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My main problem was that I was lifting too heavy a weight for my current strength (Ego) and not allowing my biceps to rest. The reason why over training is bad is because your muscles will only grow when they are at rest rather then at work.
Simply put… you must FULLY extend your arms (palms facing) and FULLY contract your arms (arms curled). The main reason people wimp out of performing weightlifting exercises with fully stretched arms is because it makes the exercise harder to perform.
A little trick to help you accomplish this is to first briefly (like a split-second) flex your triceps before raising the weight each rep. In response, the muscle cells themselves begin to thicken, the capillaries within the muscle grow in number and size to hold more fluid, and stem cells split off to form new muscle fibers, already pre-programmed for growth.
These are the main ingredients you will need to start cooking up some bicep stew in your weightlifting routines, just make sure you follow this through every time and do not make the mistake that I made by stacking the barbells and dumbbells with super heavy weights that you cannot handle.

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I remember a time when there were months of intense weightlifting workouts and this is what would happen.
That is what people are not doing and that is why you’ll see people struggling to build them. However, you must note that many of the exercises you will perform will be compound exercises, so your biceps will naturally get worked during those. You may often get that ‘pump’ look just after a workout, but that is only temporary, so make sure you rest.
This is the only way to ensure that you will be working all of the muscle fibers in your arms. Now, I hope you are still stuffing your face full of last week’s food posts, because you will need that energy for today’s lesson on how to build bigger biceps.

But rest assured, I will describe just how you can do that to build a great pair of big guns. Because of this you should then only target your bicep muscles with specific exercises like the bicep curl only once a week. At the very top of your curl, when your bicep has peaked, squeeze the muscle hard for approximately 1-2 seconds. Just like the 6 pac, the biceps are one of those muscle groups that are much talked about and having big biceps is something that every guy wants. Although they are smaller then the triceps muscles and other larger muscles such as the chest, back and legs, some people still have trouble building them to a noticeable size.

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