show you how increase vertical jump most effectively. The Ladycats got off to a rough start offensively in the first quarter as their shots were just not falling.
Most other jump manual reviews don’t mention the standing vertical jump among the ways to jump higher. From jump rope technique to vertical jump test equipment everything is explained to improve vertical leap capacity.
Hiller’s fitness training downloads are among the best jump higher programs and train the most important muscles for vertical jump most effectively. Each vertical jump training workout should improve your vertical leap and lead to a power vertical jump. Your vertical jump for basketball will improve dramatically with these exercises to jump higher for basketball. But strength training for vertical jump does not rely on the uses of skipping rope because vertical jumps require proven exercises to increase vertical jump for basketball. These exercises to increase jump truly show how to jump higher in basketball and how to increase your vertical jump by 12 inches.
In Aledo’s first district game against Trimble Tech, the Lady Bulldogs led 28-22 at halftime before Aledo pulled out a 48-44 win.
You may even learn how to increase vertical jump by 12 inches with these increase vertical leap exercises. All basketball training workout should incorporate workouts to increase vertical jump for basketball. As the jump manual reviews clearly show, vertical explosion is necessary, a point some vertical jump program reviews miss completely.
On Tuesday, Trimble Tech was ahead 21-17 and getting to the free throw line at an alarming rate.
These workouts to jump higher utilize jump plyometrics and teach how to increase vertical leap to dunk. It looked like it was going to be an off night for the Ladycats as they had only three players scoring in the first half. If you want to know how to improve your high jump you must get this jump training routine to increase vertical jump fast.

Take the vertical jump test after each best workout for vertical jump and see how increasing vertical jump workout proves this jump manual correct!
Alyssa Dry had 11, Breann Forbes had four and Rylie Makawe had two. Everything turned around for Aledo in the third quarter.
Each basketball coach training needs to include the vertical leap technique to make it a best workout to increase vertical jump. The secrets to jumping higher for a good vertical jump rest not only on how to measure vertical jump but on effective vertical jump training. If you look for the ways to increase vertical jump for volleyball then why not try basketball vertical training because basketball jumping workouts are quite similar.
With this jump training program for basketball you need no training tracking software for your plyometrics vertical jump. Besides being an excellent ball handler and relentless on defense, Dry has scored 76 points in the three games against Trimble Tech. The Lady Bulldogs have two outstanding players in juniors Lekendra Bassett (11 points) and Karrington Brown (23 points).
The two Trimble Tech sharp shooters kept the Lady Bulldogs in the game connecting on six three-pointers. Each great basketball workout from this basketball fitness program will combine plyometrics for jumping with other exercises.
Bassett hit two free throws and Alyssa Dry blew past two defenders for a layup putting Aledo back up 41-39. Off another steal, Dry then sank another three-pointer with 0:55 left putting Aledo ahead 44-39 and ending Alyssa’s eight point run in less than a minute of playing time. Scissor your legs once in the air, then land with your left foot on the platform and your right foot on the floor.
Aledo led 44-39 heading into the fourth quarter. Justis Sczcepanski drew her fourth foul on a horrible call to begin the fourth quarter. Trimble Tech had a chance to tie the game but Justis came up with a big block sending Megan Wood back the other way with the ball. Aledo got the ball back and went up by five on two Breann Forbes free throws with 0:49 left to play. First, the Ladycats were called for a phantom base line infraction giving the ball back to Trimble Tech. Seconds later, Sczcepanski was called for her fifth foul while standing perfectly straight on defense. Trimble Tech hit both free throws to tie the score at 56-56 and Justis on the bench with five fouls. Coach Pinkerton called a time out with Aledo’s possession of the ball after the Ladycats had a tough time on the inbound pass. High school basketball is not like the NBA where a team gets possession at midcourt. Aledo clamped down again on defense and Trimble Tech did not even get a shoot off at the end of the game. Leading Ladycats vs. Aledo won that game 59-30 and went on to beat Canyon 54-31 before holding off El Paso Hanks 50-48 to earn a trip to the state tournament in Austin. Congratulations to the Arlington Heights Lady Yellow Jackets who stunned Granbury 38-37 to tie with the Lady Pirates at 9-5 on the season.
The Lady Pirates will play a one-game tie-breaker Friday night to decide third and fourth place.
Aledo Sports Daily will bring you the best coverage of Ladycat playoff basketball possible. The Sandies should be a tough team in basketball this year.Anything can happen in the playoffs.
Last year, Wichita Falls Rider was at the top of the rankings behind sensational senior Taliyah Brooks. She got hurt just before the playoffs started and the Lady Raiders lost to Granbury in the Area round.
A lot of my predictions come from looking at the schedule and who the teams have lost to and defeated during the season.
At first glance, it looks like Aledo, Trimble Tech, Canyon, and El Paso Hanks should be the favorites in Region I. Ladycat Basketball Playoff Central Monday, February 3, 2014# 11 Kaylee Black has been a three year starter for the Ladycats and will be honored with her fellow senior's Tuesday night.  Photo and artwork by Jim Black. OUR BASKETBALL PROGRAMS NEED YOU!Tuesday night is Senior Night for our Aledo Ladycat Basketball team. Freshman girls also play Trimble Tech at 6 PM. The Aledo Bearcat Basketball team (6-5) is at the end of a highly competitive district schedule.
Be careful of the Rodeo traffic. The Bearcats return home for their Senior Night on Tuesday, February 11.
It will be another tough district opponent from Arlington Heights. Saturday, February 1, 2014# 33 Marlowe Hudson is a key reserve off the bench for Coach Mike Pinkerton and the Ladycats. The Ladycat basketball team is an extremely close knit group with genuine care and concern for their teammates. Aledo Sports Daily will give Ladycat fans an update as soon as information is available. It was another dominate performance by the Ladycats, especially on the defensive end, for their 13th straight district victory with only one game to play.
In going 13-0, Aledo has outscored their district opponents by an average of 40 points per game (68-28). The Ladycats started a little slowly on offense Friday night at Granbury. Black had eight points in the first quarter. The second quarter started off slowly again offensively for the Ladycats.
Alyssa Dry got an excellent “no look” pass from Rhylie Makawe with 3:22 left putting Aledo up 29-12.
Megan Wood finished off the run with a free throw and bucket giving Aledo a 20 point lead, 32-12, with 1:23 left until halftime. Whew!
The Lady Pirates did try to make a game of it by scoring the last five points of the first half.
Maddie Mittie scored the only other points for Aledo with a basket. Granbury could not take advantage of a bad offensive quarter by the Ladycats.
The Lady Bulldogs are 12-1 with their only loss to Aledo during the first half of district. The Tuesday game is basically for bragging rights and the district championship crown.
It really doesn’t make much difference as far as playoff position goes entering the playoffs. The game Tuesday will be the best competition either team faces for the first three rounds of the Region I playoffs. In case you are wondering, the Class 4A playoffs begin Monday and Tuesday, February 10 and 11. If the playoffs began after last Fridays games, here would be the first round matchups (subject to change): # 1 Aledo (13-0) vs # 4 Burleson (8-4)# 2 Trimble Tech (12-1) vs # 3 Crowley (9-4)# 3 Granbury (9-4) vs.
Arlington Heights looked like a shoo-in a couple of weeks ago to claim the last spot in District 7-4A. The Western Hills Cougars have made a charge in the past two weeks and may be in a position to make the playoffs. Worth Southwest has donated his time to making sense of the bottom half of the district standings.
The basket earned a robust cheer from the crowd at the gym on a very athletic play where Dry hung in the air to secure the basket.
The quarter ended with a 29-2 Aledo lead with Dry scoring 14 points. The Ladycats were at the top of their game in every facet Tuesday night. They fueled their offense off a bevy of steals, offensive rebounds, great defense, and offense teamwork. Huddleston, a freshman, looked sharp passing the ball to a hungry reserve unit Tuesday night and she scored the last bucket of the third quarter which Aledo won 26-11. The Ladycat reserves even looked sharp spreading the floor with some great ball handling the rest of the way.
Rhylie Makawe added nine off the bench and adds some toughness to the already athletic Ladycat team. Sarah Rogers also ended up with four points. Playoff Scenarios for the Aledo LadycatsGranbury had Trimble Tech down 12-3 at the end of the first quarter. The Lady Bulldogs came back for a 59-50 win despite former Ladycat Bryce Frank scoring 18 points. The win for Trimble Tech keeps the District 7-4A Championship focused between Aledo and Trimble Tech.
They will finish in third place even if they lose to Aledo on Friday night. Everything is still pointing toward the Aledo vs. Worth, Texas—The Aledo Ladycats ran into a team with a chip on their shoulder Friday night at Cougar Gym in Ft. The Western Hills Cougars looked like a team fighting for the final playoff spot in District 7-4A and not a team wanting to fade into Mike Tyson’s “Bolivian”. The Ladycats de-clawed the Lady Cougars 78-15 when the two teams met in Aledo just before the Christmas Break. This time around, the Lady Cougars improved the margin of victory for Aledo by 25 points in a 78-50 Aledo victory.Western Hills became the only district team to score 50 points on the Ladycats this season.
The 15 points by Western Hills matched their entire total for the first game against Aledo. It looked like business as usual for Aledo when Justis Sczcepanski-Beavers scored four points on two free throws and a basket on an assist from Alyssa Dry.
Maddie Mittie had eight points off the Ladycat bench. The game was extended with whistle happy referees. Western Hills scored 14 of their 50 points at the line on 26 attempts. Leading Ladycats vs. The odds are against the Lady Pirates who lost to Aledo 53-27 and Trimble Tech 63-45 during the first half of district. Aledo beat Trimble Tech 60-56 in the Granbury tournament earlier this year. The Ladycats also beat Trimble Tech 48-44 on the road back on January 10. The final showdown on February 4 should be for all the marbles in District -4A.
Without knowing all the records of teams in the district, it is safe to assume the Ladycats have clinched a playoff berth with only four games remaining. Despite the 45 point victory, the game was a bit sloppy for Ladycat standards. Alyssa Dry scored two consecutive baskets off defensive steals to put Aledo up 25-11 with 5:16 to play in the second quarter.
Breanne Forbes scored four in the quarter which ended with a Hannah Berkovsky basket at the buzzer. Megan Wood started off the third quarter with a bang.
Wood scored two baskets off her own steals and Dry stole the last basket with an assist to Wood. Worth TX—It was almost like football season again from the South Hills Gym Friday night in Ft. The starters were gone from the game just minutes into the second half and the officials ran the clock most of the second half. The win propelled the Ladycats to 9-0 in district play and 20-3 overall. Enough games have been played to pencil in Aledo for a chance to return to Austin through the playoffs. Both teams should remain undefeated in district until their final meeting of the year February 4, 2014 at Aledo. In the first half, Alyssa Dry used some of her eight steals to help her score 14 of her team high 18 points in the first half. Justis Sczcepanski-Beavers controlled the boards and ended up with q points for the game. Coach Mike Pinkerton went almost exclusively with his reserves in the second half and senior post Sarah Rogers came up big for the Ladycats with 14 points. Madison Mittie also chipped in 11 points off the Ladycat bench. Rogers was a key player for Aledo as the Ladycats outscored the Lady Scorpions 28-16 in the clock-shortened second half. Having another scoring threat in the low post will serve Aledo well as they prepare for the 2014 playoffs.The Ladycats rolled out to a 19-4 first quarter lead behind Alyssa Dry with eight points and Justis Sczcepanski-Beavers with four.
The starters left the floor after Dry’s second bucket ad did not return to the game. The reserves continued to play rugged defense led by senior Marlowe Hudson who also chipped in two points in the third quarter.
Sarah Rogers stole the ball from the Lady Scorpios and drove for a layup with 2:51 remaining in the quarter to put Aledo up 53-16. Rogers ended up with eight points in a 18-5 Aledo third quarter. Freshman Cameron Huddleston got some key minutes running the show as the point guard in the fourth quarter. Justis Sczcepanski-Beavers won the tip to Kaylee Black who drove down for a left handed layup putting Aledo up 2-0. It was the beginning of a 14-0 run to start the game for the Ladycats. All five Ladycat starters scored in the first quarter led by Sczcepanski-Beavers with six points.
Alyssa Dry showed great game awareness by pulling up for a jump shot rather than taking a layup as the first quarter ended on Dry’s basket at the buzzer.
Aledo was up 20-5 at the end of the first quarter. The Ladycats continued their defensive pressure as Kaylee Black blocked a Lady Jackets shot and stole the ball. Arlington Heights put in a fierce defensive effort centered on shutting down Aledo’s Alyssa Dry. They only lost by five to Granbury last week. Aledo played the three playoff teams in a row to increase the district winning streak to nine games. Worth—The Aledo Ladycats completed a thrilling come-from-behind victory over the undefeated Trimble Tech Lady Bulldogs 48-44 Friday night in Fort Worth. Alyssa Dry had another great district game with 21 points and Justis Szczepanski-Bevers scored 12 to lead the Ladycats (18-3, 7-0) over the Lady Bulldogs (20-4, 6-1). Both of these teams should breeze through the second half of district with a huge game in Aledo on Tuesday, February 4.
Last year, Aledo got some help from Granbury with a win over Trimble Tech but it looks like the game in February will be for all the marbles. The Ladycats start the district schedule all over again with a home game against Arlington Heights Tuesday, January 19 in Bearcat Gym.
Aledo won the first game at Granbury 46-40 and followed with a home win in the second half of district with a 50-46 win. The final game was a 55-37 victory in the State Quarterfinals. There was no such drama on Tuesday night as Aledo used a suffocating defense to shut down the Lady Pirates 53-27 in their matchup in the first half of District 7-4A play.
Granbury now has two district losses after falling to Trimble Tech 63-45 last Friday night. They are still in playoff contention. The win for Aledo sets up a huge district battle with the Lady Bulldogs from Trimble Tech on Friday.
Trimble Tech is 20-3 and 6-0 in district. The athletic Ladycat starting five held Granbury to 12 first half points. Coach Mike Pinkerton began substituting more in the second half with even more athleticism for the Ladycats. There was very little drop off in defensive production with the Ladycats holding Granbury to 15 in the second half. Holding opponents to a low point total is nothing new for the Ladycats.
In going 5-0 to open district, Aledo held their first five district opponents to an average of only 21 points a game while averaging 70. The game started off slowly for both teams offensively until Aledo senior Kaylee Black hit two three pointers and Megan Wood added another in the first quarter. The outside shooting softened the middle for Justis Szczepanski-Bevers who poured in nine first quarter points on three field goals and three free throws.
Meanwhile, the Ladycats shifted their offensive scoring from the front court to the backcourt.
She was scoreless in the first half but exploded for nine points in the third quarter hitting three field goals and a three-pointer. Megan Wood scored eight in the quarter to finish with a team high 16 points in the victory. Aledo held a commanding 49-20 entering the fourth quarter and Coach Pinkerton rested his starters in the fourth quarter.
Trimble Tech Cedar Park- Game 1 Bishop Amat- Game 2 Monterey Tech- Game 3 Joshua- Game 4 Burleson Centennial- Game 5 Everman- Game 6 Crowley- Game 7 Burleson- Game 8 Granbury- Game 9 Cleburne- Game 10 Byron Nelson Scrimmage Tanner Heppel # 3 Sr.

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