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It seems like every decade has its fashion dos and don’ts, however, one has to distance themselves from that specific period of time to realize how cool or ridiculous the trends of that time actually were. Sweatpants were worn not only to workout but around the house, to run errands and even to school.
Aerobics was at the forefront of a surge of interest in health and fitness during the '80s. Being in shape and adapting a healthy lifestyle became fashionable in the 1980s, and workout fashion merged bold statements and practicality. Well, a little research goes a long way, and you’ll probably be shocked, surprised, and possibly impressed with what these older fitness icons are doing to this day. Kathy Smith, born December 11, 1951, became famous for her fitness and work-out videos during the 1980s and 1990s. Lilias Folan is commonly referred to as “The First Lady of Yoga” thanks to her groundbreaking PBS television series Lilias!
No matter who you are, you’ve got to be impressed with how these super-fit leading ladies are still going strong.
If you’re interested in using fitness to stay fresh and young-looking as any age, be sure to keep up with us here at Veppo to learn new tips and tricks that are sure to keep you physical! Gina King is the brand manager for Veppo International, the leading brand offering a robust selection of personal vaporizers and e-cigars.
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I think in this day in age, anything previously done its a go, but it has to be modernized to look chic.
People were glamorous and sexy when they worked out in the 80s, and wore brightly colored tight outfits, cut off shirts and revealing bottoms. Tight, brightly colored pants and tops were worn underneath short shorts, thongs and unitards.

Made famous by movies like "Flashdance," legwarmers are soft tubes that cover a woman's calves and ankles. So, without further ado, slip into that old pink leotard and leg warmers, fire up the VHS player, and proceed to get physical!
Now at the age of 75, this very successful lady has been an American actress, out spoken political activist, author, fashion model, and fitness wonder woman. As an energetic personal trainer, she sold over 16 million exercise videos since the 1980s.
As a well-known personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and entrepreneur, she was noticed as a gymnast and later graduated from California State University with her bachelor’s degree in physical education and physiology. This actress and songstress is still active at the age of 65, but she will forever go down in history for her earlier career achievements such as starring in Grease and releasing her double platinum album Physical. Be it through new work-out tapes, charity or foundation work, product releases, or writing, it is clear that age is only a number to these iconic female figures. Over the past 6 years, Veppo has provided more than 35,000 customers a friendly alternative to cigarettes. From neon colors to jheri curls to leg warmers and everything else in between, the 80s were all about gaudy, excessive style.
Exercise outfits were worn not only to the gym but during everyday routines and often to school. While ornamenting the crown of the head, it kept hair from falling into the face and absorbed any sweat that dripped down during exercise.
Leg warmers are stretched out along the calf and then scrunched down to the ankles and around the top of the shoe. In the 80s, most sweatpants were made of cotton fleece and had elastic waists and ankles, making them flare out. She rose to fame in the 1960s with several hit American motion pictures, and Jane Fonda has walked away with two Academy Awards, an Emmy, three Golden Globes, and several other movie awards for her contributions to the entertainment industry.
In the passing years, she has taught countless exercise classes, created work-out video tapes, produced fitness shows, and written several successful books.

Now, she may not be as big of a fitness guru as our other ladies here… but to counter the extremely sexually suggestive tone of the title track Physical Olivia filmed an aerobic-themed music video that quickly turned the song into a world-wide fitness anthem.
In honor of the 80s, this week’s #TBT is here to remind us of ten fashion trends from the era of hair rock and new wave. Women would cut the necks to let the T-shirt drape over the shoulder, or cut the bottom off revealing the midriff, or both. She is widely recognized for her emphasis on staying fit naturally, and her belief of exercising for short periods of time daily without skipping any meals. To this day, Olivia Newton John still actively tours the world to perform concerts and promote fundraising charities. Lilias is widely mentioned as one of America’s most well-knowing and cherished yoga teachers, and she has been referred to as “The Julia Child of Yoga” within the pages of Time Magazine.
Despite her book having some high reviews, Jane faced great difficulties promoting her book in a few venues, a some difficulties stemmed from her political views that seemed to displease many during and about the Vietnam War. These days, at the age of 62, Kathy Smith is still going strong in the physical fitness industry. Being well versed in many diverse yoga traditions, Lilias uses personal practices and instinct in her teaching processes, and she has spent more than 40 years enthusing fellow instructors, pupils, and yoga practitioners around the world.
In 2012 she released two brand new DVDs, and she continues her promotions of nutrition and exercise. Recently for Rite-Aid, Kathy has also produced a new brand of fitness products, and on top of that her 15th book was also published in January 2013. These days Lilias Folan continues to offer successful yoga programs and guides, as well as well-written books about the many different aspects of yoga.
Kathy Smith is also the active official spokeswoman for the International Council on Active Ageing.

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