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If men's health magazines are anything to go by, achieving rippling abs, toned legs and muscular arms can sometimes look easy, with before and after pictures showing an incredible transformation from scrawny to brawny.But is losing weight and toning up really that simple? Alex Kirby, 25, pictured, left, before, and, right, after, wanted to emulate Ryan Gosling's body but always 'felt like a fool' in the gym.
Alex embarked on the challenge with determination with the aim of getting rid of his love handles and gaining some definitionAlex embarked on the challenge with determination and while he admits he would have liked to have come out of it looking like Ryan Gosling, realistically, getting rid of the love handles and gaining some definition is all he wanted and expected. IAIN ROSE'I want to lose a stone, all while feeling fitter, healthier, less lethargic and improving my sleep. Iain Rose wanted to lose a stone, all while feeling fitter, healthier, less lethargic and improving his sleep. Iain worked out with his trainer three or four times a week and went swimming or did a stretching session on his days offIain worked out with his trainer, Gerda Vaitkaityte, three or four times a week.
Liam Ferri, pictured, left, before, and, right, after, is underweight for his age and size. Whatever the case, it's popular, and is commonly used for convenience as a first-in measure. That's why it's widely used as an inexpensive and easy-to-perform method of first-in screening for potential weight-related health problems. The Body Mass Index estimates whether you're underweight, normal, overweight or obese by comparing your reading against standard ranges. Your Body Mass Index is calculated by dividing our weight in kilograms by the square of our height in metres. Whatever arguments exist about its 'accuracy' or relevance, studies have firmly linked a high Body Mass Index statistically with higher risk of disease. The World Health Organisation (WHO), in agreement with the above table, classes overweight as a Body Mass Index equal to or more than 25 and obesity as a BMI equal to or more than 30.
As obesity continues to affect ever greater numbers of people, some authorities have added categories like 'extreme obesity' (35+) and 'morbid obesity (40+).
Most experts however believe a reading greater than 30 (obesity) is as unhealthy as you want to get! Various authorities adopt different cut-off points at the low end (underweight) of the Table.
It's only one factor related to the risk of someone developing overweight- or obesity-related diseases such as heart disease, metabolic problems, high blood pressure or diabetes. To assess the extent of any health risk to a person with a high Body Mass Index, other risk factors associated with obesity should also be considered. Remember, Body Mass Index does not distinguish between lean body mass, including lean muscle mass, and body fat. Body fat, rather than total body weight, is the main culprit when it comes to risk of lifestyle diseases.
The problem is, your weight is determined various factors including both your healthy, lean muscle mass and your fat. Furthermore as an individual, your Body Mass Index can be influenced by your fitness, age, gender, ethnicity and other factors. Because of this, many commentators have challenged the accuracy and usefulness of the Body Mass Index as an indicator for screening for potential weight-related health problems. They rightly point out that that in reality the BMI can't give an indication of body fat that's accurate for everyone.
The Body Maass Index assumes there's an ideal range for any adult, regardless of whether you're whether male or female, depending on your height and weight. Your ideal body mass depends not only on how tall you are, but also on your body composition (lean muscle vs.
Despite this reservation however, the Body Mass Index remains popular because of its two major advantages: it is simple to use and, for the vast majority of people, it correlates fairly strongly with the amount of body fat they have.

Muscle outweighs fat: A very fit or muscular person may register a high BMI due to above-average lean muscle mass.
A very fit or muscular person (for example an athlete such as a body builder) has above-average lean muscle mass. Such a person may register a Body Mass Index above 25 due to the fact that they have above-average lean muscle mass. It's perfectly normal for women to carry more body fat than men, and for men to have more muscle than women. However it would be rare for these two factors to exactly balance each other out, producing identical readings for a healthy man and woman of the same height.
Rather, the evidence of various studies suggests that a healthy man will have a slightly higher reading than a healthy woman of the same height.
Because the Body Mass Index uses the same ranges for both men and women, this would seem somewhat 'unfair' on men. In practice however, most authorities say that for the sake of simplicity, we may safely ignore this gap between the sexes.
Older Adults (say over 74 years) typically have lower levels of muscle mass relative to body fat. Also, in the elderly as with children, the muscle and bone relationship to height undergoes change. Some researchers believe that a slightly higher 'normal' range of up to 26 or even 27 (rather than 25) may be better for older adults.
You can calculate your BMI now using this calculator provided courtesy of Centers for Disease control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Learn why healthy eating is crucial for weight control, by checking out these 8 principles of healthy nutrition.
Two common approaches to 'measuring your weight' are the Body Mass Index (return to top) and the Body Fat Percentage, a specific measure of your body fat. Understand the difference between saturated fats and unsaturated fats ('bad' and 'good' fats). Revolutionary new knowledge: Maintain ideal weight, health and fitness, beat stress, look and feel great. Waist hip ratioStudies show that having a small waist when compared to your hips will give you significant health benefits. Guide to healthy eatingWhile there are no specific foods proven to cause weight loss, studies have shown that a nutrient-dense diet significantly lowers the risk for serious chronic disease.
Obesity scaleAnalyze your results from the 3 body composition tests above, and get a research-based health rating. Weight loss tipsIf you tend to regain weight after starting a diet & exercise program, try a new perspective.
He completely overhauled his diet, which resulted in him losing half a stone and 10% of his body fat percentage'I wanted to learn about what Ia€™m suppose to be doing in the gym.
Chris Pratt is someone I admire; hea€™s proof that it can be done'Iain Rose, 28, a video editor from London, also took part. On his days off, he went swimming or did a stretching session, and was advised to do a yoga or pilates class was recommended if possible.'When Iain first started his level of fitness was average and he had a typical tall person's posture with slight upper-cross syndrome (rounded shoulder posture), of course a desk job doesna€™t help either,' said Gerda.
Studies have shown that you can have a normal BMI while having a high percentage of body fat (relative to lean muscle).
We're overweight when we carry excess body fat, stored in the form of triglycerides in our fat cells. Not only is a man likely to have a higher reading than a woman of the same height, but the woman may actually be carrying more body fat! Avoid diseases of aging; maintain your physical and mental powers for a long, active and healthy life.

One reason you benefit from the other tests is that the BMI can't account as well for differences in muscle mass.For example, if you have a very muscular build, you could get an 'overweight' rating even though you may be in good physical condition. Learn proper waist measurement technique as you compare your waist line to averages for your gender and ethnicity. Though I do not discuss things such as how to buy Phentermine, I do go into great detail about which products you should use and which you should not use.
The right type of exercises, the right techniques for said exercises, the amount of weight I should be lifting. I also lost a lot more of my belly than I thought I could.'I am going to continue going to the gym and exercising regularly using what I have learnt from my trainer. I think for a lot of blokes - myself included - ita€™s difficult to make the leap because they dona€™t want to look like a prat in the gym. Not good for the old metabolism,' he admitted.'I love pasta and would regularly eat it with both lunch and dinner, not ideal if youa€™re not burning any of it off. Also, I felt as the training was over a short intense period of time, I would find it easier to apply myself and do the best I could.'Iain admits he used to be fitter than he was going into this challenge. I wanted to gain the knowledge that takes that part away from the whole experience.'Alex explained that his diet has always been pretty balanced. Hea€™s proof that it can be done!'.He described his diet as 'average to poor' and would usually start his day with just a coffee with milk and sugar.
It was extremely boring (I may have mentioned that) and I didna€™t have one beer the whole time; I cana€™t sustain that!'My one piece of advice would be to get a trainer to start you off with. The workouts were hard and I did miss things like carbs and Guinness but on the whole I found it interesting, fun at times and ended up finding it quite rewarding.'Alex says he will definitely continue the training and no longer feels an impending sense of doom when someone mentions the word a€?gyma€™.
Lunch would be either leftovers from the night before or a meal deal from a supermarket with a sandwich, crisps and a fizzy drink.
They give you confidence, guidance and encouragement but also help to push you so you can make the time and money spent worth it. His meals would generally consist of relatively lean cuts of meat and vegetables were part of almost every meal. He would have the odd snack, as well as tea and coffee throughout the day.A Dinner was homemade lasagne or pasta bake with salad. You also learn a lot to help you when you work out on you own.'LIAM FERRII view myself as being underweight for my age. He would then snack on a banana or beef jerky and have 200g of fish or chicken with 125g of rice or potato. The easiest part was the motivation for actually going to the gym and sticking to the diet. The typical daily diet for someone of his size is 3000 - 4000 calories so this was going to be a challenge'A Liam Ferri, 25, a picture editor from London, took the challenge extremely seriously. Having appointments to keep with the trainer and the knowledge that the diet wasna€™t forever made it a lot easier to stay motivated.'He complemented his new lifestyle with a healthy eating regime, starting the day with a protein shake, black coffee, scrambled eggs or granola.
Lunch was a salad A of beans, peas, spinach, broccoli, three boiled eggs, chicken, and a small portion of grilled vegetable couscous. For dinner he cooked a homemade curry with a small portion of rice or small portion of pasta with chicken and a side salad.
Snack were chicken or a protein shake.'The hardest part was the diet, as it is extremely boring eating the same things and sticking to a fairly bland choice of foods.

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