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The Husker Power 10 Principles poster is 18" x 24" and lists the 10 Principles recommended for use in all high school and college programs. This great motivational poster from EPIC shows five national championship rings with the words GET RESULTS.
The standing broad jump has been a cornerstone of physical fitness testing for more than a hundred years. The standing long jump is also one of the events at the NFL combine, as well as the physical fitness test that officer cadets must complete at the Royal Military College of Canada and the United States Air Force Academy. A standing long jump is often used as a functional test to assess leg power, but the test may underestimate the athlete’s true potential if the athlete does not use the best possible technique. When you stretch after working out, your mind has a chance to tune into how your body is feeling. Studies recommend brisk walking or slow jogging for about five minutes, rather than stretching before exercise. Goose-step march: Slowly lift your leg straight out in front of you, alternating as you walk with your normal stride length.
Butt-kick: As you jog or walk, bend one knee and lift it behind you as if you were trying to kick yourself in the butt.
Bring It On Sports teaches many activities and sports, all with the goals of physical education in mind.
Today the game is the most popular women’s sport in Australia with an estimated one million players nation wide. Netball for physical education can be adapted for different age levels by changing the size of the ball, use a lowered netball post, allow more time to pass the ball, use less players on each team, and many more adaptations that will help adjust the game for different levels and abilities.
The vertical jump might be one of the most important of the combine-style tests that college athletes undergo – it is also one of the most misunderstood. Most people have misconceptions about how the test is conducted, what the results mean, and how they are interpreted depending on the sport and the position.
The Vertical Jump test should probably be called the Standing Vertical Jump test, because it is done from a flat footed position. There are various ways of measuring this jump, but the most common is with the use of flags which the athlete will hit at the highest point of his jump (see picture below). The result of the test is a measurement (usually in inches), that gives a clear picture of the athlete’s vertical jumping ability. Toast and jam seems like such an innocent breakfast, but it can be loaded with empty calories. Muffins are considered a healthy food, but they can have  more empty calories than a large doughnut. Children and adolescents should do 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of physical activity each day.
Aerobic activity should make up most of your child’s 60 or more minutes of physical activity each day. Include muscle strengthening activities, such as gymnastics, sit ups or push-ups, at least 3 days per week as part of your child’s 60 or more minutes.
Include bone strengthening activities, such as jumping rope or running, at least 3 days per week as part of your child’s 60 or more minutes. As a rule of thumb, on a scale of 0 to 10, where sitting is a 0 and the highest level of activity is a 10, moderate-intensity activity is a 5 or 6.
Another way to judge intensity is to think about the activity your child is doing and compare it to the average child. Over the next few months as part of Bring It On Sports recruiting services, we will be highlighting Aussie players who are currently playing college football in the United States.
Jamie Keehn is a punter for Lousiana State University (LSU), where he is majoring in Sports Administration. European Handball, or just handball as it is known in Europe, is a game that is played between 2 teams of 7 players.
Bring It On Sports has all of the equipment to run a game of European Handball either indoors or outdoors on a field. The 40 yard dash has become the go-to measurement of speed used by college and professional football programs. The reason that this distance is the one used today dates back to an old measurement used by special team coaches. It is rumored that the fastest time ever run my a football player in the 40 yard dash was by Bo Jackson in 1989, who ran a 4.12 second 40. Athletes are tested for their vertical leap because it is a way of measuring the athletic ability of their lower body. Strength can be tested by using squats or leg presses, but those exercises do not directly translate to sports. In general, when vertical jump is being measured the test in question that’s used is the standing vertical leap. For this same reason, the vertical jump norms and score averages are also different with men having an advantage. When it comes to age, vertical leaping ability increases as during the teenage years and peaks during the decade of 20 to 30 years old.
Well known NBA leapers including Vince Carter and Michael Jordan have their standing verticals at over 35” while their max vertical (running start) at over 40”. Because jumping requires explosive power, the training of a football player actually gives them an edge over basketball players. Statistically, the average NFL player jumps higher than the average NBA player and this can be seen in the jump test results during the draft combines. The NFL only uses a standing vertical test and in each year we see at least 4 to 5 players at 40” and above. This is rare in the NBA draft combine, as the current standing vertical jump record is 40”, which has only been done 1 time by D.J. This is much lower than the NBA and NFL, but we have to remember that in many sports jumping isn’t needed or important. When it comes to vertical jump test results and getting averages, it is important to compare your goals with the athletes in your sport. The top jumpers usually fall under a few sports including football, basketball, volleyball, Olympic weightlifting and track and field, specially the sprint events, the long jump and high jump.

Players with the Highest Vertical Jump In NBA HistoryShoes That Make You Jump Higher – Are They Real? Developed by the NSCA, this is a great tool to evaluate performance and encourage improvement.A  Age 12 and up.
Norway is the only country that still holds a national championship in the standing long jump. In the Brazilian police forces, a minimum performance in a standing long jump test is required to join the Federal Police and the Federal Highway Police. The benefits of stretching before a workout are often discussed, emphasizing its role in injury prevention. Ensure you breathe through the stretch paying attention to any aches and pains in your body. Dynamic stretching means slow, controlled movements rather than remaining still and holding a stretch. While others may think you’re doing a Monty Python skit, it is an effective hamstring stretch. For a variation, as your right knee comes up, twist the lifted leg gently to the left and your upper body gently to the right for a spinal twist.
If you’re familiar with yoga basics, you can use those moves as dynamic stretches before, say, a run or a long bike ride. Yoga can help you combine flexibility and strength, breathe properly, reduce head, neck, and back pain, and put the body back in balance. New research shows it’s a good move to learn stretching routines customized for your sport and to help prevent the injuries most common to it. These are stressed-out times –  your mind affects your body, and your body affects your mind but stretching can help.
We thought that we should spotlight, each week, a different sport or activity that we currently offer our schools so that you could get a better idea of the skills and outcomes that we strive to provide through teaching it. Although traditionally identified as a sport for women, there is no reason why it cannot be played with mixed teams, and increasingly more boys and men are becoming involved.
Bring It On Sports Recruiting wanted to take some time to explain how the vertical jump test works, and what it can tell us about an athlete. The athlete first reaches his hand as high as it will go while staying flat-footed on the ground.
These flags correspond to different measurements, making it easy to get an accurate reading, and also much easier for the athlete, who now has something to aim for when he jumps. Perhaps what is most often misunderstood about the vertical jump is that it also gives us insight into the power and explosiveness of an athlete. While hazelnuts are healthy in moderation, these products are made with an abundance of nuts, making it a high fat food. These products can be amazing for children, giving picky eaters vital nutrients however these products are deliberately loaded with sugar, to boost the calorie count. You’ll soon  encourage your child to participate in activities that are age-appropriate, enjoyable and offer variety!
This can include either moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, or vigorous-intensity activity, such as running.
When your son does moderate-intensity activity, his heart will beat faster than normal and he will breathe harder than normal. For example, children do not usually need formal muscle-strengthening programs, such as lifting weights. Our goal is to double this number each year by sending the best young gridiron players this country has to offer to play college football on a scholarship! We can accommodate all levels of experience and the game has been adapted for both girls and boys, eliminating the exclusionary factors that some sports face. It is a standard distance that allows coaches to compare the times of different athletes and make evaluations on their straight ahead speed. Usually it is performed on grass, and is timed from first body movement to first body part to cross the line. Although this was timed by stopwatch, he backed up this result by running a 4.18 a week later. Honolulu, HI (May 10, 2016) – The Polynesian Football Hall of Fame announced today a Goodwill Tour that will include visits to Apia, Auckland, Pago Pago and Sydney on June 6 -14, 2016.
This means that the athlete jumps from a standstill position and is not allowed to take any steps or have a running start. Biology tells us that men have more muscle mass compared to women and one reason that the average man is 50% stronger than the average woman when it comes to brute strength. To make the scores more comparable, the comparison table splits the mean scores into males and females. Their ability to do aerial acrobatics when they drive to the basket or when they dunk captures the imagination of fans and spectators. As an example, the elite college football player out jumps the elite college basketball player by a bit. On many years, specially recently, we’ve seen more than 10 players in go over 40” in a single year. This means many athletes don’t train their jump at all, which pulls down the average. Different sports require different abilities so some athletes don’t train jumping at all.
After it was removed from the Olympics, it became one of the standard tests used by various organisations and sports to test and assess leg power in the athlete.
When you stretch after a workout, you benefit from both physiological and psychological effects.
Stretching is known to calm the nerves and relax the mind as the mind-body connection is important for relaxation and stress relief.  Stretching in the cool down portion of your workout is a very healthy practice for both the body and the mind. They may include simple movements like arm circles and hip rotations, flowing movements as in yoga, or walking or jogging exercises like those mentioned below. The ability to explode upward from a standing position translates into on the field skills such as hitting, tackling and blocking.
Breakfast is very important for children, as they need to fuel their minds and bodies for days of learning at school.

These spreads are also very high in sugar, with can make kids hyper just to have them crash later. They are a natural source of energy and are rich in a special type of fibre that can help to lower cholesterol re-absorption. If you child is healthy and doesn’t need liquid supplements, look for other options for breakfast. These carbohydrate laden meals will fill your kids up, but they may feel hungry soon after.
For example, when your daughter walks to school with friends each morning, she’s probably doing moderate-intensity aerobic activity.
Younger children usually strengthen their muscles when they do gymnastics, play on a jungle gym or climb trees. We have modified the game from it’s original form to eliminate contact and make the rules easy to follow to insure maximum success and participation by kids of all ages and abilities.
Games are fast-paced and require little setup which makes this sport ideal for a physical education program. In recent days, the stopwatch method has been replaced by electronic timing devices which provide complete accuracy. Therefore, in order to properly cover the punt, a runner should be able to run the 40 yard dash in around 4.5 seconds. If you can match their average vertical leap, then you have a good vertical jump to say the least. When you stretch after a workout, your muscles are warm and you benefit from increased blood circulation.
While studies have not clearly proven this, increasing numbers of experts agree that dynamic stretching is the best stretching routine before a workout or competition.
Players are assigned specific positions that define their roles and restrict their movement to certain areas of the court. He then attempts to jump as high as possible from a standing position, and the distance from his standing reach to his jump point is measured, giving us the Vertical Jump measurement. Lineman and linebackers have as much to benefit from a good vertical jump test as do receivers and tight ends.
The best vertical jump at the NFL Combine is 46″ by Gerald Sensabaugh (FS), from North Carolina in 2005. However, there are many misconceptions and just plain bad eating habits when it comes to your child’s breakfast. Picky children may refuse to touch brown bread, but some brands offer whole grain bread in a white color and texture. Pancake toppings like maple syrup or golden syrup are high in sugar and thus high in calories. When your son does vigorous-intensity activity, his heart will beat much faster than normal and he will breathe much harder than normal. But while she is at school, when she runs, or chases others by playing tag during recess, she’s probably doing vigorous-intensity activity.
Teams work together passing the ball between teammates in order to get an opening to throw the ball into the goal for points.
It is usually a good idea to do this testing when there is little to no wind, because of the adverse affect of running into the wind, and the positive effect of having the wind at your back.
Over time, this test became more and more standard among coaches testing speed, and today it is THE test used at the NFL combine to test speed across  different athletes and different position groups.
Depending on which list you use, there are between 17-20 athletes to have run an official 40 time under 4.30 seconds. The athlete will jump as far as possible, with that leaping distance being measured as the result of the test.
When you’re doing your static stretching afterward, you should go to the point of slight discomfort and intensity to improve your flexibility.
During general play, a player with the ball can only hold it for 3 seconds before shooting or passing to another player. Usually the athlete will be allowed multiple attempts at the jump once the standing reach has been measured. During the past 5 years of the NFL combine, the vertical jump results have been averaging between 29-32 in.
Your children will be getting a good supply of calcium while keeping the sugar and calories balanced. If you want to have a treat with pancakes, top them with fresh fruit and nuts for a healthier treat.
You can replace some or all of the fat with apple sauce, lifting the fiber content and lowering the calories. For example, they may do these types of programs along with their football or basketball team practice. During his school years, he excelled as a Track & Field athlete participating in the Javelin throw among other events. But if you’re making a face, your muscle is contracting to protect itself, which is counterproductive. Stress management techniques in conjunction with gentle stretching of chronically tensed muscles provide relaxation to the mind as well as the body. Instead, buy natural quick oats either in convenient sachets or portion them in snack bags. Jamie is slated to be the starting punter for LSU, who play in the SEC (South Eastern Conference), commonly referred to as the most talented conference in all of American College Football. When you stretch, the likelihood is much higher that you will proceed with your next workout and prevent future injury. You can easily microwave quick oats, making them just as fast in the morning and  they are lower in calories. You can then add your own natural flavour and sweetness by including some banana, pureed strawberries, a few sultanas or a dash of honey.

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