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Basketball dribbling drills should be a major part of any basketball player's training, regardless of skill level, because it will improve all aspects of your offensive game. At a bare minimum, you should include at least one stationary, one two-basketball, and one "non-stationary" basketball dribbling drill in your training each day. For the basketball dribbling dills below, do them for a specific amount of time or a certain number of repetitions so that you can track your progress (less time to complete a specific number of reps, or completing more repitions in a specific amount of time). Start by bringing the basketball around your waist in a circle, then up around your head, then back down around your waist, and finally around your legs -- This is one repetition.
When performing this drill, bend slightly at the waist and the knees with your legs far enough apart that you can fit the basketball through them, and make sure to keep your head and up and looking forward. In short, your going through your legs, around one leg, through your legs again, and around the other leg, always going through your legs in the same direction. This is one ball handling drill where a younger player may need to use a smaller, intermediate ball to make it easier to fit the ball through their legs. Again, keep your head and eyes up when doing any variation of this drill and try not remain in a "triple-threat" like stance (not bending down at the waist). Using your fingertips to control the ball and keep the ball as low to the ground as possible while maintaining control of the ball while performing the Figure 8 drill described above. Stand in the triple-threat position with your knees slightly bent, head and eyes up, and back straight.
You can also do this drill simply dribbling the basketball back and forth between your right and left hand without a normal dribble before the crossover.

Stand with your knees slightly bent and your legs staggered with the left in front of the right. Stationary basketball dribbling drills are necessary to build a foundation for ball handling, but you have to include moving basketball dribbling drills in your training as well.
Walk down the court dribbling the ball with your right hand and then walk back dribbling the ball with your left hand. This is a great drill because it also helps you get a little bit of conditioning in, and simulates a more realistic game-type situation.
This is one of the best basketball dribbling drills because it incorporates not only some conditioning, but movement with the ball and changes of direction. You should have two similar basketballs, with the same feel and bounce to perform these basketball dribbling drills. Start in the triple-threat position, with your feet shoulder-width apart, head and eyes up, knees slightly bent, and back straight. The second of the ball handling drills with two basketballs is performed almost exactly as the first one above, with the exception of the basketballs now not bouncing at the same time. With two basketballs, walk from one baseline to the other while dribbling both basketballs at the same time.
With a basketball in both hands, as fast you you can while still maintaining control of both of your dribbles, run from one baseline to the other while dribbling both basketballs. With all basketball dribbling drills, make sure to go as fast you can, but not at the expense of losing control.

The Control Dribble Position protects the ball from the defender with the body in a Body-Body-Ball relationship.
There are two ways to beat a basketball defender: CHANGE DIRECTIONCHANGE SPEEDIt is IMPORTANT to teach the kids that being tall, strong, fast, and quick are all good things, but none of them are as important as learning "how to play". January 11, 201610 Crucial Basketball Dribbling Tips for Quick ImprovementFinding success in dribbling drills relies on your dedication, motivation, and patience.
Just as important, though, could be a second basketball that has the same feel and bounce as the first (for two-basketball ball handling drills).
If you want to improve your ball handling skill, there are many drills we’ve shared on our website that you can view. Adding cones to stand in as obstacles will help you practice some of your crossover dribbling drills, whether another person is present or not. These drills improve coordination, and will result in you being able to handle one ball much more effectively. Improving your ball handling is the most important skill thing you can do to become a better player.

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