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This way, you ladies will be able to look at the exercise library (soon to come) and say, ” ok, I want to burn a lot of calories this week. I do them in 60 to 30 second intervals with 60 or 30 seconds rest of active rest in between (ACTIVE REST being alternaring lunges, march in place with high knees, etc). Hey Lisa, you can add this exercise at the end of a circuit for 15 reps or 30 seconds, however long it takes to feel the burn. When you want to slim down, skip the need for elite equipment and do some jump rope exercises instead. As you may remember from childhood days of packing your jump rope to play with at recess, this slim, lightweight apparatus is easy to put in your purse or luggage, or to keep in your office drawer at work.
If it’s been some time since you hopped and skipped your way through this old-school form of exercise, it’s time to get reacquainted. Lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to pack: jump rope exercises need to be part of your routine. If you’re tripping over the rope without trying anything fancy, you may need to swing the rope off to the side with the handles in one hand, while jumping in place.
Same as the first minute, but this time you are swinging the rope backward instead of forward. Marching in place, hold the rope ends in both hands and swing the rope to each side, making a sideways figure-eight motion with your hands. Stepping side to side, hold the rope ends in both hands and make that sideways figure-eight motion with your hands. Carrie Anton (198 Posts)Carrie Anton is a freelance writer focusing on health, fitness, and sports. The Mountain Climber is another great cardio work out that will also strengthen your legs and core. Click on the front or back of the figure to select the part of your body you would like to strengthen. Strong and well-toned back muscles help to reduce the chance of developing lower back pain. This exercise is done lying on your back with your lower legs and feet resting on a low stool or coffee table so that your hips and knees are bent 90 degrees. Hint: Don’t be discouraged – this is a difficult exercise but will pay significant dividends by strengthening the abdominals.
This exercise is done on your back with your arms at your sides and your palms on the floor. The simplest way to up your game and improve the strength of your biceps is to increase the amount of weight you are holding when doing curls.
Calf raises described in ‘My Fit-In 15’ can also be done using a hand weight, soup can or for more resistance, a jug of water with an easy to hold handle.
Start with your hands palm down, and shoulder width apart or a bit wider, if that is more comfortable. Place your back against a wall and move your feet out approximately a foot and a half in front of you. Caution: Be careful not to lift your arms or legs too high as this will cause strain in the lower back. Hint: It is important to make sure that your body is stable and that you do not roll forward or backwards during the movements.
When doing this exercise seated, place one foot slightly behind the other or alternatively, place them both in front of you wider apart than your shoulders to ensure good stability. HINT: You can also reach across in front of your head with your opposite arm and provide support for the shoulder and arm. The calories displayed suggests it’s a KICK *SS exercise that burns a lot of calories.

For full-body conditioning, fighters have long been using jump ropes to get their body in ring shape, as it’s a great way to efficiently strengthen muscles in the arms, back, shoulders, and legs, while also pumping up your stamina. That means you can do jump rope exercises just about anywhere, including in your driveway, in your work parking lot during lunch, in a hotel room while traveling, or on the beach from some sand-resistance. While you could just stand and jump single rotations all day long, that will get boring fast.
From a push up position left one leg up toward your chest and plant it on the floor as if you were about to begin a race, then quickly switch to the other leg.
Strengthening your ‘abs’ improves your core muscle strength, and provides better support for your lower back. The muscles along either side of your spine start at the back of your skull and go all the way down your back to the pelvis. It is important with this movement that you do not pull forward on your head as this can cause neck strain.
Think in terms of raising your head, neck and shoulders up towards the ceiling rather than moving towards your knees. Consider investing in a small set of hand weights that are comfortable for your ability or use a plastic bottle with a handle filled with water.
To increase the difficulty, do the raise on one leg at a time instead of both legs together. It is important to keep your hands and knees shoulder width apart and position your knees directly below your hips. It is also important to keep your elbow resting tightly against your side so that you maintain proper form. Ideally, your upper arm should be raised to approximately 80 to 90 degrees relative to your shoulder with your elbow resting on a counter or tabletop. If standing, place your feet a comfortable distance apart to ensure good balance, at least shoulder-width or a bit wider. It is important to keep the arm holding the weight pointing straight to the ceiling and bend only at the elbow. When you look at the Squat for example, it burns so many more calories than the bicep curl.
I usually do them as part of a circuit or as super sets with another exercise, like walking lunges or curtsey lunges, or even abdominal work. Beginners should aim to have the handles come to shoulder height, while those more advanced can go to the armpit or lower.
Instead, we’ve mixed it up interval style, so that your body can burn fat efficiently in a short time, while also helping to strengthen your body from head to toe. Continue these motions as fast as you can for about a minute between sets of other exercises for maximum calorie burn.
The abdominal muscles attach to the bottom of your rib cage and extend down to the front of your pelvis.
The exercises in the ‘Fit in 15’ program are a good starting point for increasing the strength of your lower back.The rotator cuff of the shoulder, which is made up of four different muscles, allows us to do more complicated movements such as throwing a ball.
This varies the strain that you place on the abdominals and minimizes the stress on your lower back. Do not lead with your chin but rather think of a string attached to your upper chest which is pulling you straight up towards the ceiling.
Your hands can be placed either beside you or in front of you on the edge of the chair to assist with your stability. As your ability to manage one level of weight is gained, move up to the next level of weight.
To increase the resistance, mark a jug in one inch or one centimetre increments to create an ‘adjustable dumbbell’ so you can vary the weight depending on how much water you put in the jug.

Gradually slide your body down the wall to a point where your hips and your knees are at a 90° right angle. Hold your arm and leg in an elevated position for 1 to 2 seconds then slowly lower them together. With a light weight or soup can in your hand, rotate your upper arm so that your hand and forearm points up towards the ceiling. Do not allow your elbow to lift off your side as this will change the muscles which are being strengthened. The exercise can be started with your forearm and hand (holding the weight) resting or at the top position. Reaching across with your opposite hand to provide support to the upper arm is a good idea. Make sure you wear shoes and do this on a surface that will prevent your feet from slipping. This rope will take you far, but as you build skill and speed, you may want to step up your jump rope game and go for something built for better performance, such as Every Rep Stronger’s Premium Jump Rope.
The rope will swing better and with more speed if you hold the handles closer to the ends instead of inching up on the rope. You use your ‘abs’ in many activities every day, from rolling out of bed in the morning and getting off a low sofa, to getting out of the car.The bicep is the muscle along the front of your upper arm. If you would like a strengthening exercise for the rotator cuff try one of these two exercises.The tricep is the muscle along the back of your upper arm. However, you should not anticipate being able to lift your upper torso too far off the floor. It is important not to rest your heels or feet on the floor between repetitions (this maintains a positive muscle tension on the abdominals). It is important to focus on your abdominal muscles when doing this movement and not to use the momentum of moving your hips or swinging your knees to accomplish it. Be careful not to lower the soup can or hand weight too fast as this could injure your elbow. When your knees are up towards your head and the back of your pelvis is slightly off the floor, try to hold this position for 1 to 2 seconds. Keep the inside of your upper arm close to your head to limit the movement of your shoulder. Breathe out while straightening your elbows and lifting your body back to the starting position.
Around the house and yard you would use this muscle to lift up boxes, a bag of leaves or a garbage bag.The calf muscles attach just above the back of the knee and extend down the back of your lower leg. Around the house and yard you would use this muscle when scrubbing the tub, shining your car, or using a push broom. The muscle turns into a thick tendon called the Achilles tendon and attaches into the back of your heel. This is referred to as plantar fasciitis.The muscles of your chest attach to your breast bone (sternum) and extend across the front of your ribs to the top part of your upper arm. You use these muscles when doing things like pushing a lawn mower, pushing a snow scoop or pushing open a door at the shopping mall.The muscles of your hip move your leg back and forth, side to side, and in circles. The ‘hams’ bend your knee (bring your heel towards the buttock).There are many layers of muscles in your lower back. You use these muscles everyday when bending over to get the newspaper, reaching under the counter or doing yard work.

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