Check out these healthy potato recipes, courtesy of Eating Well magazine.Or, create my potato meal for yourself! Welcome to the 'home of the glycemic index' - the official website for the glycemic index and international GI database which is ba...
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Buttery sauces, grilled meats and seafood, crunchy bacon,  salads with avocado and full fat dressing are your everyday meals. Eat any item on the Atkins printable food list – limiting your net carbs to 20 grams or less per day. The items on th...
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For those who seem to be constantly busy, there is a simple solution for how to cook healthy meals: prepare ahead of time. A final tip on how to cook a healthy meal that is also rich in flavor is to use healthy oils and fats like those found in salm...
Quick and healthy meals to cook
Known as micelle sequestrant polymers (MSPs), the compounds capture fat particles called micelles while they’re still in the intestines. In lab tests, mice that had ingested MSPs had nine to 10 times the amount of triglycerides in their stools than ...
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