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The NKJV Hebrew Greek Keyword Study Bible tries to find a balance between the two – focus on one thing and excelling at it while still giving you some great tools worthy of solid Bible study.
The text is presented in double-column verse-by-verse format, making this Bible well-suited for study and teaching.
The font is around 9 point with around a medium boldness and is consistent throughout the text. Section headings are in bold large print and stand apart from the text, almost like chapter titles. Each book has a short introduction that covers the history, setting, culture, customs, archaeology, the author, style of writing, purpose, and more. In standard study Bible format, commentary on the text is placed at the bottom of the page.
Some of the commentary is used to critique notes and doctrines from various sources such as study Bibles. This is a single table that includes the biblical unit, approximate American and metric equivalents, and biblical equivalents.
The Scripture Index is 43 pages with 3 columns per page and provides a list of verses that appear in the footnotes and introductions. For example, for Christ it includes the subtopics preexistence, birth, deity, humanity, character, mission, worshipped, OT types, and lots more. This is a powerful tool that combines the complete Strong’s dictionaries with AMG’s word studies.
When you see a keyword in the text that you want the definition for just look at the number and turn to the dictionary.
AMG Publishers offers a NASB Key Word Study Bible with an annotated Strong’s Hebrew-Greek dictionary built in. Based on the 1901 American Standard Verision, The New American Standard Bible (NASB) began translation in 1960 and was completed by 1971 with the most recent edition released in 1995. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.
The paper is thin and waxy with modest gold-gilded edges that seem a bit less bold than other gold gilded Bibles.
Aside from having an annotated Strong’s Hebrew-Greek dictionary built in, the Key Word Study Bible also features extensive commentaries, a concordance, color maps, and wide margins for notes. The Note Taker’s Bible is available in three styles: the Basic Series, the Designer Series, and the Executive Series.
The text is an 11 point font, which is much larger than most wide margin Bibles, and it is very readable. It is not the thin India paper found in most reference Bibles, but not quite as thick as some of the Cambridges that I’ve seen. I have been looking at a Bible which has two columns of text on one side then a blank page on the other but this means using some sort of method to pin point notes to verses which would not be required with the format of a true wide margin Bible, so I think I will go for LCBP Note Takers Bible. Dose anyone know where I could find the same type or very similar in NKJV or some other translation. I have always wanted to own a LCBP Note Takers Bible but was wondering if they had any as a reference edition too? I’d love to purchase the Note Takers Bible KJV, but am struggling to find the site that will allow me to do so.
The Concord’s concordance is the same concordance that is found in the wide-margin edition and the Cameo. There is a seven page glossary that explains the meaning of words that have either changed meaning or are no longer used since the KJV was first translated. The real jewel in this edition is the Bible Dictionary, which is one of my favorite features. The Cambridge Concord reference edition in black calf-skin (with red-letter and thumb-index) has a lot to offer in a hand-sized Bible.
This Bible is apparently the full size, no doubt, original edition that the Personal Concord comes from. Which bible would you recommend between the Cambridge Concord Reference Black Calf Split Leather KJV thumb index red letter or the Cambridge Concord Reference Goatskin Red letter? In this review I take a look at the black genuine leather edition and see if it can strike that balance that’s so difficult to achieve.
Since this is a large and heavy Bible I would like to see it available in a sewn binding so it will last longer.

While it doesn’t mark every word, certain key words are coded to Strong’s dictionary with Strong’s numbers.
This makes them easy to see and is helpful if you need to scan the page to get an idea of the setting. Other note space include books starting on a new page (leaving some space at the end of some books), and pages in the back for notes.
If there are too many to fit then the rest are placed under the last verse on the page, giving you two places to look. I’m fine with that because the primary purpose of this Bible is study – not public reading – but it is difficult to preach from until you get used to it. They’re physically placed close to the verses they correspond to and are keyed to the text with letters. The footnotes cover manuscript variations and they identify which family of manuscripts have which variations.
For example, if you see a word that has a pp over it you can turn to this section and find out that it’s a present passive and get an explanation of what that means. The dictionaries are among the strengths of this Bible and is what sets it apart from other study Bibles. It does include some theological opinion, but it’s easy to tell the difference between the definition and the expanded analysis and it is helpful for study. The NASB is considered to be the most literal translation among all of the 20th-century English Bible translations.
It is esteemed for its word-for-word reliability and fidelity to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.
The type size is complemented by extra spacing between lines and wide margins for notes, which gives a very breathable, easy-to-read study experience. I consider the wide margin Bible to be the best choice as a Study Bible, because it gives the reader the opportunity to interact with the scriptures, creating their own Study Bible.
The Executive Series comes in single piece black leather, three piece black, dual-tone with tan spine and black cover, and red. They seem to be various shades of blue and green- not quite full color, but they do the job.
The cover feels smooth, the paper feels thick enough to write on, the stitching is excellent, and the price is ridiculously low for this elegant Bible.
The closest Bible to this layout would be the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible or the Single Column Legacy. They currently run from $50 for Basic cowhide, $60 for Executive calf skin, and $62 for Signature cow hide. The references have a unique system in that they are not keyed to the text with letters and numbers. There are lots of entries- more than most Bibles, but I find this concordance to be confusing.
The definition includes the part of speech and a few of the most prominent verses where the word is used. At 128 pages, there are plenty of entries on many topics including people, places, objects, information about each book of the Bible, harmony of the Gospels, names and titles of Jesus, chronological tables, quotes and the verses where they are quoted, and more. The calf-split is a good compromise between goat-skin and French Morocco without sacrificing quality. If there are two numbers then this shows the original language uses two words and only one word is needed in English. The header includes the book name, chapter, and verse on the outer edge and the page number in the center. They also cover Hebrew and Greek explanations, alternate renderings, references to the OT quotes that are quoted in the NT, measures, alternate names, and more.
They include information about the text and cover exegetical, theological, geographical, and historical information.
This is particularly helpful if you want to see all of the comments about a specific verse.
However, one downside of these unconventional layout proportions is the design aesthetics aren’t tight and polished, which can make the Bible seem cheap. For a Bible with a single column on the inside, a very wide margin (2.5 inches) on the outside of the page, a soft leather cover, in King James, a 11 point font, and a price too good to be true, I recommend the Note Taker’s Bible from Local Church Bible Publishers. It does not have red-letter, which I prefer in a wide margin Bible due to my color-coding habits. It has the advantage of writing space, which is awesome for writing your sermon outlines in your Bible.

In fact, I am currently searching for a Bible as a gift for a friend in this exact layout; however, I need this Bible in the NIV version. The Concord is a classic setting that has been around for many years, but now it’s available in calf split leather. It is thicker than French Morocco and has about the same stiffness, but the finish is not as shiny.
Instead, they have the verse number on the side of the column that contains the verse, and then the references and notes. Many publishers have excluded it from their Bibles, but it’s important to know the thoughts of the translators for any translation. It is much smaller, thinner, and lighter than the wide-margin and still has slightly larger text.
The red actually looks bolder than the black letter and I find it easier to read than the black. You’ll find another key in the commentary section at the bottom of the page with an expanded note. Footnotes are placed separately under the last verse within the column the footnote relates to. It includes the Strong’s number (and they’re listed by their number), the word in Hebrew or Greek, the word in English transliteration, and the definition. And it comes with one black ribbon marker and a printed bookmark referencing the Key Word Bible’s grammatical codes. This cover is ironed calfskin, which is smooth but still has a leather texture.  It is a sewn binding that lays nice and flat. I’ve searched countless online resources and have even spoken to Biblica and Zondervan in the hopes that they may be of some assistance. I think it would have some show-through but it wouldn’t be any worse than the typical study Bible.
They strengthen the translation in my opinion and I’m glad to see they are retained in this Bible. You can easily place a sheet behind a page to faintly see some lines to help you when writing. I really like that each book starts on a new page- a feature that I believe all wide margin Bibles should have.
This causes you to read through the entries more closely to see where one verse starts and another ends. This is the size Bible I want to be holding when we’re standing and reading the Bible for a long period of time.
With thumb-index, red-letter, and a Bible dictionary, the Concord in black calf-split leather makes a great carry and study Bible. If two or more words are underlined but they share the same Strong’s number this indicates that the original language used one word but multiple words are required in English. Actually, it’s a good idea to place a few sheets behind the page that you’re writing on anyway to keep from indenting the page underneath. The Note Taker’s Bible is definitely the Bible of choice for serious students of God’s Word that does not want their Study Bible filled with someone else’s notes. To make it more confusing, some of the entries are out of order because they relate to another verse that is similar. If I rolled one side under so that I only see one page at a time I would have to have the goatskin. The text is clean and unobstructed from cross-reference and translation note keys, making it a very readable text. This makes me think I’m looking at verses in one book when I’m actually looking at verses from a completely different area. The only paper for writing includes five thick pages in the front and six thin and four thick pages in the back.
One thing I like about all Cambridge Bibles is the consistency of the print- even in the red-letter text. The boldness of the print remains constant no every page (as you would hope with a Bible in this price range).

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