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ACL Injuries ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of four knee ligaments holding the knee joint together. ACL Injury Rehab ACL Injury Rehab will be needed after every ACL ligament tear or mild sprain. Common Soccer Injuries I wanted to create one web page with information on common soccer injuries and what these injuries feel like so that you can sometime recognize what is going on when it does happen to you or your players. Hamstring Exercises Many athletes and regular people have hurt their hamstring at one point in their life and know how discomforting a hurt hamstring can feel. Treatment for Injured Hamstring Hamstring injury treatment will vary depending on the severity of the injury. Hamstring Injury Hamstring muscle injuries occur very frequently in athletes participating in various physically demanding sports that require sprinting and sudden change of movement and speed. Hamstring Stretches Stretching the hamstring muscles is very important for our overall health as it reduces lower back pain and gives us strong and lean hamstrings that will help with our lower body range of motion.
High Ankle Sprain Ankle Syndesmosis injuries are often referred to what people call high ankle injury due to ankle swelling and ankle joint pain in the ligaments above the ankle.
How To Tape Your Ankle Ankle taping is a big part of preventing ankle injury for players participating in any type of sport where running and change of direction is required, such as soccer, football, basketball etc. Knee Injuries Knee injuries are very common in sports that require running and soccer is one of many sports where ligament injuries are bound to happen to every player sooner or later. LCL Injuries LCL (lateral collateral ligament) is one of the four knee ligaments holding the knee in place. LCL Rehab When it comes to LCL ligament injury, time is the best healing process and surgery is rarely required for treatment of common lateral collateral ligament injuries. MCL Injury MCL or Medial Collateral Ligament is one of the FOUR major ligaments that hold the knee together preventing it from sliding left and right or back and forth. MCL Rehab MCL rehab is needed after an MCL ligament injury and time is the best friend in getting over the MCL knee injury. PCL Injury PCL ligament crosses with the ACL ligament preventing our knee from moving back and forth. PCL Rehab PCL injury rehab will be different depending on the level or degree of knee injury suffered. Sprained Ankle Most sport players have twisted their ankle at least once considering that rolled ankle is one of the top sport injuries so I decided to cover everything about ankle sprain in this article. Concussion Treatment Following a concussion, rest is the best answer for concussion treatment.
If you suffer from a condition called chrondromalacia patella this first exercise will be really useful. The second exercise is a little more tricky but it does help build up the strength in your knee.

To change this exercise a little try bending your knees a little once you have raised your heels and are standing on the balls of your feet. If you can make sure you carry out these knee strengthening exercises a couple of days a week or better still daily, you will have strong, healthy knees in to time at all.
If you want to tone up the rest of your legs, take a look at these details for the best leg exercises.
The information given on this site should not be considered as medical diagnosis, nor is it intended to treat. Your thigh muscles or upper legs bear the weight of the entire body, when you get up from the floor or when you are in a squatting position. Luckily, there are a number of home exercises that you can do to help build up the muscles in your back.
Another exercise involves starting on all fours with your hands flat on the ground shoulder-width apart. Stretching exercise are more helpful to strength your muscles and its solution of back pain. Lie on your back with your heels resting on the top of a chair and your arms palms down next to your hips.2. Begin this exercise lying on your back with arms positioned palms down next to your hips.2. Get yourself into a kneeling position by placing your palms flat on the floor and resting your body on the knees.2. Lie down in a bridge position on the floor, with your hips completely off the floor and legs resting on the exercise ball.2. Bend your legs as you would normally sit on a chair with your feet on the ground and your legs bent at 90 degrees, tense your thigh and hold this position for 5 seconds the release, change legs are repeat.
If your balance is not to good you may be better to do the following exercise on a mat or carpet.
Try to imagine an invisible string fixed to the center of your head pulling you straight up. People with weak upper legs find it difficult to get up from a low sitting position without holding on to something for support. There are many types of exercises to strengthen weak upper legs that you can easily perform at home. These are easy to do at home and you do not need any exercising equipment to perform squats. I practiced judo for more than 15 years of my life and at the end, back pain took me to all kinds of physical activity. Tighten the buttocks and thigh muscles of your injured leg and lift it off the floor about 8 inches.3.

Slowly raise both hips off the floor and hold for 5 to 15 seconds before lowering back down slowly.3. Slowly lift your bottom pushing through your feet, until your knees, hips and shoulders are in a straight line.3. Regular practice of these exercises will tone your thigh muscles and strengthen your upper legs.
Bend your left leg and bring your knee to touch the chest, kick the leg out in the air and again bring it to your chest. Inhale deeply and lift your right leg up to 90 degree, move the leg clockwise to form a circle in the air. The cause of lower back pain can oftentimes be attributed to lack of strength in the muscles that connect to your back.
Start by lying on your back before lifting your hips to create a straight diagonal line from your knees to your shoulders.
Instead, take the time to do exercises that will help support your spine and make your back stronger.
A year ago my pains have disappeared thanks to this all-natural treatment I found on internet which anyone can do at home.
Melamed, Director of Scoliosis at Marina Del Rey Hospital, is renown for his ability to accurately treat patients and customize treatment plans to the patient’s needs. Try to lift your left leg by keeping it straight and without bringing any bend in your right thigh or knee.4.
Keep your heels firmly on the exercise ball and start raising your hips and torso off the floor while trying to pull the ball towards yourself by rolling your heels on it.4. Do your best to stay away from lifting both of your legs when you are lying on your back as well.
Bench hip raises is amongst hamstring exercises without weights that also targets your back and glutes. Repeat the exercise, this time stepping forward with the left leg and dipping the leg on your right side down.5. Eventually as you build up strength in your legs and increase your balance, you will be able to increase the amount of time you can stay on the balls of your feet. You can add weights by holding them in your hands while performing lunges if you feel like no weight lunges are too easy.
Hold the pose for 5-10 seconds, lower the leg and repeat to complete 5 rounds.Change sides and repeat with the other leg.

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