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I worked out 13 days in January, burning at least 5,555 calories (I forgot to wear my Heart Rate Monitor a few times). EVERYDAY starts with a little over 30 minutes of interval-type aerobics at the beginning of each workout. I truly believe that adding in an intense weight training routine into my workout this time around, while losing weight, has been a HUGE factor as to why I've been able to drop inches so fast. And because I love you, here is a printable of these routines too, so you can have them to reference whenever you want. You can listen to a playlist I made that includes JUST these songs, if you visit this link here. Alright I took a little vacation with no access to my computer but now I’m back and ready to pick up where I left off! Took my 20 minute run this morning and it felt so good I think I’ll do it again tomorrow morning! So I just read this really awesome article about how kettlebell workouts need not be 857485 different exercises and 2874329874 weird combinations of sets and reps to be effective.

People had told me a TRILLION times before that lifting weights was "good for you", but it wasn't until about the second month, that I realized how much it WAS actually working in my favor! To be honest, I can barely finish it now, so I'm pretty sure I'd be in a body bag somewhere if I would have attempted this 60+ pounds ago.
You're suppose to be doing each exercise one after another, with very little rest time in between.
Check out the April issue for more info and the strength exercises she used to get her body in gear.
Also, weight loss is a touchy subject, whether you're 100lbs or 400lbs and everyone's got their own opinion on how things "should be done", when trying to achieve a body image goal, but since I HAVE had so many people wondering about what I do everyday, I thought I'd just go ahead and share. I LOVE this type of aerobic workout, because it makes the time FLY and burns lots of calories! I moved to the main part of the gym, and now run right smack-in-the-middle of the free weight section. And because I'm freakin' crazy and want to lose ALL my weight THIS year, I actually do cardio BEFORE the Shellinator too.

There is NO WAY that I would be able to make it through a single workout, without some awesome booty shakin' music pushing me along. Honestly with all the vacations and time off I’ve been taking, I think I may need to do another round of this challenge!
Since changing everything at once obviously will not work for me, I’m going to make one simple resolution this week- eat dessert once a week instead of every night. Once I get to a point where I want to maintain my weight, my eating will change a bit and so will my workouts, I'm sure.

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